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If you wanna find me, head over to shakusaurus

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Ok, I'm moving over to shakusaurus on dA.

:iconshakusaurus: <~there

I'm sick of the -chan. I know everyone says this, but I made it before that got popular (and subsequently got cliche XD)

I'd much rather be a dinosaur =u=b

So yeah! See you guys over there! If you don't wanna be flooded, wait a couple days before I finish uploading my favorite stuff. If you have anything from my gallery you absolutely can't stand to lose, save it now. I can't guarantee that I'll move everything over (this includes some art of other people's characters!)

You have at least until this Friday.

Edit: Ok, I am ONLY deleting things (for now) that I'm adding over onto the other account. Ugh, never mind D| That's a pain. I'll delete them all at the end.

And most/all digis sketches (if moved at all) will be added into scraps~

the FORT.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2009, 10:33 PM


So you may be asking yourself, "What has Jessica been doing this fine night?"

..Or possibly, "Why is shaku posting yet another journal? >C"

Well, my good friends, I would like you to know that, should you ever choose to visit my humble abode, you may very well be confronted by top-notch secret security agents of doom. Or possibly sniped without confrontation. ...To put it bluntly, call first.

For Ebiru-Zeru and I have created...


"Slow down, Jess! What's a peru fort?!"

peru fort n. (pərü fort)
: a strong structure made of advanced peru technology

Thin, yet powerful.

Peru forts often worship a simple deity, such as Raptor Jesus or, in this case, Spizzimunster, who in turn offer protection and added peru strength.

And yet, such a peru fort is incomplete without a powerful peru force behind the wheel.

A strong leader...

A powerful AI unit...

A skilled spy...

A sensitive seer...

And a dedicated, if somewhat bloodthirsty, gun-wielder...

Every day, these forces must be ready to do battle, often commuting long distances and undergoing rigorous entrance procedures.

So again, I must caution you... if you ever desire my company, choose your mode of approach wisely. Our dark feline never fires twice.. *evil cackle*

...Why yes. I am procrastinating. Why do you ask? 8D

FAQ plz? Ask me stuff! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2009, 3:13 PM


Obviously back from Vegas, so I figured it was time for a new journal XD

Ganked from mah hubby~ :iconkinno-nabi:

Ask me any question about art, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, etc. etc. and I'll answer it 8D

Anything cruel (ie. 'Why do you suck?' ) will be ignored D:


♥ IF YOU COULD HAVE...any animal as a pet, which one would you choose? owo

OH GODS. NOOOO. Ummm... does Farfie count as an animal? 8D

...If "non-human animals only," then probably a giant raven that would let me ride it X3

...If "non-human, REAL animals only," then I guess a dog. It's pretty hard to beat a dog XD

♥ What/who is your favorite thing/person/other to draw? (why?)

Farfarello. Because he's a psychopathic sex god~ <3

♥ What anime/manga/comics do you watch/read? (which are your faves and why)

Ummmm... Not so many anymore XD;; I used to read/watch Death Note, Trigun, FLCL, DBZ (sorry, no Sailor Moon fan here XD), Ouran High School Host Club, Hanazakari no Kimitachi Ii (drama), Gundam Wing, ...and a bunch of others XD;;

The only things I'm still highly interested in (fan-wise) are Weiss Kreuz and Hellsing :3

♥ What's one or a few of your Biggest guilty pleasures?

I love diet cokes *A* And Whataburger. And suggestive (rather than blatant) well-drawn pron~ Yup, I'm a perv |D Sue me.

♥ why are you such a PERUFAEC?


♥ How far along are you in your pursuit of happiness? 8D

About 2/3rds, give or take a couple of months |D

What is YOUR favourite candy? >D

YOU. But if I can't have you, then Reece's Peanut Butter Cups~

♥ When can we do it again? *cough* 9w9

Rawr~ C<

♥ Who/what inspires you~?

Oh gods... Many, many things XD People, other art, websites (like dA or Digis), current obsessions, conversations, strange occurrences, fanfics... The list goes on~




SOOOOON! ...Although I didn't win in Las Vegas, so not as soon as I'd hoped ;;

♥ When are we going to RULE the world?

After Scotland. And the teapub [of doom]. One thing at a time <3

♥ Are you available for kidnapping?

With or without useless flailing? ;D


As soon as I start being photogenic, I'll start taking pics |D

♥ Favorite ice cream?

Vanilla~ |D

♥ Favorite tv show?

