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Photoshop 7
3 brushes

The rules is simple:

don't use my resources containing,original works to others Artists, Photographs, Painters
to make your owns creations.

you can use in dAprints and outside dA

and use your imagination.

© 2007 - 2021 ShadyMedusa-stock
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could you clarify - are these free to use for creating content - I'm creating band posters and images. Possibly used in merchandise - so I always clarify with the owner. :)
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is it ok if i use this in printing a society tshirt?..
OK I have to say, that is very nice
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Awesome, thank you! :D
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hey good job with the borders and all.. i like it..
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Love these.. may use em...
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i just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that i used this at the following [link] I hope you like it :)

please let me know if it was ok to post it .. i am combining other brushes. i dont know if that is what you are referring to in your rules :worry:
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I used your border moded a little to clean it up. thank your stuff is great!
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Unlike most border brushes with coils, this set flows nicely. Good job.
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oh WOW - this set is so freaking gorgeous!!! :clap::love: bravo!
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Great brushes!! Thank you!!
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