Hello, everyone~ Long time no see!

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Hello, dA friends and watchers, long time no see yet again! How has everyone been? I'm pretty awful at managing my time well, and I've been busy with life, but I'll try my best to come on here more. I miss everyone's beautiful art and wonderful selves!

Anime Boston 2010 was great, in other news. I met so many amazing people and had such a wonderful time! I'll probably write up about that in my Livejournal yohlee.livejournal.com sometime. Friday I was Ciel, Saturday I was America, and Sunday I was teen!cowboy!America. Ref pic is here mentalsugar.net/misc/ab2010cos… if you're curious whether you saw me or not. I'll be going to ConnectiCon2010 as well to celebrate my birthday, which is the Friday of that con, so let me know if you'll be there so I can say hi. ^^


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BR0KEN-TYP3-WRIT3R's avatar
Woot! You're still alive! I'm glad you have fun at Anime Boston.
Have you thought about the hotel room for ConnectiCon? Oh, and what do you want for your birthday?
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Hey! Yeah! Anime Boston was a ton of fun this year! :D

Regarding ConnectiCon's hotel room... I found out we can have up to six people in the room, so that would be about $56 per each person to pay for the entire weekend. However, I need to pay the first night's stay as a deposit to reserve the room, so I'd need about $28 from each person this week or next week. Right now I have, including myself, three definite people, two maybe's. Would you be interested?

Ahah, birthday presents. Well, I'd just really like for everything to work out okay! I want to have lots of fun. ^^~
BR0KEN-TYP3-WRIT3R's avatar
I'm up for it, as long as I don't get drugged this time.
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Good to see you back!

*stalks you to LJ.*
I'll add you :nod:
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Hi! Thank you~ Hahaha, I'll add you back. :D
puppy444219's avatar
No Problem!
haha Awesome >w<
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You're alive!!!!

Don't worry about being too busy for dA. It happens to everyone. Just keep up when you can. :D
ShallowShadows's avatar

You're definitely right! Thanks for the reassuring words! :D
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You're welcome. ;P
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Wahh~ :wave: I wonder if you will be posting some art here so I can stare and fave it. :heart::heart: >w<b
ShallowShadows's avatar
I'm going to try my best to start posting here again once in a while since I've finally caught up online just about. :D

PuRE-Curse's avatar
Yaay! *excite* *dAtard*
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