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PS: Awaken after a Rough Ride
By Shadria-Anarchy   |   Watch
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Published: March 29, 2019
Regina choked, sputtering out water as she made it to shore-thanks to the aid of a bizarre looking water Pokemon. She was aware of the fabled fusion Pokemon around this land, but in her panic failed to get a good glimpse of them. (Finneon-like, she would later note) She wearily looked around, taking in her surroundings; a beach, the sand warming her chilled, soaked body. A throbbing pain took Regina's attention away from the path ahead of her, and upon investigation she discovered a deep wound in her arm. Hopefully nothing too dangerous, but she would take it to a doctor once possible . . . if at all possible. Knowing some basic first aid for humans, she started to look for a way to stop the bleeding. A tourniquet!, she thought to herself as she started to tear part of her shirt. 
Halfway through the tearing process, she heard footsteps in the sand. Glancing over, Regina spotted another fusion Pokemon, this one being Zorua and Zubat by the looks of it. The creature had no eyes but instead got around by echolocation, its cries too high for her to hear. The Zorubat noticed her and sat down, giving her a welcoming smile. 
She tried to ignore the Pokemon, continuing her self-treatment. It wasn't a perfect tourniquet, but did ease the bleeding for now. ". . . I need to get to the camp right away . . .", Regina muttered to herself before getting shocked as she heard "Camp!" repeated back to her. It seems the Pokemon hadn't left, but instead listened in -- leading to her lightly sighing out of amusement. "Well aren't you just peachy . . . ?", she muttered, unsure who had spoken earlier. Little Zorubat tilted his head, then opened his mouth. ". . . Peachy!", he managed to mimic, gaining her full attention. 
"Oh! So it was you. Are you like a bird Pokemon that can repeat what others say?", Regina smiled, finding him adorable and mysterious. "Repeat. Peachy!", he answered back, tail wagging away happily as she stood up. "Heh, ok then, 'Peachy', want to find camp with me?", the young adult looked over as she wandered off towards the small civilization, smiling as the Pokemon followed right behind.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Gamefreak

Due Date: None, May Do Once
Event Bonus: 1x Pokeball…
You have gained 14 Resources+1 Pokeball and +1 Bond Pointwith your starter!

6 (Full Body Colored X2)
2 (Background)
3 (Event)
3 (~300 Words)
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