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My Bio
I love making comics. This will always include romantic and erotic poses featuring my favorite characters. Lovestory- and erotic elements are my main area of interest; I'm not into generic action poses and prefer content to be passionate and sensual.

But: all my works here are censored or at least tamed down and confirm with dA's Submission Guidelines for erotic content. The uncensored stuff goes into my blog and LJ.

Favourite Movies
Taken, The Mummy 1 - 3, Doom - The Movie, Predator I, AvP I + II, Aliens 1 - 3, Room 1408, Ghost in the Shell, Hellraiser 1 - 3, John Wick, Edge of Tomorrow, The Ring, Iron Man, The Avengers, Secretary, Thor 1 - 3,
Favourite TV Shows
The Witcher, The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Picard, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, Brave Starr, Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs, Star Trek - The Next Generation
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Die Ärzte, INXS, Iron Maiden, Heaven's Gate, Rammstein
Favourite Books
My Brief History, A Brief History of Time, Black Holes & Baby Universes
Favourite Writers
Stephen Hawking
Favourite Games
Master of Orion 2, Heroes of Might & Magic 2/3/4/6/7, Unreal, The Sims 3 (modded), Sims 4 (modded), Witcher 3 (modded), GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Skyrim LE/SE (modded)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, iPhone
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CC, Ulead Photoimpact 12, Wacom One,
Other Interests
writing + reading fanfics

Just reminiscing...

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Just started watching the Predator and Aliens vs Predator movies again... Predator (1987) with Arnold Schwarzenegger is still awesome. 10/10 Predator 2 (1990) with Danny Glover is such a cheesy, dumb mess of a flick. Rumors insists on Steven Seagal wanting to play the lead real bad, back then. The movie couldn't have been much worse if he had, tbh. The urban setup and the drug-war storyline is incredibly stupid and totally out of place after the jungle action from the first movie. Everyone's acting is so over-dramatic and generally over the top it's almost comical. 2/10 Predators (2010) I love this one. Brutal guys with big guns are falling from the sky, a brutal hunt follows with three bad blood predators pursuing their prey. Yeah. This one would've been great as a sequel to the first one with Arnie. 8/10 Upgrade (2018) I really hate the loony squad. They're annoying and so not funny at all. I had hoped for a laboratory setup with the scientists using the caught yautja as a lab
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Writing. Writing. Writing...

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I'm working on four different fics ATM. Title: Witch of the Wilds + The witch, the witcher and the woodland fox Theme: Witcher 3 Pairing: Iorveth/OC + Geralt/Iorveth/OC Title: Paid in kind Theme: Witcher 3 Pairing: Eibhear Hattori/OC Title: n/a Theme: Skyrim/Legacy of the Dragonborn Pairing: Auryen Morellus/OC Title: n/a Theme: Skyrim/iNPCs (3DNPCs) Pairing: Rumarin/OC These fics (and the sequel) will start a collection of adult rated stories; focusing rather strongly on a combination of feels, fluff and smut (FFS). All pairings will be elf/human, including the sequel to the first one, which's gonna be elf/witcher/human. All works will be uncensored, with graphic adult content, crude language, explicit erotic situations, romance, fluff, interspecies relations, et cetera. Uploads will be made to AO3 when ready. ETA: n/a
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New fanfic in the making

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I've started writing a new fanfic that'll be posted on AO3 when it's ready. Theme: Witcher (game only) Pairings: Eibhear Hattori (the master swordsmith from Novigrad) + female OC Rating: explicit, MA, 18+ only Title: Paid in kind I thought about writing a Geralt/Iorveth/fOC fic but I rather take my dive into the Witcher fandom with a minor character first. I love the Netflix Series but still prefer the games appearances for the chars I write about. The only exception might be the elven smith, Hattori. He's strangely ugly for an elf in the game and I prefer his Gwent card look over the ingame look. You can google for the Hattori Gwent card OR wait for my story to be posted on AO3 cuz I'm gonna add the picture (with proper credits) to my story. ^^ Right then, that's it from my end for now. PS: I'm the proud momma of six tarantulas (T. Albopilosus, B. Hamorii, G. Pulchripes. B. Emilia, Nhandu Tripepii and a Chromatopelma cyanopubescens) aged large sling to sub-adult
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Hello! I'm a bit of a newbie in the Mass Effect fandom, only got interested in the main trilogy because of Mass Effect Andromeda and the release of the Legendary Edition... But I learned about Shavik thanks to Youtube, and then people referred to you on Tumblr as someone who made great Shavik content... And God, I am impressed! Your mods and creations are SO GOOD! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me the links of all your erotic Shavik comics, if it isn't much trouble. I'm looking forward to read your stories. Have a nice day! :)

Hi, how are you? Recently I remembered you and decided to look for you :D, but in tumblr youre page deleted :dead: and i found you here. Do you still have a website with your work ?:) And I noticed that you can't download your comics here , request only :o

Hi mrjanuslee, I'm fine. Thanks for asking. ^^ Tumblr purged my page when their "no adult content" policy went live. :/

I suffered a hacking attack some time ago and my LiveJournal and Blog had been messed with. No critical data was lost, I still have backups from all my works and pictures. The written texts, however, are gone. And, thankfully, I still have access to Mediafire where the download files are stored.

I always wanted to re-create the blog at least but RL is keeping me incredibly busy, I haven't had found the time to so, I'm afraid.

I can still offer you the download links for any comic you'd like though. ^^

I'm glad you're okay ^^ Of course I would like to see Shore Leave , but it is a pity that such works are made "exclusively", but also Stranded will approach :D

Thank you so much for the :+fav:!!:D
Anytime, hun. Your art is incredible. ^^