First (and hasty) pickings 4 - MHR Quest

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The quest giver seemed to be even more riled up as she exited the tunnel once more, hooting and howling and jumping so much that Howl herself had struggled to keep herself contained. Her rider always said she should not be too loud or jumpy on an official job after all. Yet, when they learned in on the jaggia, coiling one arm around her in a very 'buddy buddy' manner almost as if to prompt her to celebrate as well, she couldn't but give in, just a little, by throwing her head back and letting out a long, loud and high pitched howl she was named after.... How much the adventurer appreciated that is up for debate.

Celebrations done and over with, the adventurer rubbed their hands together, took a moment to prepare, and took off. Much like previous times, Howl waited patiently for the sounds of the other to disappear into the cavern before taking off herself. Thanks to her thick belly fur, sliding around didn't really bring her all that much discomfort cold wise, though her feet did start to feel the chill. She probably shouldn't linger too much longer, lest it causes frostbite, and she's already going to be dealing with a scolding when she comes home.

Her claws, like the two times before, clicked against the floor of the tunnel in a rhythmic fashion, the by now familiar path beginning to be a little dull by now. As the decline started, she began to slide down, but a glint of purple caught her eye. This time, it was on the other side, and while she could understand the light outlining the slide from the other side, it made no sense here, not to mention she didn't remember there being a purple outlined path...

As she wondered, she came closer and closer to the odd path, until, in the darkness, she could see something else... And far more sinister.

A maw.

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