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Been far too long since I added anything new here... Kinda been lost in the place where I have no f'ing clue what I should be doing to develop my drawing skills. Then today I finally had to admit... "I can't draw bodies like I want to because I always stop at the neck"... "I can't paint like I want to because I always chicken out and decide it'll be easier if I do a sketch first and promise myself I'll paint my sketch later, but never do"... and "I can't draw from my imagination because I'm too scared that if I try, I'll find out I've let my inner kid wither away and there's nothing all that exciting or imaginative left in me."

Holy poo-balls! Yeah, no wonder I get so bummed out about where I'm at with my art and where I wish I was! :P The fear bug done bit me and I've gotta shake it off and stop feeling so defeated and giving myself excuses.

So anyhoo... I promise to make paintings, even if they look like doo.... I promise to start drawing the whole damn body, even if it looks like I drew it using a pen in my butt crack :P and I promise to start accessing my imagination and drawing what I want, instead of always doodling from other peoples' awesome drawings or drawing the same damn basic head at the same gosh darn two angles that I've been drawing for the past 10 years :P

That is all. :)
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