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JACL Logo and Program Cover Design

Designs I submitted for the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) National Convention that is going to be held in Washington DC this year. It is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the bill signed by President Reagan stating that the Japanese Americans were wrongly incarcerated during WWII.

Unfortunately, my designs were not selected but I think it looks good enough to be repurposed for another project.


Theme: "Justice for All"

Symbolism:The fortress like spheres in the piece are a metaphor for the injustice that the Japanese Americans faced when imprisoned in internment camps during WWII. That injustice, despite seeming to be indestructable, was shattered by the fragile cherry blossoms, representing those Americans who were subjugated to the ceaseless attacks upon their right to freedom and equality. Cherry blossoms were used specifically to exemplify the idea that no matter how weak in a position the innocent are, justice will always prevail.
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ShahAkash, I love this piece!

I don't know how often you go back on this site, but if you get this message, please message me!

I am a new Youth Rep for PSW JACL District. And, we are just starting to plan our first college conference. If you think you'd be interested in doing something similar to this "Justice for all" piece, or just discussing the theme for April 2015, please email me! I LOVE what you did with JACL's logo and with the entire cover.


Kristy Ishii
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This is fantastic! I love how you incorporated the sakura branches to make it look like an explosion - how did you not get picked?!