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I was in a particularly dark mood when I made this. I still cant believe I made something this evil looking.
There is actually a cut down the middle of the canvas. :)

Acrylic on canvas.
(original for sale.)
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1712x2196px 2.05 MB
Samsung Techwin
<KENOX S860 / Samsung S860>
Shutter Speed
1/54 second
Focal Length
14 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 11, 2008, 7:03:15 AM
© 2008 - 2021 shadradson
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Nasty, but well executed.

Pun not intended.

Wow this is unique. I love how ominous and dark it is. It's like...a black hole kinda. Makes me want to take up my sword and prepare for battle! XD
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You know, it actually is a hole in the canvas. :)
I had a lot of fun making it.
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well ok... I'm not going to repeat the same, already too much repeated comment, yet it is true that this is the first thing it crossed my mind... Isn't this the most amazing thing about art, that no matter what your intentions were, the others will see what they want to see (and maybe, just maybe, you will express what you really want to express, again regardless of your initial intentions)? I like the picture very much anyway. It has this overwhelming feeling of raw passion! And though this comment may seem funny -keeping in mind what was the first thing I made out of this image- yet it is still not about that. It's the movement and the flow and the aggressiveness that I like! :)
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I was kinda angry when I painted this. So thats where most of it came from.
Honestly I just took that anger and amplified it.

I can see where everyone is coming from on what this looks like.
But then again I have never seen one that looks like this. XD
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do you mind if I take inspiration from your amazing work
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I wouldn't mind at all. Inspiration is a free thing. If you can springboard on my art, and make something new and better then go for it! :)
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This image is pretty "yonic", but I like it nontheless. It's almost inspiring. Actually I think it fits in very well with a poem I wrote, especially since the representation was unintentional.
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yonic means something like "resembling or addressing female genitalia" just like the word phallic, but for females
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Thank you. I was too lazy to look the word up.
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That looks like one of my favorite things. :D
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Really? Hmm. Kind of Froydian.

But I wouldnt say its raunchy. Its beautiful no matter the intent.
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well thx. lol
everyone else still says i painted that picture at the wrong time of the month!
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Haha. Even then, its still beautiful. Its all just part of what those amazing machines do. :) But Im digressing since thats not what it really is.
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wow. feelings burst out of the canvas.
i'm impressed.
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Lol...thats supposed to be blood. jk

I was in a particularly dark mood that night. I'm glad you like it.
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isn't blood a synonym for feelings?
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Why yes it is!
I was just explaining the physical side of it. But you're looking more into what I felt when I painted this. :)
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wow awesome...looks pretty gruesome XD!!
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Whooa that's really awesome. I can never do ANYTHING that looks evil or dark or sinister etc. My drawings are too cartoony lol.

I think you did a great job :thumbsup: :+fav:
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