To outdo a Trickster 2 - MHR Quest

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The two continued to collect various herbs and other interested kitchen additives for quite some time, the deaf felyne more than a little vigilant still for the appearance of the Jester, but it seemed like he either was not here, or did not so easily bite. It was to be expected of a trickster dragon, of course, but it did sadden Chef a little that he could not have some fun at his expense while still doing other things. Poison was also more than a little excited to come face to face with the chameleons again, but it seems the mischief maker didn't plan on it any time soon.

Then again, they both have been exceptionally vigilant for him during their forage, and it's very likely that the trickster had picked up on the fact and didn't want to come close as a result. Giving his pukei pukei a deep sigh, the pale lynian transitioned to plan B almost seamlessly. Perhaps if the chameleos didn't want to come to them due to their vigilance, it woul come for an unaccompanied bag of treats someone 'accidentally' dropped on their foraging trip.

Giving Poison a defeated pat, Chef made it seem like he truly did give up on paying close attention, and even the bird wyvern was fooled, dropping a little in mood. It did make him a little sad to see her sad, but it had to be convincing if it had any chances of working. Taking his seat on her feathery ruff, he first made it seem as if he was fastening all the equipment and bags tightly to the harness, but in reality he made the bag with spicy puffs extra loose and easy to detach. Then he had his monster begin to move to a new area, all the while his tail hit the puff bag just strongly enough for it to drop, yet weakly enough to look accidental.

The bag dropped behind them as they moved, being left behind for hopefully the right target to pick up.

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 9 Levels (rider present for 340 words +6, lvl 100 monster present for 340 words +3)
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