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just draw man ;U bugsandtoons<3
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Name: Shalone Howard

Age: 31

Likes: I like drawing, Nice people!, friends, flowers, blood, Video Games, Cats, Dragons, Foxes, Storm Hawks, Devil May Cry, comics, Tacos!

Dislikes: Jerks, Ignorant people, Harsh Critique, art thieves, gym, insults, people picking on others when they have done nothing wrong, Annoying people, copy cats, Yaoi ( sort of a like and dislike really, I do like it but only some of it, I'm not really a die hard yaoi fangirl though - I'm mostly up the straight alleyway but I still support pride rights. ;] ) mistyping words.

Other Info

DO NOT WATCH ME FOR ONLY ONE THING PLEASE!! I find it kind of annoying, as I draw many things here! My mind will come out as a surprise for most of the part in what i will draw, so do not watch me just for your FAN ARTS, I will draw anything as I please even if you don't like it. If you don't like it I suggest you don't look - unwatch me - and leave, simple as that.

- Pairings - IDFCIGWI!

pimp->Dante x Lady or Trish - Aerrow x Piper - Spyro x Cydner - Nero x Kyrie - Agito/Akito x Ikki - Naruto x Hinata - Drago x Wyvern - Kenji x Uriko aka (Bakuryu x Uriko) - ect...

I don't judge until I see it really happening. - though I don't like to judge anyway, so *eh whatever

*Side Note: please contact me/note me if you have drawn anything for me as in fanart (also give credit too), I will not bite you or hurt you in any manner...

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I Draw For.. -STAMP-

Yup-yup, pretty much. XD That would be me. What I use to do my art

STAMP: OC-addict
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Wacom Tablet User
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:peace:I'm Out! Imhappyplz

P.S Kitty plz!

Current Residence: in the darkness

Favorite cartoon character: Axel, Mailk, Buji Kagashira, Grave aka Brandon heat, superior Balladbird Lee, Jack Skellington ect

Favourite Visual Artist
everyone :D
Favourite Movies
Tim Burton's movies / Disney movies ect
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
S.O.A.D, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, GreenDay, The Killers, Vansessa Carlton, Evanesancse
Favourite Games
Bloody Roar 4, Bloody Roar Primal Fury 4 GC, Choas Legion, GunGrave, Devil May Cry 3, ect.....
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, N64, NGC, err..PS1 :P
Tools of the Trade
OC, color pencil, crayon, Photoshop Elements 2.0, markers...ect...
Other Interests
drawling an animation

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Hey Shalone, it seems this account isn't active, but I ran across your stuff today and wanted to drop a quick line in case you occassionally look at this page.

Way back in 2009, I started following your comics and got inspired to make my own. It's more than a decade later, I'm doing what I love making a fulfilling comic series, it's helped me to surround myself with the best kind of people, and I just wanted to drop you a quick thank-you for being an inspiration. Having an ideal to look up to when I was young made a big difference, and wherever you go, you'll still be a legend. Thank you <3

Hello, I would like to recommend you:

Forgotten Legends cz.8

Hey Shalone, it's me. I saw what's up about that one jackass. I'm so sorry that people are pulling this crap on you, what seems like again. (idk, I've only followed you since 2017) You may not come back to posting, but if you come back to browse I hope you see my comment and it makes you feel a little better.

What are you doing?

Hope ya been doing ok, Shal!!

She left this place since feb 2021 thanks to a certain stalker freak that's been on this page, name of "Xardadragon". Recommend highly to not message a user on a dead account. Also don't go chasing for her. I'm sure she just wants her space again after this entire mess made by Xarda: It's a google doc link

If you are a friend or more accurately a enabler of Xarda's. I have some choice words picked out.

Also because I know Xarda is terminally online, a freak, degenerate, that doesn't know the concept of grass, and will read this (This is for Xarda specifically). Go be a 411 case. At least then people would go looking for you.