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Destin's Dragon


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Destin's Dragon


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Blue Bull

Bone Art

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Destin's Dragon

Original Fantasy Art

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Rust Emblem Reboot Prototype

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In Hopes that Death Will Be Kind

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The Dragon's Destiny

The Dragon’s Destiny The mindlink was sharp. It always felt that way, like a needle entering the skin. White light washed over him, a strange unconsciousness that lacked either dream or darkness. When he came to, the first thing that Destin did was shake his neck. The multitude of metal scales rattled and chimed. He felt cool air in between the plates and the sound was like rain in the wind. He snapped them in place as he stretched; armor clamping tight over a serpentine form, shining shields over insulated wiring and artificial muscles. He looked down at his forelimbs, flexing them in turn as he shifted weight to his haunches. It always took him a few minutes to orient himself, even in a frequently-used machine. He favored the dragon over all else. Destin had been dogs, monkeys, cats, multi-limbed horses and even, at times, piloted an android that was not too different in appearance from his natural form. Time and time again he came back to the dragon. The young


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Courage Wisdom and Power

Jewlery and Crafts

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Silent Princess

Legend of Zelda Fan Art

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Kilton's Monster Manual Cover

Kilton's Monster Manual

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Pit - Butt-kicking Christmas Angel

Kid Icarus Fan Art

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Rem with Young Vash and Young Knives

Trigun Fan Art

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Wounded Healer

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Coffee Persian

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The Havoc Hypothesis

The Havoc Hypothesis It started when the guards couldn’t get to their appointed posts without ending up in a cage, in one of the wastewater cisterns or suspended in a foot-snare from a ceiling.  The traps never were deadly, merely annoying. Catra hissed as she tiptoed around where she knew a placement to be – well, unless the new recruit had changed it… again.  She was certain that the traps would increase in lethal potential in time.  It fell to Catra to impress upon Entrapta that they were to be used on the Rebellion, not all over the Fright Zone. The Commander caught her charge hard at work and play over one of the secu

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I Remember Summer


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Shadow of the Ganon

Oekaki Junk

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Rust Texture

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Mataichi Line Art


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