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Name: Sunniva 
Nickname(s): Sunni, Bunny
Biological Sex: Female
Gender: Male (he/him)
Type: Standard Wyngro
Creation: Purchased
Hatch Location: The Nook

Sunni is a shy, skittish and generally high-strung wyngling. He has trouble letting his hair down around others, often very nervous. He tends to spend his time in large groups to sort of blend in, liking to be social but hating the pressure of interacting. he's often the silent one in the friend group, too scared or nervous to share his own opinions or interests. This does, however, lead to a lot of internalization of emotion. He can blow up suddenly at his peers, or quickly become frustrated and unable to explain why. He tends to suddenly leave conversations when he becomes overwhelmed, going off to be by himself for a while until the noise and the ruckus dies down

Sunni also loves to draw. Although his lack of thumbs is eternally frustrating, he's found away around it! He adores finger painting, and will often go out and do lil landscapes of nature whenever he's feeling particularly frustrated. He'll sometimes use his ears for palettes if he runs out of space, finding them rather useful.   
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Is Sunni looking to make some new friends? My wynglings would love to have him around.
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Actually, sunni is all grown up now! And grounded at his dad's house 
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smol trans bean
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way back when
before sunni was an evil demon 

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omg  so CUTEEEEEEEE!!!! i just wanna hug him Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Heart Love  
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He's a Poo boy
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omg I want the squishy child
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can i squish him tho
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 Ohmy HEcK sO pREciOUs!
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i wAnnA cUdDlE tHe pRecIouS 
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Hi hello I just saw This again

what if Hetro calls him Sunni Sonny Bunny
and Sunni is like "dad no"

But then Hetro goes "dad Yes"
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wow what a marshmallow
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