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My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
freak Stamp by zilla774 Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Be kind to yourself (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
Stamp KHR by Dirty-Dreams KHR- Kufufu stamp by Kaze-yo Varia Stamp by udonLuvA 6996 stamp by PaniFowl 6918 Stamp by SitarPlayerIX Undertaker Stamp by Megatronswaifu Casual MLP Fan by Candy-Swirl Durarara Stamp by 07-GhostCrazyy Spinzaya Stamp by Kow-Chan I support Zero Stamp by Yeebun Deidara Stamp by NanashiEmDuat L stamp by Lumaga Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Supernatural by kicsianna WAAAAAAH DOCTOR by CattBon Stamp: Akise Aru by MikuFregapane HBO Game of Thrones Sword Logo Stamp by dA--bogeyman FFVII Vincent Valentine Stamp by JackdawStamps Yuri on Ice Stamp 01 by JG-Callie [ STAMP ] [ YURI ON ICE ] Victuri power. by imurdad Komaeda Nagito stamp by MSN1412 [BATIM] Bendy Stamp by StarryWave Arrow Stamp: Green Arrow by TMNT-Raph-fan Assassin's Creed  Pirates  Stamp by SamThePenetrator Dexter Stamp by Wing-Wing-Senri Markiplier (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Antisepticeye Stamp by TheYamiClaxia Hiya-loki by Coley-sXe
Stamp: Addicted to Undertale by LadyRebeccaStamps undertale stamp - mettaton ex by hypsistamps AU lover Stamp by Jeyawue Honeymustard-stamp (f2u) by spicyhunn UT: Underswap Napstablook || Fan Stamp by Sanstima-Stamps

Hi :3
Call me Zamai, I have lots of interests, such as anime or games, you see most of them above this^^
I'm kinda shy and don't really believe I'm a great artist but I wanna get better :3
You may note me about anything you want. Even though I'm shy, writing to people is nice, no matter if I help you with a problem or just talk so feel free to just note me ^^

I like to draw for others and also have my commissions open but I love my own characters above all else. You can find them all here… but I'm currently only looking for pics of these:
I always love pictures of my Ocs so if you find one you'd like to draw, please do so, I'd love to see it and I even feature people who draw my Ocs in my journals :)
Please know that I upload the pictures I get to my toyhouse (of course I credit the artists). If you don't want me to upload them there, please say so.

Well, this page and like 90% of my drawings are about my original characters and their stories so if you're interested to be dragged into a rather dark fantasy world
with more than 500 characters (don't worry, I won't introduce every single onexD), then you're at the right address :)
I started drawing to be able to draw my characters pictures so I basically learned to draw for them and them only. I didn't enjoy drawing at first but now I really do and I love how I am able to visualize my characters now, one by one :)
I'm still practicing though, I don't really get the hang of the colours and especially arms and legs cause me a lot of problems, so if you find any anatomy mistakes, I'd really appreciate redline instead of words if possible because they help a lot :)

Commission // Shadowzamai by IchigoFuri

Art Status by HerMajestiesCoding
Requests are closed by WizzDono Art trades are open by WizzDono Point commissions are open by WizzDono Commissions are open by WizzDono Collaborations are for friends only by WizzDono
You can find my commissions here: [OPEN] Cheap Paypal and Point CommissionsNews
[13.08.2018] Cleaned up the journal a bit lol
Current Offer
-5 slots (open)
1) dawn-refia

150Points  /1.84$

-300Points /3.39$
[Artfight] Maple by ShadowZamai
300Points /3.39$
[Artfight] Syx by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Nereus by ShadowZamai[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai
[C] Sammy by YumiChan003
Sleepy Sammy (RAFFLE PRIZE) by strauberrio nemui~ by MorningstarSolar
Icon by Hinaichu, Profile Pic by misterCat04
[Update 5th August] Some new characters are available for the contest in case you're interested in checking them out :D…
[Update 12th June]
For the indecisive ones among you I added a new tag on my toyhouse, the "favourites" tag including the characters I could never have enough pics of :) Picking one of those characters does NOT give you any advantage in the contest, it just might help you choose one of my characters^^ So feel free to check them out :D
[Update 7th May] 15 people joined the raffle, the first prize is now unlocked :D Please consider also joining the contest to unlock the prizes there as well :happybounce:
[Update 4th May]
4 people joined the contest, yay :happybounce: That means the 4th prize is now unlocked, I hope many more will join so all the prizes will be unlocked :D
[Update 17th April]
I added some new characters who can also be drawn for the contest here, make sure to check them out if you're looking for different characters :) New characters will always be added under this tag so you can check it frequently, I will write an update here for every 10 characters I add^^

