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My Sun will shine through~

By Shallur
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Alright so, some of you know I work as a nurse, and some of you probably didn't know that.
You all most definitely know about the craziness called Covid19 wrecking chaos in the world right now.
I don't really have words for it, it basically feels like suddenly we at the ICU (or at any healthcare unit) are soldiers being sent into some kind of impossible-to-win-war, just trying to keep people alive, and trying to not get sick ourselves. It's truly a battlefield, and people really are dying.

Don't get me wrong, this is what we *always* do at the ICU, we work with life support for patients that have been through horrible traumas or serious sickness. And we've worked with, or in preparation for, ebola, SARS etc - we're always prepared for highly contagious diseases. But not to this magnitude. Not with all these people needing life support all at once and with us having to work 18+ hours straight, in protection gear like gasmasks, with more patients then there are staff for.
I've worked for quite a few years now, but I've never experienced such helplessness. I can't even get close to express what I feel with words, or through art, but I still felt the need to draw something. Anything.
Please stay home, if you can. Please help us, who work with health care, by stopping the spread of this virus.
We will get through this sooner or later, but until then we all should take our responsibility to help in any way we can - stay home.

Please take care of yourselves out there.

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Doing my part by staying home. :thumbsup:

The art is beautifully done by the way. c:
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That's good :heart:
And thank you, happy you like it. c:
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Hold on!
It is hard times for all of us but with love, care and hope we can go through it!

Beautiful art!
So sensitive, there are so many feeling in it I almost feel the heartbeat!
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You are right, we will get through this one way or another, as long as we help to support eachother and help out with what we can! :hug:

Aw thank you Haru, your words mean alot to me. 
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I hope this ends sooner rather than later and you and the other nurses can get a break. My aunt who is also a nurse recently caught the virus, as did another family member who unfortunately died due to it yesterday. It's awful, and it's affecting everyone. Thank you for taking care of people during this.
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My biggest condolences to your loss marshvall. :heart: And I really hope your aunt will feel better soon.

Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.
I think we'll have to prepare that this might take months, rather then weeks, before it's 'over', but if it doesn't spread as fast as it does right now maybe we can atleast manage to give everyone the care they need at the hospitals yeah? c: 
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I would hope it only took weeks, but it's absolutely going to take longer ;; Being a nurse during this is incredibly brave, and I agree, I hope people stay home and not do what they want just because of summer break.
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