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So, I've created a new template - a mini fig of sorts - called PlayA. I wanted to add some character art as practice and hopefully soon after, a series.  

Can you suggest some characters to do? They should be easily recognizable, not require too many accessories (capes, shoulder pads, weapons, helmets are okay but no preferred), not be too detailed (though I could do a simplified version) and SFW.


Otherwise, I'm gonna start off with something like the Justice League or Avengers or something. Incidentally, Hulk would probably be out because of his larger size, although I could either scale up a figure or just do a normal-sixe version.

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I just wanted to put a note up here to let you know about my current website statuses.

The server where I have my creative works and Pokemon stuff has gone down without notice so my games are unavailable for download at the moment. I'm gonna upload them to a file-sharer soon as my new server doesn't allow any files bigger than 200kb which is pretty ridiculous.

I also want to redesign said site to serve mainly as a portal to my creative works - most of which I'm gonna post here.

The site will be up at