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Lots of updates, both here and in my etsy shop!

Mr Postumus Enderby in Colour by Shakoriel Miss Valeria Fulbourn in Colour by Shakoriel Lord Sebastian Bramdale in Colour by Shakoriel

Deer Goddess in Colour by Shakoriel Cat Goddess in Colour by Shakoriel Bat Goddess in Colour by Shakoriel

The Regency Fashions series is complete, and there are two new additions to the Animal Goddess series, the latest being the Lady of Deer. Prints are always available both here on dA and via my etsy.

Also over at my etsy, a varied selection of Victorian Poetry prints, featuring vintage art digitally coloured by me, plus 19th-century poetry.

Oh, and there's also signed copies of The Regency Storybook available on etsy. It features my Regency fashion art plus twelve amazing short stories about the characters by Regency author Lesley-Anne McLeod!

And! Shortly, I'll be starting to upload a new series: Fairytale Heroines. Yay, new art :aww:

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