House, most definitely, with a side of Heroes X3

♥ What type of music do you listen to?

Just about anything X3 Rock, opera, techno, classical.. I'm more picky when it comes to rap, R&B, or alternative, but I'll still listen to a few songs~

♥ And are you cuddly soft? Or are you snuggly wuggly?

LOLOL. Ummm... more cuddly soft? I know I'm not snuggly wuggly XD I have minor touch issues that make it highly likely for many people to get elbowed in the gut when they try to snug me |D;; Unless I know and love you LOTS, that is <3

♥ Do you like popcorn?

I didn't used to, but now I loooove it. Lotsa butter~ I especially like sweet popcorn X3

♥ Last movie you saw?

Ummmm... in theaters? WATCHMEN. LKJSDLKFJLKDS. <333
At home, Startdust. Again. Robert De Niro in a corset rocks my world XD

♥ Any other talents?

Writing, drawing, DDR, being a total dumbarse..... that's about it XD;;

♥ Coffee or tea?

Tea, but I prefer cokes to either of those X3;;

♥ Kha or Farf?

.......So cruel ;; I dun wanna choose..... But if I must, then Farf. OH GODS KHA IS GONNA HATE ME FOR MONTHS TTATT *suffersuffer*

Kha: *mopes around in dark corners* |C

♥ Cheese or waffles?

Waffles. I'm not a huge cheese fan, unless it's melted :3

♥ Has my mail arrived?


Las Vegas~

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2009, 5:58 PM


I am going tomorrow! Yay! Miss you gais~!

Not horribly, because, y'know, I'll be busy gambling and stuff |D Kekeke~

BUT! In between all that! I'll miss you gais! XD

Well, that's that :

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2009, 12:05 PM


So.. I've officially left Starbits. I hope this doesn't come as a shock to anyone XD;; I haven't done any art for that site in... how long, exactly?

Below is my official post on the staff forums, in case it's taken down after I leave. Feel free to not read it, if you don't want~ I just want a copy posted somewhere for actual members to see. I'm planning on making an open forum announcement, but in case that fails to happen, at least it's here ^^


"Ok... I have a minor announcement to make. Now, I've never been the most active of artists here. I always enjoyed it, but it takes me way too long to get anything done to really produce much.

I want everyone to know that I LOVE you guys, and working with you staffers has brought immense pleasure to my life.

But my mind is kinda moving on : I have new interests that take up huge chunks of my time, and my classes are getting more rigorous as I get into higher levels.

While I'd love to say, "I'm taking a long hiatus," I think that would be unfair, since I don't see myself contributing any more art anytime soon (or possibly ever), and I don't want to keep anyone waiting for my return D:

...Although, if any of you artists think this means I'm gonna stop dogging you on various sites, you have another thing coming XD I absolutely adore you guys~ <3

Thanks so much for this kickarse experience ^^ It's totally made me a better person, in a massive amount of ways~

If y'all want me to make a formal statement in the forums, I'd be happy to. I don't want the members to think I'm abandoning them D: They're actually the reason I stuck around for so long after I stopped producing, lol."


...I hate moving on. It always makes me feel like crap ;;
But this needed to be done so that I don't keep stressing myself out over things. *determined*

...Sooo... anyone want my SBP stuff? XD
Or rather, anyone have any room in their houses/storage to TAKE any stuff? XD;; Keep in mind, I don't have many rare items, just a few Halloween things and some plushies that y'all are welcome to sell~ X3;;


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2009, 10:24 PM







Hay gais~

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2009, 3:53 PM


So.. like.. I got half of my thyroid removed |D

I've known it needed out for a few weeks now, but I didn't wanna worry anybody, so I didn't really tell anyone >w>;;

Love you guys!! XD *clingsto*

*taking off the commissions link for this post, cuz I dun want anyone to buy a pity commish* XDD

Name tag plz~

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 18, 2009, 7:43 PM


Well, got tagged twice (by Akkutsune and kinno-nabi ), so now I gotta do it XD;;

List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.
Tag ten (10) others to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on page.

