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I'm passionate about dinosaurs and 3D, so why not :D .It was also a Zbrush test i did in a couple of hours. I'm crap at it, but i hope i'll have a better grasp of Zbrush after a few test runs like this.
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Hello, Would you like to send one of your artwork to participate in the international contest of this congress of paleontology researchers? 
It would be really great!…
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This is spectacular!! I love dinosaurs and am really glad to see portraits that do visual justice.
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thank you. I'm trying now to find the time to do a feathered one. Also, im looking for a good feather solution.
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The red is just beautiful for this creature, well done! Did you use keyshot by chance, or just ZBrush?
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thanks. It's rendered with Vray for 3DsMax.
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wow, very realistic. 
:D (Big Grin)
:D (Big Grin)
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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That's pretty cool!:)
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Awesome, even if it isn't exactly Oviraptor in proportions.
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my web:

Best regards, Amin Khaleghparast (from Tehran, IRAN)

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The anatomy is not 100% but for a simple excercise, it looks very good visually, regardless of anatomy.
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yeah, i know :))) After watching a lot of skulls, and couldn't decide which oviraptor i should do, i did one which is a mix of different known species, and the jaw is more theropod>basic raptor like, than the curved one of a oviraptor.
So it's more a Dromaeosauridae with beak and head crest.

PS.i know the eye might not rotate, but there are still some birds that can so i'm on the fence about that.
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Cool :)

It's still a great image :)
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thank you, next time i'll be more accurate. This is was basically a zbrush test that turned out to look kinda cool, so i posted it.
I'm working on another one...a more detailed cryolophosaurus. I'm very busy at work, but i'll try and finish it this weekend, or next week.
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That looks amazing. keep it up :)
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Dude.. this is awesome.. keep it up!
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thank you, i didn't expect such a great reception for this one piece. :D
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wow, it's great! He looks so real!
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thank you. Next one i might cover in feathers so it will be more realistic.
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you're brave^^... I'm not patient enough to do a such work.
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glad you enjoyed it. It means a lot, for such a great reception on basically my first piece in Zbrush.
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