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just draw man ;U bugsandtoons<3
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My Bio


Name: Shalone Howard

Age: 31

Likes: I like drawing, Nice people!, friends, flowers, blood, Video Games, Cats, Dragons, Foxes, Storm Hawks, Devil May Cry, comics, Tacos!

Dislikes: Jerks, Ignorant people, Harsh Critique, art thieves, gym, insults, people picking on others when they have done nothing wrong, Annoying people, copy cats, Yaoi ( sort of a like and dislike really, I do like it but only some of it, I'm not really a die hard yaoi fangirl though - I'm mostly up the straight alleyway but I still support pride rights. ;] ) mistyping words.

Other Info

DO NOT WATCH ME FOR ONLY ONE THING PLEASE!! I find it kind of annoying, as I draw many things here! My mind will come out as a surprise for most of the part in what i will draw, so do not watch me just for your FAN ARTS, I will draw anything as I please even if you don't like it. If you don't like it I suggest you don't look - unwatch me - and leave, simple as that.

- Pairings - IDFCIGWI!

pimp->Dante x Lady or Trish - Aerrow x Piper - Spyro x Cydner - Nero x Kyrie - Agito/Akito x Ikki - Naruto x Hinata - Drago x Wyvern - Kenji x Uriko aka (Bakuryu x Uriko) - ect...

I don't judge until I see it really happening. - though I don't like to judge anyway, so *eh whatever

*Side Note: please contact me/note me if you have drawn anything for me as in fanart (also give credit too), I will not bite you or hurt you in any manner...

Fast artist stamp
Native American Stamp
I Draw For.. -STAMP-

Yup-yup, pretty much. XD That would be me. What I use to do my art

STAMP: OC-addict
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Stamp artistic skills
Wacom Tablet User
Flash User Stamp

:peace:I'm Out! Imhappyplz

P.S Kitty plz!

Current Residence: in the darkness

Favorite cartoon character: Axel, Mailk, Buji Kagashira, Grave aka Brandon heat, superior Balladbird Lee, Jack Skellington ect

Favourite Visual Artist
everyone :D
Favourite Movies
Tim Burton's movies / Disney movies ect
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
S.O.A.D, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, GreenDay, The Killers, Vansessa Carlton, Evanesancse
Favourite Games
Bloody Roar 4, Bloody Roar Primal Fury 4 GC, Choas Legion, GunGrave, Devil May Cry 3, ect.....
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, N64, NGC, err..PS1 :P
Tools of the Trade
OC, color pencil, crayon, Photoshop Elements 2.0, markers...ect...
Other Interests
drawling an animation

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Any more hollow knight comic?

Hello! Are you still active? I sent a note with a question ;v;

Hey Shalone! Happy early Birthday! I wont be at a computer on the actual day so that's why I'm saying it now <3 Hope you have a good birthday. I love going through all your art no matter how many times I've seen it. :3

Greetings, Shalone. Someone made some fanart of one of your beloved characters:

The Queen, Zonoya

Good to know you won’t bite me.

…because that’s my job

take a look on your note please.