1. Shaku - EVERYONE. Pretty much.
2. Shakaku - occasionally Spizzy and meine Katze
3. Jessica -'s mah name |D So everyone.
4. Jessie - Tanya's the only one who can get away with it~
5. Schatzi - meine Katze, weiss-kittyn X3
6. Hubby - my darling husband, kinno-nabi
7. Farfums/Farf/Farfie - it has been adopted by a few people, but it started out as people from the Weiss Kreuz guild on Gaia, namely ShatteringMemories (Schuldig) and Raeshe (Aya), and then weiss-kittyn (Omikins~) later on.
8. PANDAAA! - my niichan, Heelerdarkforge 8D
9. ANOTHER NAME, which I shan't mention, but at least one of you knows it >D
10. (edit, lul) BOBBY JOE! - renamed such by my roomie Erin on Dokapon Kingdom XD
11. (edit edit, lulul) Jess-ka - SPIZZLE.

...I think that's it? |D

*lists random names*

Sweet, I actually managed 10 XD;; *last 10 people I talked to or commented on my page ftw~* Don't feel like you have to do this, though~ Although a few up there I'm truly curious about, so if you don't do it, at least comment with yer names or something >w>

Commissions still on sale! X3

10-ish Character Facts (...more like 5-ish XD)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 5:35 PM


Nabbed from Akkutsune~

1. He's bi and completely indiscriminate when chasing tail (as most everyone knows).
2. This doesn't mean he doesn't have his favorites~
3. Some of the people he most enjoys hanging around he'll flirt with less, since he's unconsciously afraid of leaving them after achieving his goal.
4. He LOVES seafood, in any shape or form.
5. His alcohol tolerance rivals the heftiest Irishmen's.
6. Despite his inclinations, he never steals anything. He considers it bad sportsmanship. Example: If his date is drunk, he won't sleep with her, since it wasn't a fair win.

1. Probably due to his usual childish demeanor, he's almost entirely a-sexual. This doesn't mean he can't be coaxed into things, but he won't go after it himself and will NOT understand flirtatious signs.
2. He's hydrophobic, and (obviously) HATES baths. Strangely, unless he's rolled in something, he doesn't usually smell too bad, probably due to the fact that he eats electricity and has virtually no real bodily functions.
3. He isn't picky about his hosts. Human or animal, the grub is the same.
4. He has night terrors and gets panicked by things that don't exist.
5. It probably doesn't help that the electrical charges he eats give him hallucinations.

1. He's a lazy bum (even in my head =__=;; )
2. Ever since he started relying on snares instead of his feline hunting expertise, he's starting getting a tummy ;; *pokes it*
3. He snoozes in trees or caves on the outskirts of his town during most of the day (especially in the summer months), so he usually doesn't witness attacks by the corrupted =__=;;
4. He adores having his work with fur and leather complimented, since it's the only thing he really puts effort into.
5. His stash of shiny things is in a cave. Just try and find it >D

1. Another child-minded character~
2. He's attached himself to the younger, but much more intelligent/mature Roa, whom I feel very, very sorry for ;;
3. He rikes socks and merons >w< (of the fruity, non-buxom kind~)
4. He probably smells pretty bad, but he doesn't notice and doesn't particularly care.
5. Unbeknown to him (probably because he's repressed many of his childhood memories), he's extremely vengeful of societies. It gives him great pleasure to send in insects to destroy crops (locusts), buildings (termites), and flesh (lice or fleas).
6. ...He doesn't usually feel this vengeful pleasure until he's knee-deep in the actual act of destruction >>; He explains away this twisted pleasure by arguing that he's simply spreading the rot he loves so much, which is partially true.

I'm keeping this to strictly club-based characters, of course. I'm not sure if anyone even wants to read this crap, much less crap about characters only running rampant in my own head XD

Commissions still on sale! X3

People Feature~

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 2, 2009, 5:01 PM


Commissions are still on sale! X3

First 14 to comment on this journal requesting a slot will get 3 pieces from their gallery featured by me. I will choose the pieces I like best.
In return, those Deviants featured will have to create their own Feature Journal placing me in the first slot. Leading to a total of 15 Featured Deviants.

Feel free to comment, even if you've already made a feature journal~ X3

1) :iconsnagglebucket:
U Hraray Silfessi by Snagglebucket Lulz et Noo, Caseatrix by Snagglebucket Arxula sketch dump by Snagglebucket New Arxula by Snagglebucket
Yeah, I did four... shuttap XD *is indecisive*
2) :iconauranstlar:
Boy Wonder by Auranstlar :thumb95211219: :thumb91064237:
3) :iconsmoteymote:
B I R D S by SmoteyMote C U R I O S I T Y by SmoteyMote Heaven's Wheel by SmoteyMote
4) :iconhayaikiru:
:thumb111390068: :thumb109030274: :thumb107404130:
5) :iconsir-erdgeist:

