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Photoshop 7
4 brushes.

The rules is simple:

don't use my resources containing,original works to others Artists, Photographs, Painters
to make your owns creations.

you can use in dAprints and outside dA

and use your imagination.

© 2008 - 2022 ShadyMedusa-stock
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I'm using a mix of the top right and bottom left for a graphics design logo. I will upload the Logo so you can see how I have made it one of my own. Thanks for making these :)
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This was the first logo idea I came up with:


and this is the more finalied version:

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Very, very nice. I'm planning on using the bottom left for a friend's band logo.
Would it be possible for me to use one of these hearts? I only would like the bottom right hand one please =).
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hi ..i used it here [link] :)
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HEYLO! I used this here: [link]
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lovely stock ^^
used it here: [link]
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Pretty cool. Would it be alright if I used this to make banners to earn gold on sites like Gaia and Solia? It won't be used to earn real money.
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Thanks for making these sweet brushes!
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Wow I just LOVE these!
I vote you make more <3
Thanks again for sharing your lovely brushes!
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Beautiful hearts. Thanks for charing.
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I used this here: [link]
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Hey. I used this here: [link]
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