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Custom Pokeball Meme

VOLCANIC BALL: a special ball that can contain some of the most spontaneously combustible Pokemon around. it can withstand the highest of temperatures. this ball has a 55% catch rate.

CYBER BALL: the CYBER BALL is only physically able to catch one type of Pokemon and that Pokemon is Porygon and its evolutions.because of this, it has a 85% catch rate.

PHSY BALL: a PHSY BALL is the most effective Poke-ball when attempting to capture ghost or psychic Pokemon. it will not attempt to catch any other Pokemon if thrown. it has a 70% catch rate.

LEAF PIT BALL: the LEAF PIT BALL is rather unique, this is because of how you use it. instead of thrown the ball to catch a Pokemon you set it like a trap and wait for a Pokemon to walk over it. this ball has a 90% catch rate.

ICICLE BALL: this Poke-ball has a feature that no other Poke-ball has. if freezes itself shut after a Pokemon is inside it for the first time. it has a 100% catch rate.

SHADOW BALL: The shadow Ball is a Poke-ball that can only be used to catch Pokemon after dark or in a abandoned building. it is also has the ability to be thrown more than once if it doesn't catch the first time. it has a 80% catch rate.

kudos to original designer!! heres their link: [link]
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Oh wow, this is really well thought out!
I always wished that the games had more options when it came to the pokeball types and these would really come in handy XD
Nice designs, good information, simply wonderful!
Thanks so much for doing the meme!