As many voted in my previous polls, I'm now doing a Draw my Oc Contest and a Raffle as a thank you to 500 watchers :D I'm very sorry it is so late, I'm almost at 600 nowxD But I hope you still plan to participate, you have nearly 8 months to draw something for me and even if you don't think your art is good, please still participate, I'll be eternally grateful and it helps you to improve as well :D Also, if your pic is really creative, you might even win something :)
Here for the raffle? Scroll down :happybounce:

Pixel gemstones - DiamondContestPixel gemstones - Diamond
1st Trophy [Locked until 20 participants]
-500 points
-a couple drawing or two single drawings or a custom adopt or two slots in my YCH by me
[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Contest Entry] Magical Sunset by ShadowZamai
-a halfbody or chibi couple or two single drawings by Shadow4kuma[Adopt Payment] Inno x Sheryl by Shadow4kuma
-Fullbody by NozomemeYozawaDax - DreamersArcadia by NozomemeYozawa
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

2nd Trophy [Locked until 12 participants]
-200 points
-a couple drawing or two single drawings or two slots in my YCH by me
Agape by ShadowZamaiGlowy Fox by ShadowZamai
-a halfbody or a chibi by Shadow4kuma[Open - Auction][Adopt/Collab] Valentine by Shadow4kuma
-Bust doodle by AkikazeKun  A N Y A by AkikazeKun
-Digital Chibi Fullbody (Complex BG) by Cyxn  Kami, Maiko and Flora. by Cyxn
-Chibi by CoffeeXBearr  Commission Sample: Little Girl (FullBody Chibi) by CoffeeXBearr
-Fullbody coloured sketch by random-ftw  Sketches by random-ftw
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

3rd Trophy [Locked until 7 participants]
-100 points
- a halfbody or chibi drawing or a slot in my YCH by me
[Raffle prize] Hope by ShadowZamaiProtecting Dreams by ShadowZamai
-an experimental crayon chibi by Shadow4kuma [Gift (?)] Tomo - experimental by Shadow4kuma
-Pixel Headshot by Uttonic  Raffle:Pink Peppers pixel for pinkpeppersjam by Uttonic
-Fullcoloured Headshot by xHimemikoYukix  [C] Princess Minerva by xHimemikoYukix
-Digital Anime Headshot by :deyCynx: Yuunarii by Cyxn
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

4 ( Numbers ) [Unlocked]
-50 points
-a halfbody or chibi drawing or a slot in my YCH by me
[Art Trade] Her love for muffins by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Nico by ShadowZamai
-Pagedoll by SilvaRainshow [Payment] For Elevera by SilvaRainshow
-Coloured Bust by Capisce-girl <da:thumb id="733762838"/>
-Two half bodies by teenchan  Talking And Stuff by teenchan
-Traditional anime drawing by cynx  Sclera by Cyxn
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

5 ( Numbers ) [Unlocked]
-10 points
-a portrait by me
[Raffle Prize] Darker Side by ShadowZamai
-Chibi by BlinkingpinkChibi Ayla [Commission] by Blinkingpink
-Fullbody by Karamatsu-Nii-San 
-Halfbody by AfiahSarah27 Happy (Late) Birthday, Mystery4Girl! by AfiahSarah27
-Digital Chibi Fullbody (Simple BG) by cynx  Chibi Girl by Cyxn
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

Please note that the prizes are not sorted by skill or anything, I just put them to the place I think that needs more prizes :)

~The currently locked prizes will be unlocked when enough people join.
~ Entries from the same person count as seperate entries.
~There is no limit to how many entries one person submits
~price donators get a sketchy coloured picture or 10 points from me as a thank you (there will still be a thanks of some kind but I didn't think about this thing enough so don't expect too much)
~Contest and Raffle will both end in October so you have plenty of time to enter, the specific date will be announced soon.
~You can enter both contest and raffle
~Watching is not required to enter for the contest but it would be appreciated
~I'll edit this and tell you all when I submit new characters to my toyhouse :)
~one person can only win one prize, no matter how many entries are submitted
~the number of participants needed to unlock prizes can still be changed during the contest
~Already started a request for me or made a pic for me on Artfight? No problem, you can just use it as a contest entry^^ Please note that this excludes raffle prizes, commissions and art trades.
~You can reply to this comment to let me know you're entering, or just post an entry, it doesn't matter^^ You do not need to reply there to enter, it is just for me to see who enters and notify those people if changes happen or the specific deadline is added.
~If you have questions of any kind, please feel free to contact me anytime :)

