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I just got back from my vacation- I participaterd in the Battlequest Warhammer larp (Playing a spy who serves noble family of robbers and troublemakers). As usual my character ended up almost dead and what's more- turned into the vampire (we had a little vampirism problem in our faction by complete accident). I had so much fun! Sleeping on the stone floor of an old, unused fort with spiders and bats around was a great part of this experience :XD: After that I spent few days on the road with my family.
It's time to get back to work! I have to re-learn my job routine and hopefully finalize animation cleanup I'm doing after hours. I was engaged in it this past months and it was hard to find time and strength to do any other assignments. I really hope I'll manage to clean up my own life soon to have more time for fun stuff (I miss creating oldschool TES stuff so much for some reason). Plus I have many, many messages in my mailbox asking about commisions. I'll do some for sure! Despite new job I mentioned before and some lucky turns that my life took- I had some prety rough months in my personal life- I fell out with some friends, focused on my job in unhealthy way. I hope to get things on track and move on >: )

I feel like I frogot how to Deviantart. I remember uploading something juuust after christmas and now's May. I feel like something was happening all the time during all those months, keeping me distracted. Family stuff, brake ups, home battles (I don't live with my family- since I left home I had like 4 or 5 flats shared with various people. I could write whole STORIES about this stuff. multi chaptered.), work turmoils... just everything :XD:. I was so focused on my job for last 2 years, It was just after finishing my studies when I became so unavailable.

When I finished studying (I was a technical university student, graphic design major) I was trying to find work in game devalopment. I had no experience, some lame-ish drawing skills and I failed an arttest or two while I was sending my little portfolio to every company I could find.
I eventually got my first job at game dev. By complete accident. I was invited to the Game Jam by my friend who was quite experienced concept artist. We both liked working our asses off on those game jams. It's like 48 hours competitions where You have to work with Your team and create a working game from scratch. We usually go on 48 without sleep because we are crazy. ANYWAY, he also invited his friends from work to this particular game jam. The game we were working on was full 3D and I could only draw- there was little work for me this time. I came up with an idea to make an animated, cartoony intro for our game and so I did. The 3D animator from my friends' company saw me working, making little animatic and then animating the sequence. He also was shown my another animated short and I was surprised to get the message from him, the day after the game jam ended. He asked If I want to work with them on their mobile project. Job requred animating in 3D and I had no experience in this kind of animation. I had no experience with 3D at all actually :XD: He offered to teach me because I knew 2d animation basics and I immediately agreed. I had to rent a room and move to anither part of my country over weekend not knowing if I'll be actually working there after my month-long internship. My new animator friend showed me how to animate in Maya in one skype call, I spent whole week watching tutorials and actually moved to Warsaw. And started working.

I was always drealing about working on 2D animations, draw or animate- just be a part of production. I never had an interest in 3D animation but there I was, animating stuff that came into the actual game, learning, spending whole days with the team of amazing and inspiring people. I could not believe my luck. And by the way this animator mentoring me back then is an awesome craftsman and amazing guy. I spent there about 2 years, animating at first, doing some character designs, art for other productions, concepts, 2d animations. I was really focused to stay on board, to be helpful, to survive some hard moments. Most of my creativity I spent at work. I was always feeling a bit of confusion, not certain where I'm heading as an artist and a tiny, tiny bit unsatisfied. I wanted to draw more, I wanted to animate in 2D and learn about film. But I was learning how to make games, at work, at home.

But it was such a great success for me, I was making money doing art.

Lately some problems ensued, we finished one of our games, the tim split. It was kind of hard. For some time I felt like loosing my family, that's silly. Some other problems stored, many parts of my life turned upside down up and I wondered off as well, looking for new place for myself. So where am I now?
I started working in 2D animation studio. I'm an intern for 3 months. I learned new software, I'm trying to catch up because I feel like I know so little. I still think video-gamy. I don't watch as many films as I could. And I want to stay in this studio so badly. Keep Your fingers crossed, I'll try my best! But I also miss drawing, sharing and talking to drawing and art-related people, more of them. I miss being online, I cought myself trapped in my narrow world, lacking new inspirations and interactions.

I have this always-chasing-something mindset. When I started working I was chasing stuff at work, practising to be better there and to gain knowledge for my future assignments or wanted jobs. I miss just goofing off and creating and having fun with my art. I did a lot of drawings for my rpg group but we scattered recently. I sketcha  lot but hardly ever sharing anything.

Well if You expect this story to fave some sort of punchline.... There's none. I feel lucky, happy, usually anxious because I'm this kind of person. I moved like 90% of my gallery (there's stuff from my middle school!!! So old stuff!) into one folder. And I guess I'll upload something new. Write You about my life. I wont' promise to be active because my promises are bullshit and i prefer just to try being active. Do some commisions maybe because I'm still getting messages asking for it, constantly xD But gus, first let me upload some stuff. See how my style changed. I feel like I changed a lot.

So, how are You doing today?