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Spoken Souls



The power of communication drives our world; without it, we humans could not operate together on the level we do today. For centuries art has been used as a form of communication. Cave paintings depict early life; such images are used by modern society as a window into an unknown past. Even art from ancient days affects the human population with inexplicable veneration.
Art has the unfathomable power to elicit a vast array of emotions. It is this kind of power that has compelled artists to continually create works of art. As artists, we are driven by inspiration--to create that which mystifies our very being. Speaking visually is the epitome of what an artist’s job entails. To “Speak Visual”, one must understand what the viewer seeks, what their eyes hunger for and what arouses their soul.
I created this piece, entitled “Spoken Souls”, because of the very qualities discussed above. I believe this piece comprises the very idea of speaking visually, both literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, the lips of the being create the souls of the sea, the birds, and the horse (all visual creations) through speaking. In the figurative sense, the piece represents what I deem as aesthetically pleasing. Horses, the sea, the flight of birds, and humans all embrace what moves me in a visual sense. Thus this piece represents my ultimate vision of speaking visually to my audience.
Though I may never know how my work affects viewers, I can rest assured that I have spoken visually to them. Whether or not they accept the words of my piece is for them to decide. I can only do so much to communicate what moves me, but if people accept that image and allow it to speak to them, they will find so much more than mere words.

Created with a wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS2. No references.
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Beautiful and powerful! 😊