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Brisby Children

By ShakShakalut
Yay I finally finished it :lol: Actually I love it :) But I hate the shading >__>
A ladybug xD
There is a sketch: [link]
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i was so sad cause i was afraid Timmy (the one with the bug) was going to die because he was sick :s :( (Sad)  and it didn't help that Mrs Brisby was panicking about it (and other moments)
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Timmy playing with the bug like a child playibg with his "hot weels" I mean a toy car
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How awesome to see some Secret of Nymh fanart, you are so made of Win! Thanks for sharing it with us Nymh fans!

Don't hate the shading, my Friend, you did a most excellent job, far better than I would have, that's for sure... but for a red/green colorblind girl, I guess I'm happy just to know how to color, hence why I don't bother with too much shading; can't see it!

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Daww..... Such a cute and lovely scene.
Great job! :D
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I couldn't care less about the shading.... I would love to see a movie only about this. Children playing around. Kids getting along.
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О! Здорово!
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Adorable. Simply adorable!
"Merry the mole" ^^
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Great work! I think the shading looks pretty good. Especially the background.
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This is adorable. Such a sight is a brave mother's reward. Nice digital lines and coloring skills.
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
This is great, I especially like the lighting and the slight color changes in the clothing shows that you have a good eye for details!
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Thank you very much! I'm pleased you like it!
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это прогресс... ага ага
такая красота... так нежно и мило что прям аще
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аще... обожаю это слово :)
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Fantastic!!! I love it. You can really draw the NIMH characters!
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Omfg, thank you very much!!
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You're welcome. :hug:
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Your work is amazing. :d
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