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[F2U] barn swallow 3D pagedoll

Any resources in particular you're hoping to see?  for just $1-per-month, you can have a say in what kinds of public resources i make!
(You can also suggest fandom stuff--just no OCs since these are for public use  ^^;

If Patreon isn't your thing, you can also make resource suggestions via Ko-Fi!

(And if you only have points, you can even make up to 3 suggestions per 200 pt donation via my commission widget~)


points-sponsored swallow pagedoll!  <3  

you can find supplemental resources here:

also on merch!:…

         USE RULES: 
  • free for public web decor/avatar use--you do not need to be a patron/donor to use them!  
  • Credit is appreciated, but not necessary! <3 Just don't lie & claim to have made it yourself.  : P 
  • You may Not edit or otherwise repurpose this icon for use in propaganda/hate-speech/slander/etc. 
  • You may Not directly sell this resource in any capacity.  
  • you ARE allowed to use this in tandem with other platforms or unrelated projects you may be profiting from (ex: Twitch or Youtube icons)  
  • if you have any other questions about proper usage, feel free to ask!  <3 
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this is my favorite thing on dA right now. god bless you

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Hey, this guy dopeycurlew6 just sent me a Note about "winning giftcards," citing me favoriting this Deviation as the reason why I was "selected." I dunno if you know this person, but it's sketchy as hell, so if this is a problem for other people, you might want to look into it.
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ah yeah, i just posted a PSA about this, because it's definitely Not someone i know--seems like there's a bot going around generating messages based on recent faves  :(  
apparently this has been a problem on dA for a while, and now they're getting my deviations involved, ugh  :''( 

sorry for the inconvenience--i really hope dA cracks down on this!  i know it must be hard to handle every bot on a huge site like this, but it's really not cool that they're dragging actual artists into this;;;  
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Yeah, I had a feeling, I just thought I should let you know. :)

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FAT VIBING BIRB and he is cute UwU

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dude he's vibing

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ya know he is just kinda spinnin tho.

very nice. thank you so much! great work.

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so cute! I wanna pet it!

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Irwinsrxckme's avatar

Amazing piece of work, you are my favorite artist :)

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hello lil one :blowkiss:

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Oooohhh its so cute-
Such a smol burb
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These birds have the strangest call.
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What a round boi
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Mr.Bird, why are you spinning?? :eager:
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