6) :iconbleachedsharpie:
.:there or not:.She stands there, her back against the wall, Etnies drawn close together. Her jeans fall down in folds as they reach her shoes. A strand of pale hair falls in front of her eyes, covered by glasses, as she scrutinizes the sketchbook in her hands. A scribble here a scribble-
She sees you. All the faint activity stops. For that heartbeat she peers at you, but then she returns to her art. But do you notice her, standing there drawing, back against the wall, shoes together, baggy jeans in folds? No. Because to you she isn't there.
She's a ghost, there but not. Rarely noticed, but when she is she's dispensed like a gum wrapper into a trashcan.
To you she's
not there
To her she's
has left
my body.
the white
has come.
all colors
to white.
no color left.
washed away
by this life
or whatever
you wish
to call it.
life is
to me
color is
what makes up
7) :iconakkutsune:
:thumb76716526: :thumb83079922: :thumb110190844:
Tried to choose stuff OTHER than those done for me XD;;
8) :iconassimilating:
Togruta by Assimilating Holly by Assimilating Hawk by Assimilating
9) :iconfirst-fantasy:
Prince of Heaven -of Hell- by First-Fantasy Teh linh Commision-Chucster by First-Fantasy Player 1 Select by First-Fantasy
10) :iconemoria:
Lolhai by Emoria Finale by Emoria Redsona V.3 by Emoria
11) :iconweiss-kittyn:
Lumos by weiss-kittyn Tamika for Shaku by weiss-kittyn DN- My Detective Has Gone Sane
"... Excuse me?"  
L stared down at his cell phone as though it had insulted him, eyes  wide.  It blinked back at him merrily, announcing quietly that the call had  been lost.  "Watari, please hurry.  I think something may have happened  to Raito-kun."  
He turned his attention to the window, and watched the buildings and  people sweep past.  Outwardly, he appeared calm and relaxed.  Inwardly  a storm was raging.  
Lost his mind? What does that mean?  Was he injured?  Perhaps he  redecorated.  Maybe he admitted to being Kira?  So many questions.   What does that mean, he's lost his mind?  How?!  Should I call  Souichiro back?  Would he answer?  Perhaps he's tending to his son.   What if Raito was admitted to the hospital? 
.ride. by weiss-kittyn
Yup, four again XD;;
12) :iconrikarai:
Asylumnia: Ready Set Go by rikarai OI : Got your candy-- by rikarai
HELLSYEAH. dA needs more crotches >>
13) :iconaczamudio:
Ralphie Character Sheet by ACZamudio Grofx Character Sheet 2.0 by ACZamudio Morlocke Character Sheet by ACZamudio The Arctic Volcano by ACZamudio Character Sheet: Vito Verona by ACZamudio
Oh gods, I can't believe I managed to narrow it down so much *A*;;;
14) :iconkaname-chan:
:thumb70986861: new threads by kaname-chan Maki pumpkin by kaname-chan
15) :iconzetina:
Itch Itch Scratch Scratch by zetina +SBP+ Friends by zetina Just Restin' by zetina, I forgot to name this journal initially XD;;

School + Commission Sale

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2009, 12:18 PM


Ok, I'm just gonna add this to the top of my 'commission sale' journal, to keep things simple XD

I'm being such a good girl in school this semester, but that means I've been seriously neglecting dA. I just cleared out my messages (because... damn XD), but that meant I probably cleared out quite a few conversations, too ;; Sorries! This is just a warning that I'll probably continue ignoring dA, because I'm thoroughly enjoying my Literature and Art History and Education classes liek woah, and I'm determined to make massively awesome grades in those classes.

-- Commission stuff below this point --

OKAY. *psyched* I'm going to Las Vegas in March with my kaasan~ We're gonna have SO MUCH FUN. But I need to raise money, so you know what that means:

Commission Sale!

All commissions are 25% off their normal prices, rounded up to the nearest dollar to keep things simple. Maximum of two characters per piece*

I'm only taking two commissions at a time, to keep myself from making people wait so long. I do have a waiting list, however. Comment or note me to be added. You can give me your info at any time. Due to issues in the past, you must pay me before I start on your commish. If things don't turn out ok, I'll gladly return your money :3


1. full
2. full

**Waiting List:

1. full
2. open

If you're confused with prices, just ask me~

My paypal is, but this is no longer my main email address. If you need to contact me, please do so on deviantART.

