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Hey guys look at dis hot girl right hur~ Cynder's in Skylanders now, this makes the game soo much better... look at dat chest! By golly kids this is a normal toy for 6 year olds~~~

Her toy self -> [link]

If you haven't heard, yes, Cynder is in the Spyro Skylanders game now. And this is how I drew her 83 I have not seen her backside yet so my predictions run through from that on behalf of what her wings look like of her tail on the toy and so forth for for now. All I saw was her front. ( I don't think it would be too hard to think about though, since it's a counter part of her dotd self) Giving the fact that she looks like a derpy dragon, with no teeth and looks like a frog to me also. 83

art © Shalone Howard/me
Cynder © Activision
Do not copy, edit, repost or distribute! >;\
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And the hard work put in this
dragonriderman's avatar
Three things

1. It looks like she's got tits
2. She looks very derby
3. Those two things is what makes this piece good
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0_0 She looking good...
UnimpressedCats's avatar
Dragon tiddies got me enticed
tarathewolf921's avatar
does she have boobs ? LOL
DuckInATopHat's avatar
I think just two side by side chestplates. I hope
tarathewolf921's avatar
sorry but if you look in the middle picture.....
but you're probably right and it's just side by side chest plates. 
DuckInATopHat's avatar
No I meant in the game. But in the picture those are definitely boobs
tarathewolf921's avatar
oh right whoops XD
sorry I don't really play skylanders...
DuckInATopHat's avatar
Same, I just know the Skylanders from my brothers massive Skylander army
ewokthedog's avatar
Looking (stalking) through your old Skylanders art, this game should've been seriously called Derplanders or Skyderps, seriously nearly every character is derpy in some way XD
Phaedrolous's avatar
Oh dear lord.  I thought they were just joking when this came up during Seeraphine's livestream.
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Frednuttin's avatar
Dem jugs though icon: Spyro Dat Ass or cool Spro 
Nu-HouseRigby2014's avatar
Now her face looks like Squidward.
Cynder-Man's avatar
I personally feel Skylanders was a failure to the Spyro series. I really love the games and the characters, but this just doesn't do the dragon any justice. Then again, it is for children, so I shan't complain too much.
SaintlySiv's avatar
I can respect that. But still I hope one day a developer would revive the Spyro Franchise.
Cynder-Man's avatar
My lord, I pray that happens. Skylanders honestly makes my heart sink when I see it. There was something there back in the Legend trilogy. Something pretty damn awesome, and it felt like Spyro. It FELT like a Spyro game. That's what's important. Not the story. A story could be a good game, but NOT for a sequel. A sequel needs to represent and feel like the original, but be better. That's what sequels are meant to be, not matter how many there are. Skylanders obliterates the definition of Spyro.
SaintlySiv's avatar
You're right man. If it wasn't for Activision and Toys For Bob creating Skylanders Spyro wouldn't be in it which I know I see why he's with Activision but I don't see:  WHY Spyro and why not also Crash? I mean it's not fair to the fans. 
Cynder-Man's avatar
^ utter jeenyus. No but seriously, Crash needs revival. So many people would go crazy for it.
SaintlySiv's avatar
Exactly! If Activision would do both Spyro and Crash at the same time they would get a ton of money(more than usual). But not in the same franchise.
Cynder-Man's avatar
They're more interested in keeping a money flow than to gather it all up at once.
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