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Machinae Album Collage

Just a collage of all of Machinae Supremacy's albums so far :D With the release of A View From The End Of The World coming up on November 3, I'm all excited to start doing Machinae-related stuffz again :D so this is the first thing i did, after i noticed that all of their albums feature a cyber-chick facing a different direction every time XD
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Really nice collage you've made! Some of the nicest stitchings I've seen for any Machinea Supremacy ^^
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New desktop wallpaper
(if you don't mind)
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This is AWESOME!
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I'm in LOVE with this band!! I also used this pic in my journal =3 Thanks for posting it!! [link]
Hello, can I use to achieve your
Belgian site devoted to Machinae Supremacy and flyers? We have a non-profit - friendly
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Of course!! But please be aware that these pictures are actually property of Robert Stjärnström (and/or Machinae Supremacy), not myself. To be completely safe, i would recommend asking Rob at, if you haven't already.
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Awesome! Do you have a higher res version? This would be a great wallpaper.
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No, but how high res do you need??? This IS my wallpaper, and it's workin just fine... Granted, the EOTW cover is a little fuzzy, but it was the one released by MaSu before the album even came out. There might be a higher res one available now, but there wasn't at the time that I made this ;P
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Nice placement, but needs a little something extra in the in-between...
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