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Though I saw it comiming since his addiction to drugs was really strong, it really saddens me to know that Scott Weiland, STP's frontman has passed away. His voice was unique and, exquisite  one of a kind, a very special one to me indeed. :( 
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I hate deviantart's homepage, all I see is cheap attempts of otakus to create something they would call anime or mimic some one else but in a very bad, bad way...

That's shitty, my opinion
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So, I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had been having this sharp pain in my whole body for months  but I didn't know why If I was OK and healthy. I work out everyday, don't smoke and quit alcohol since a long time and yet ,  I was feeling tired and sleepless most of the time . Doesn't matter, it seems I will start with medication again and reduce my doses of excercice which I hate because that is one of the things that gives me relief in life, but anyway , I hate living in pain! :( That's why I came up with my very own particular therapy  -to excersice in bed while watching movies - lol , pretty sure my abs & push ups routine will be funnier now.  :D 

Here's one of the movies that I love the most Howls Moving Castle and of course I would so love to have recommendations from you if you happen to read my journal , I am open to any kind of suggestions when it comes to movies! :giggle: 

Thank you for reading this. Much love to you :heart: 
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Hello there :)
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So, my brother died last March 14 2014 plus I am sick of my spine  I barely can walk. I won't be active here, not until my chest heals, the pain releases my body  and my feet go back on the road again  so, there you go.

Take care :heart:
So close and yet so far, 

Tasty lips but still not mine

Wacky sense of humor, but he hurts inside like a tumor

Fuck it!

I'd better release him...
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Went to the cemetery to put some flowers on my dad's grave felt good to realize someday i will dwell with him there forever.Makes me feel stronger and miss him less :heart:Dia De Muertos by shakti-anishka
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Nothing really important to say , really...

Oh well , I lost my job last week. I've been doing a lot of reading  and taking pictures of whatever crosses on my way just to prevent myself from killing my ex boss :aww: Don't even know why am telling you this , I should be sleeping instead since it's 4:57 in the morning on this part of the planet :P

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So, this is the very first time I will spend Christmas without my father since he died on June 20 2012, and the very first time I won't receive my bestfriend's christmas call because he was cowardly murdered  a few days ago so, I'm doing my best to give my mom the very best of me tonight in spite I don't feel like to. No, it has not been good times for me at all this year but hopefully the upcomming 2013 will do better, you never know what's beyond the horizon. Plus I always have my books(my other best friends), my music and my willpower. So, yep, I think today I will be just fine.

Merry Christmas to you all :heart:

I'm sorry I was never much of a good daughter dad , it doesn't mean I don't love you . I love you more than I can think I could ever love some one , It's because of my hot temper I guess . It tears me apart to see you leaving.I wish I could give you life Father. I wish I could give you strenght Father.I wish this is not happenning but I know it has to be done. Dad, I'm so going to miss your smile, your kiss on my forehead , your laughs and even your cranky moments , Oh dad , I love you so much. Make me some good room up there for me when the time comes. I will honor you living my life as you always taught me , with strenght and a smile on my face from ear to ear.

I'm just a poser.

Dont have no talents or skills to brag about or show off.

Have you ever felt this sensation within your chest? , the one that makes you try to look good in the outside to compensate the lack of values , love and respect for yourself and the people that sorrounds  you?

Too fake for real but you think a super well shapped body type ,trendy clothes , high heels and the right make up pay off.
You wanna write the most beautiful piece of poetry but the lines down the paper turn out to be the worst thing you've ever written.
You're willing to become a very nice talented photographer but when you click the cam's buttom of what you think it will be your master piece...ta da! nothing comes out except for the colorless- non vivid shot you now hold in your hands.

You think you're so freaking cultured and smart you find yourself in the middle of a hot conversation with someone you can certainly call "Mr know it all himself" while he beats the shit out of you, making you see being brainless is not much of a big fun anymore so you quit it...

