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The Marked Ones

Finished replaying Dishonored DLCs and I miss the game already. So I decided to draw the charaters marked by the Outsider... as cards ^_^
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DAMN, i want this card set if u print it... :OOOOOOO
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Just great work! I love it! \(*o*)/ Do you have maybe only Daud picture from this card???? He looks wonderful here!One of the best drawings of him <3 
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Glad you like it! :) I don't have a separate picture though - just this one on Deviantart.
Ouuuu that`s a pity :( , but anyway thank you for response :)
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This is so beautiful... Daud is my absolute favorite and I hope so badly that he'll reappear in Dishonored 2.
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the-ChooK's avatar
agh, just beautiful :D Love yer Dishonored art. :love: getting so psyched for Dishonored 2
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That's fantastic!
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These are amazing! I'm awe-struck...!
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them! :hug:
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Мне очень нравится, как вы (или ты, как удобнее?) умудряетесь нарисовать героев в своём обособленном стиле, но при этом с успехом передаете все детали, которыми они могли запомниться или по которым их можно узнать.
P.S. Та и ни разу не прошёл сию игру. Стоит?
P.P.S. Интересно, есть ли здесь люди, кто любит серию Sam & Max? Что-то не встречал артов по ним.
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Спасибо большое! :) Dishonored мне очень нравится, поэтому рекомендую поиграть (если жанр игры Вам по душе, конечно).
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Жанр-то мой. Просто ни Dishonored, ни Dark Messiah не довел до конца.
Gycinn's avatar
Dishonored 2 is coming !
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Hopefully soon, I'm so ready for it! :)
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Omg, this gets me excited for the new game all over again!
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Glad to hear it! :highfive:
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Thank you! ^_^
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Amazing. iam so exited for dishonored 2!
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Same here - very excited to play the 2nd game, glad you like the picture! :)
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