The Characters
~There's a lot of amazing, cool, cute, colourful OCs I have but to catch your attention, I'll just set some up here to show you what I mean :)
CM: Mika by MoeMocha Commission for ShadowZamai by deserterst1stdestiny [Request] Illust07 (ShadowZamai) by qrriiuss [Raffle Prize] Tameran by blushingbats Hai by Aryoshka Requests02- Sapros by nikicheiry [Fanart/Gift/whatever] Bonbon by Shadow4kuma [Fanart/Gift/whatever] Jaleo by Shadow4kuma [Fanart/Gift/whatever] Erynn and Croody by Shadow4kuma Commission-Naughty wind by AyaDrevisMad Rae by Naelaaa Request art by Pafekui [AT]*...Hoods...* by 13SweetBUNNY13
~You can draw all these characters here in whatever way you'd like. You can even use them for experimental stuff, I don't care as long as you draw them :)
there are some pages there so make sure not to skip pages or forget there are multiple altogether. If you do not know how toyhouse works, just click on the character's face to get to their pages. Scroll down to see images, click on images to see them larger. On their pages, you can find out anything about the character such as personality, story, relationships, etc.
~The other OCs not tagged with the "Contest" tag may only be drawn with others, no matter if the other one is tagged or not. I don't want to see those alone as most of them already have enough pics or simply are really boring design I need to redo eventually.
~This Contest is mostly about human OCs so I'd prefer if you didn't draw my animal OCs together (it is okay to see a rare Daskar and Teylan pic but I don't want the contest to be flooded with them). So if you'd like to draw them, please consider drawing them with their humans friends (Daskar with Isabella (I'd actually kill for a pic of Isa riding on Daskar's back with a spear in her hand x3) or Arcturus, Elyrian with Lady, Jenny with Fraps)
~Anthros and MLP-OCs will not count in this contest, sorry^^'

Rules for entries
~digital and traditional pictures allowed but I like digital more so the chances with that are a little higher (but only slightly)
~If you submit a traditional entry, make sure you get the best quality and light (blurry pics that are barely recognizable have a very low chance of winning)
~no tracing please. If you used references or bases, link them. Also, bases make work easier so it'll be slightly harder to win with them
~mixed media is okay
~I'm okay with both entries and posted entries but I prefer them posted
~clarify that your picture is a contest entry in the description and tag me so I see it :)

~Please always credit me as the owner/designer of the OC
~I did not design a few of my OCs, please credit the designer if you draw them. You can find them on the top right when you are on the character's page next to "Creator"
~I don't have many OCs from closed species but for those that are, please credit the owner(s) of the species as well if you draw them.

Drawing characters together
~you may only draw my characters with other characters of mine (at least for the contest they may not be drawn with your OCs) I'd suggest to stick to the people listed under "relationships" on each characters page. Often, the relationship is not fully elaborated in the text so if you'd like to draw two together, do not hesitate to ask me about their relationship. You can draw any relationship together (not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but also aunt and niece and alike). If a character under relationships is not linked, they do not have a toyhouse yet. If you'd really like to draw one of those without toyhouse with the character you picked, just ask me if I can finish the ref and I just might do that.
~characters tagged with the tag "shippable" can be shipped with people not listed in their relationship section, allowing you to crackship a lot of OCs. Please stick to their sexual orientation though (Most are bi or pan anyways but for the homo and hetero please stick to that. If you'd really like a ship against the orientation, please ask me first. I might actually be fine with it depending on the OC.)

Gore, NSFW and things you can or should not draw
~Don't draw fetish art
~also please no pregancy or menpreg, I really dislike that
~another thing you should not draw are injections. I'm phobic of them so just don't include them.
~I'm pretty fine with NSFW but I can't imagine it with all of my OCS (some are too young, too innocent and such). So please only draw those NSFW that have the "canbeNSFW"-tag. In general, I'm a friend of Yuri and Yaoi alike, despite maybe having a slight tendency towards yaoi. For NSFW pics, I'd mostly like couple pics. Females alone NSFW is also fine. But male alone NSFW... idk, I guess I haven't seen good stuff of that one yet so I'm generally okay with it but it's not what I'd mostly love to see^^
~There is also a gore tag for my characters in case you'd like to draw something gorey. Please don't overdo it but I'm fine with some gore. However, I'm not a huge fan of candygore, pastelgore and other different gore versions (at least I'm not fond of those I know. If you really like one, feel free to show me and I'll tell you if I like it or not). Flowergore would be interesting though, especially for OCs connected to Sapros but in general, I'd mostly advise you to go with normal gore if you want to include gore. Also please pay attention to why the gore-tag is there. OCs like Render have the gore tag because they love killing people and cannibalism while others like Astaroth have it because they can start rotting if they don't get food. So please refrain from cutting OCs in pieces that actually would never be wounded like that^^

