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Hey there! Been quite a while since I've updated or posted anything. Senior year of college has been crazy and I sorta took a break from personal art to put everything I had into my school projects and life and all that. I will be posting some things from the semester very soon as well as other art I've surprisingly been able to find the time to draw up between all the chaos.

Here's hoping I can keep doing art and uploading consistently. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day and holiday season!
More stuff about birds of prey! I can't help but talk about it! Check this guy out:

Img 20160810 183850 by ShakeablePanda
Img 20160810 184157 by ShakeablePanda

Got to hold an American Kestrel this week! I'm moving up in the bird world. His name is Professor Slinky :D (Big Grin)

What's more, I even got to feed three bald eagles, four American Kestrels, a Mississippi Kite, a great horned owl, a vulture and a Peregrine Falcon all in one day. I also got to hold Hunter the screech owl again briefly this week and weigh him.  

I'm falling in love with birds of prey and it has only been like three months of volunteering.

I know this doesn't have much to do with art, but I want to document my progress somewhere so why not here? Wink/Razz 

Maybe I'll do some Kestrel art :happybounce: 
Holding Hunter the Screech Owl by ShakeablePanda

I just couldn't help but want to share this!

Today, I finally got some pictures up close of me holding my friend Hunter, a one-eyed Eastern Screech Owl. It is so awesome being able to interact with birds of prey like this. Volunteering to work at an avian reconditioning center is so amazing!!

Img 20160803 105657 174 by ShakeablePanda

Working with him is what helped inspire me to make my screech owl picture.

Hunter is such a good boy!