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[F2U] blue budgie icon

EDIT: going around & updating the info on some old sprites to be F2U!

*credit is appreciated, but not necessary (especially if you use the dA thumb that redirects here when clicked)
*off-site use is also fine
*just don't repost as your own work or claim that you drew it!
*never sell my resources in any capacity (unless it's a base that is intended for such purposes, but i don't have any of those yet)
*i reserve the right to use my F2U designs for my own commercial purposes, such as selling them on merchandise 

**sees date**
oh, uh
it's a booodgie 
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© 2016 - 2021 Shalmons
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DWIAJDfiAUWETH it may not look just like my budgie but i need this

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Omg, this looks like my pet bird! Its so adorable!

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using! thank you :)
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yaay, glad you like it!  :D  <3 
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aw thank you!  :D <3 
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This looks like my bird irl waohhhhh!
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My birds are gonna go crazy over it :D!
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Is...other best birb. (Seriously your sprites are amazing.)
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aw thanks!!  ;v;  i do need to make more time for bird sprites!  <3
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You're welcome~!

And I hear you there. I think the next piece I make should have a bird in it for sure now.
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<3 <3 *tweet noises* 
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**budgie chittering**
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This is so beautiful! The pixel work is just gorgeous.
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aw!!  thanks so much!  <3  ^v^
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thank you!!  ahh & that icon is so cute too~  :XD:
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