You put yourself to bed thinking You will  stop being this way soon ... then you wake up to a brand new day just to realize you remain the lame as the day before.
It's like you're trapped in a horrid steel box  full with big ammounts of smelly shit all over , you breath in but shit goes deeper and deeper so you end swallowed up.

Why give it a try if you're nothing but a stupid pretty face and that's it.

Yep...confidence is not your thing. Now turn around and walk away.
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So my time finally came,it was just about time for me to get to see one of my favorite bands ever playing live for the very first time in my life and the wait was worth it :love:

Since I am unemployed and don't do much with my life lately except for a couple of things I am used to get up say...a bit late :D but last March 18 was way much different to me. It was the day that I had waited for son long,where I finally met my fate!Early that morning I got this phone call from my friend Adriana telling me they had arrived to Mexico city and she and the rest of the guys will be waiting for me at the hotel, just around the corner where Maiden would be playing so by the time I looked at the clock I was bloody surprised of was 6:OO in the morning and I was up and making myself ready for the concert alreeady that even my sister laughed at me and asked me if I was OK? :rofl: she goes "These Iron Maiden guys should play everyday here so you can get up earlier" lol .

Me and my friends waited for hooours and hours under an unkind sun which had no mercy of us!Then in the endless rows of people we got our tickets checked and we hit the arena :aww:

Godsmack who????Naaa, althought they were supossed to be the openers of the event they cancelled in the last minute but hey, who fucking cares?? we barely notice it!I must say Godsmack  is a good band and I was  a bit curious about them some people were playing some good rockand roll-Rainbow,DIO,Megadeth,Motorhead,Led Zepellin,Deep Purple,ec. on the table It was hell of a good wait.

Iron Maiden finally showed up at 9:OO p.m. and I couldn't feel any thrilled :jawdrop: there were Bruce Dickinson,Steve Harris,Dave Murray,Janick Gers and my loved Nico McBrain right in front of me(I was lucky enough to be in the first row)despite the heat of the day,people squeezing etc I HAD MADE IT!!!!

They started playing The Final Frontier :) then ttwo minuted to midnight,fear of the dark,blood bothers,the trooper,the wicker man(and I went crazy) among many others that I wouldnt finnish if I write.And the finally finnisehd with the number of the beast and running free.

I am all sore but happy as hell!

Mexico City Scrrreeeeeeaaaammm foor meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Up the Irons!!
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So, everybody is angry in my country because of this…

To my non spanish speakers deviant friends (y latinos que no son Mexicanos)I would like to know.Do you have Us (mexicans) in such concept? The man wearing mexican hat in a poncho sleeping by a cactus stereotype?

Thanx! :D
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So, ehh well, I've been given ten Llamas now which is great and I love it, that means that I'm a super Llama or smth  and for that I feel thankful but the question is...

Could anybody please be so kind and explain to me how this "LLAMA" thing works????Cause I didn't quite get it :aww:

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I pretty much need a hug right now...

No matter how far you guys are from me...I just need one...

I really need to be hugged :( so please send some love over...
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El término shakti deriva de la raíz sánskrita sak que significa poder, hacer. Indica actividad y capacidad. Shakti es el poder en general, y cualquier forma particular de poder.

En su sentido causal supremo, es Dios como Madre y, en otro sentido, es el Universo surgido de su vientre. Es la energía primordial que origina el Universo y todo lo existente, visible o invisible, manifiesto o inmanifiesto. Shakti es el principio universal de la energía, el poder, o la creatividad, y está personificada en la femenidad, como Shakti, la Madre Universal.:flirty:

In english

The word shakti is derived from the sanskrit root meaning SAK can do. Indicates activity and capacity. Shakti is the power in general and any particular form of power.

In its supreme cause, God as Mother, and in another sense, the universe emerged from her womb. It is the primordial energy that creates the universe and everything, visible or invisible, manifest or inmanifiesto. Shakti is the universal principle of energy, power or creativity, and is embodied in femininity, such as Shakti, the Universal Mother. :love:
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Thank you very much to all people out there on dA who has made my pictures their favourites :D I feel so flatter & honoured =)

I really apreciate it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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