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Kitty Tutorial part I


After being asked so many times, "howd you do that??" I decided to show you all just how I do it ^^

This is part I in what I think will be a three part tutorial..
part II can be found here..Kitty Tutorial part II

the stock image I used!

also credit for teaching me basic steps years ago and being a great inspiration :iconneozoan:

another great inspiration to me:

**EDIT** cleaned it up a bit and fixed the typos ^^;

**EDIT NUMBAH 2!*** please, if you use this tutorial, link me to your finished piece, Id love to see how it all worked out for you!

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Hi :)
I really love all your work, and I had to try it myself ^^,
I hope you dont mind?

Thank you for the tutorial! If I ever get one done that I like I'll post it and let you know.
QuietFawn-SkyWolf's avatar

Used this part of the tutorial to makes this: [link]

Hope you like!

By the way, you wouldn't happen to know any tools I could download for GIMP that would be the equivalent of the patch tool and the liquify tool in photoshop? It's the only reason I didn't manip our noses.
Pepper-Pleases's avatar
Thankies for the tutorial! Here's my kitty creation. ^^ link
PoNdOf's avatar
the resolution is a little low. Is there a way you can maybe email me the larger tutorial please. Can't read shit.
shakealicious's avatar
if you click the download button then click on the image, the larger size should come up for you.. if you are still having problems let me know
PoNdOf's avatar
thanks, my stupidity(rather ignorence) is my downfall. XD
AngelusNoir's avatar
:wow:so cool...will have to try this sometime...thanks for explaining a mysterious tool or two;)
shot-in-the-dark's avatar
Oh snap, you're giving away your secrets! *Takes notes*
walters42's avatar
so thats what the patch tool does, I have never used it! will be from now on :) thank you sooooo much for sharing.
shakealicious's avatar
oooooo if you use PLEASE show me :P you dont have to credit or anything, just link me up.. im dying to see SOMEONE USE THESE!!!
walters42's avatar
i'll credit, promise. I'm even tempted to do an homage cat girl in your style just so that i can use all these wonderful techniques :)
shakealicious's avatar
hahaha ID LOVE IT!!
walters42's avatar
bit of a hitch with the first one. looks like im gonna have to do another :)
BisectedBrioche's avatar
Awesomesauce poured over a lovely serving of hints and advice (¬_¬;). I hope you get the next tutorial finished soon.
shakealicious's avatar
its just about done.. Imma try to get it submitted by tonight :D
Freak-in-a-bottle's avatar
I love getting new techniques
LeoRussitano's avatar
hope it helps people get to grips with how amazing you am :D loveu!
shakealicious's avatar
aww!! :hug: you are so sweet to me babu! you are the best ever :* 63 days left!
modman38's avatar
BWA HA HA! (evil laugh) Now I know you're secrets!!
topaidi2002's avatar
Great stuff I will try it right now
shakealicious's avatar
yay!!! I cant wait to see the results!
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