*For an extra character, it's +50% of the normal price, not the sale price.

**If you're on my waiting list and I get an open slot, you have approximately three days to get back with me after I email you/send you a note, or you get put on the bottom of my list. Sorry, gotta keep things moving >>;

Kiriban @ 33,333

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2009, 4:50 PM


Yays, congrats to snowpuma and Doughnut-of-DOOM.
Yeah, I said it was only going to one person, but... well, whatever. It's mah kiriban |D

DUN FORGET! I'll cry if nobody gets it~ ;w;

Kiriban @ 33,333~

I'm afraid, due to time constraints, I'm only going to give the kiriban to ONE person: the first person to send me a screenshot, so be quick! X3


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2009, 1:42 PM


Okay, I never do this, but... can you guys please go tell this girl how fucking awesome she is?

Because she doesn't believe me </3 ;;


:thumb109049696: RMcommission1 by fransass RMcommission2 by fransass

16 People Meme

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2009, 11:04 PM


1. List facts for 16 different people you want to say but will never tell them out loud.
2. Don't reveal who they are.
3. You can comment but don't answer to guesses. The idea is that no one knows who the facts are indicated to.
4. Tag three (3) people.

1. I miss you ;; Sometimes, I worry that you'll have so much fun that you'll forget to come back... but then, I'd be happy that you're happy, so I feel guilty for worrying. But yeah, I'm really, really glad you're having a good time, and wish I could be there with you! I can't imagine a better friend. Since the first day we met, I knew you were... well, "special" feels canned... XD AHHAHA, okay stopping now, before I say anything else stupid XD But yeah, whatever we do next year, I hope it doesn't feel like you're moving down a notch ;;

2. I keep wondering why it took us so long to get around to one another. I think it was because I was so connected to my two girls, and you were so connected to yours, so we were too 'full' to really notice each other. I'm so glad we met for real on that site, though. I dunno what I'd do without you XD You're one of my best internet friends of all time <3

3. I totally adore you. I keep feeling creepy and clingy, and having to pull myself back, and then I worry that I'm pulling back too far, and that I'll lose you. I can't find a happy medium ;; We need to RP, so that we can have some contact we both enjoy XD

4. Why couldn't your parents have lived on the south side? ;; I feel like you're so far away, but I'm so incredibly happy that you're finally doing something that doesn't make you nauseous. You're such a strong person.

But if you ever pull one of those crying things on me again, even just in the retelling, I'll punch you in the face XD I'm so not even kidding.

5. You're so sweet and quiet. Sometimes when we get together, I feel like I don't pay enough attention to you, but that doesn't mean I don't totally enjoy your company and love hanging around you. We need to get together more often, prz >w<

6. I think this will be my only negative one. I have very few people whose presence I don't enjoy. Honestly, I think you're just trying to be funny, but it isn't funny. People don't like being picked at. People don't like being manipulated. I'm not stupid.

7. When I first joined a certain site, I felt SO intimidated by how awesome you were XD Personality, art, way of speaking... Even though you weren't in charge of the site, I found myself doing things just for your approval, which is just about the silliest thing ever XD Now, I've managed to pull down that pedestal a little, so that I actually speak to you XD I think we'll be really great friends <3 (HAHA, this person probably won't know who she is XDDD She's really modest <3)

8. Your life has been made of total suck lately, but I want you to know that your life WILL get better. People as amazing as you aren't allowed to have so much crap thrown at them with no sort of payoff :C And he will burn, in his own, personal hell.

9. You're one of the most fun people I know XD The characters you create are always so much fun to hang around. It's weird, because whenever I talk to you, I start switching to one of my character's persona XD Like, I start getting all protective and wanting to make sure you eat healthy, even though you as a person DO eat healthy and have safe habits >x>;; So I keep worrying that I might offend you someday accidentally XDD BUT I DON'T MEAN TO!

10. The fact that you're #10 is testament to the fact that I'm writing these a bit out of order XD You're one of my oldest friends, and I can't wait until you've graduated and get to move in with your boi. I know life is treating you like total crap right now (yeah, I did read that journal, even though I never got around to commenting), but you're an incredibly talented person with a rare set of skills. Also, you're one of the easiest people to be around that I've ever met XD I feel like we can sit for hours together, only talking every once in a while, and be completely comfortable.

