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D.Gray-man: Paganism AU - 2

Conclusion of the contract.

Bullet; Black Kanda - the Pagan God.
Bullet; White Allen Walker - the heir of a rich family.

Фанф от Rinka-kun, в процессе написания:

D.Gray-man: Paganism AU - 1 by Shailo    D.Gray-man: Paganism AU - 3 by Shailo

Allen Walker, Kanda Yuu (D.Gray-man) © Hoshino Katsura
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The colour scheme is amazing, and the drawing of the figures is flawless...
Aerija's avatar
Oh, wow, this is amazing. I love the atmosphere and mood, as well as the blues used.
oneillustrates's avatar
nice mood in this one
Toyona's avatar
Cool stuff. Love the atmosphere~
EngelsSchwert's avatar
Creepy! But cool. .... Creepycool!
alexandersinnelius's avatar
Haha, can't see that coming.
AliceTheHunted's avatar
I love the look of this.
ZenKage151's avatar
great job on this
ihsans-Art's avatar
Professional touch
sksuijilil's avatar
Oh, so very cool! The details and the color scheme are really amazing! 
Cliffjumper78's avatar
So cool!!!  Love it.  Looks to be a part of an interesting story.
Nekr0ns's avatar
AnchKreuz's avatar
Good atmosphere in the picture. I like it.
divine-silver's avatar
the best part of this art is that it's full of emotions :) not many people can do that, grats ;)
rurias's avatar
Nice atmosphere! :)
Thesis-D's avatar
I don't know anything about the series, so I can't comment on that. The fog, however is well worth mentioning as it adds to the dark and mysterious aspect of the theme. The fact it is in the woods also conjures appropriate feelings of isolation and danger. Good job with this scene.
SparrowsLie's avatar
Wow, I love it! Wonderful drawn, nice dark atmosphere!
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