11. You probably won't read this, but I wanted to include you, anyway >w< Because for the last couple of years, you've been the best roomie anyone could ask for. I know we hardly hung out at all last semester, but whenever we DO hang out, it's so much fekking fun. Don't let my hermit-y ways get you down~

12. YOU need to stop being so hard on yourself. I've never seen such a talented artist that was so honestly (not attention-seekingly) self-deprecating. You are an AMAZING woman, and your ability to draw gorgeous girls is way off the charts. If you'd left up more than a splinter of your gallery, I'm sure you would've gotten at least fifty DDs by now XD

Yeah, yeah. It said 16, and I know a lot of amazing people that I could write pages about, but I'm exhausted and this is long enough XD G'night, guys!

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2009, 10:28 PM


Ok. Wow. What a night.

To make a long story short, I almost lost someone who is very, very important to me.

There have been issues in the past, and something that happened tonight dredged up some very post-traumatic feelings. I'm not going to go into details, because I'm not the only party involved, and it's not my place.

Apologies were said, promises were made. We're going to go back to square one and trying again.

I can't tell you guys how incredibly important and incredible your comments were <3 It feels really silly that people online (mainly people I've never even met face-to-face) can have such a huge impact on my life, but I'm SO grateful I have you guys.

Thanks so much for everything <3

Ever had one of those days when everything's rocking along great, and then all of a sudden, something happens, and everything goes wrong? And you aren't sure if it will ever go back to the way it was, but then you aren't sure if you WANT it to go back, because that means this something might happen again?

God, I feel like shit.

Shit shit shit.

Can everyone just tell me, "You're doing the right thing!" even though you don't know what it is? Because I know I'm doing the right thing. I KNOW it. But I need to hear it ;;

Your DS friend codes...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2009, 3:58 AM


I wants them *w* Does anyone else have Animal Crossing? I wanna visit some other towns, yo >3>

Edit: Simplifying/dumbing down my css~ One of my biggest complaints about the new layout for betas is how cluttered it looks. I'm hoping I can solve a piece of that by keeping my journal clean ^^

Unique club/rp idea~ (edit)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2009, 6:23 PM

Edit: IT'S UP! 8DDD No applications yet, but I'm guessing/hoping it will be open soooon... >w>

READ THAT.. plz ^^

I totally want her to make a club based on this completely kickarse idea, but she wants to know if anyone's interested, first >w>

Oh, and Happy New Year!

And aaalmost Happy Birthday to meeeee! Less than 24 hours now! (Jan 4th ftw~) X3

My Birthday...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2008, 9:09 AM

...Is on the 4th of January >w>

Yaaay, 21!

I can now continue to not drink alcohol!

I am planning on having one of those colorful spiked dessert drinks, however ^^

Edit: DUDE! I won in the cat game contest thing! Yaaay, 1-month subscription! XDD

Ha~ Last Holiday Journal, I promise XD

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 26, 2008, 2:52 PM

Ok, this is my last one, I promise XD Sorry for spamming y'alls inboxes.

All the letters have been mailed! Yay for getting Xmas money for stamps XDD

I'm still in the process of fulfilling wishes~ Sorry if those come a little late ^w^;;

^ ~ important part of this journal ~ ^

v ~ unimportant part of this journal ~ v

I got for Christmas:

From my awesome mum:
A GWEE PLUSHIE!! XDDD After the first one came in for my friend, I was silently pining over having to give it away, so she went online and bought me one XDD My mom does NOT buy stuff online~ *feels so loved* ;w;
Loveleh earrings~
A case for my DS
My own pots and pans and cookie sheets TwT I don't have to use my roommate's anymore (and feel guilty about not cleaning them off, lmfao~)
A crock pot~ I can cook nao!! XDD *gwee*
A BLENDER! Yaaaysmoothies!!
A Gaia zOMG fluff phone charm~
A Gwee phone charm~

From my pwnsome bro:
The Incredible Toon Machine, which I've been trying to find since forever.
A new DDR pad!! XDDDD

From me dad~:
Chocolate *w*
Gift cards to Pizza Hut and Applebees~ <333

From others:
loish Calendar and a book from the amazing :iconwillowwhiskers:
Pokemon Pearl from the amazing :iconkizoku-dearest:
TOTORO and a Skelanimals bulldog keychain from :iconebiru-zeru:
..Other stuff that hasn't come in yet, so I don't know what it is XD;; *shall edit this later..*

From me: (XD)
A new phone! Katana Eclipse... I loves it sooo hard ;w; *crycry*

...Aaand.. I think that's it XD If I've forgotten anything, please lemme know ^^