How to win x3
~You have a higher chance of winning if you draw 2 OCs together (or more)
~You have a higher chance of winning if you don't forget design details and don't go totally against their personality (eg. draw a shy person stripping oml)
~You have a higher chance of winning if you really try to include their personality and/or story into the pic
~Also, I'd love to see backgrounds (doesn't have to be a whole grass meadow, a simple colour with some circles and a frame or something is also effective though of course I'd love to see detailed backgrounds if you can draw them x3 )
~put effort into your pic. I can see effort and I'll definitively try to give a bonus for a lot of effort, even if your pic might not have turned out epic :)
~join, no matter if you're good at drawing or not :D This is supposed to be fun and you can use my OCs to get better at your drawings, so even if you don't win a prize, you win experience, have fun and probably tried out new things so you win anyways :hug:

Got any questions? Ask them here

Pixel: Power crystal sparkle ~ leftRafflePixel: Power crystal sparkle ~right
Along with the contest goes a raffle to basically advertise the contest, I'd highly encourage you to enter both though :3
Not sure how raffles work and what you have to do? Feel free to ask me or check out my Guide to Raffles :)

1st Trophy [Unlocked]
-100 points
-a halfbody with detailed background or a slot in my angel YCH with detailed background by me
[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Raffle Prize] Rosabella by ShadowZamai
-Digital Anime Fullbody by cynx  Aqua Girl OC by Cyxn
-Pixelart icon by Vyolettowo Zero Two - [Free To Use Icon] by Vyolettowo

2nd Trophy [Unlocked]
-a halfbody with simple background or a slot in my Angel YCH with sky background by me
[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Raffle prize] Hope by ShadowZamai
-a fullbody by AfiahSarah27 Magic Guardians OC by AfiahSarah27

3rd Trophy [Unlocked]
-a portrait with simple background or a slot in my Angel YCH with sky background by me
[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Raffle Prize] Darker Side by ShadowZamai

~you can only win one prize, if you are drawn for two, the second one will be redrawn.
~if you unwatch me after the raffle, you'll be blacklisted and basically kept from joining any future raffles and events as well as you will not be able to buy any adopts or comms from me
~tagging inactive accounts or trying to cheat in any other ways will cause you to loose one ticket or even result in you not being allowed to join at all
~your account needs to be at least a month old to avoid cheaters and spammers
~your journal needs to be a new one with at most five other raffles in it
~if you donated something, your donation will most likely be a prize in the contest, some very few donations might go to the raffle. Also, the place your donation is assigned to does NOT say something about your skill level. Most donations will go to the lowest two places as long as I have no idea if the top ones will be unlocked before the end of the contest.
~Got questions? Reply here.
~throw a random crystal or gem emoji/pic (no Steven universe pls) at me so I know you read the rulesCrystal

How to enter
~must be a watcher (new ones are welcome)
~share this journal in a journal of your own, also share at least 2 pieces of my art in your journal as well :)
~reply to my comment with a link to the journal, and also include extra entries if you did any

Extra Entries
~tag friends (1 ticket for 3 friends, max is 12 tags)
~also share my commissions in the journal you shared this journal in or another one, doesn't matter (+2 tickets)
~donate a prize to the raffle or contest. If you donate art, include an example of what you are donating please :) (+5 tickets, points have to be a minimum of 25 if you donate those, donations are unlimited but only the first 5 will get tickets)
~if you have commissioned me before or commission me during the time of the contest going on, you will get +3 tickets
~if you joined the contest you get +5 tickets
~got every extra entry with at least one ticket +3 tickets

Contest and Raffle will both end in October so you have plenty of time to enter, the specific date will be announced in September or soCrystal
Have anything to say about this? Reply here :D


ShadowZamai has started a donation pool!
2,829 / 10,000
For commissioning others, raffles, contests :3
Hope to get some points together for something good :)

So if you'd like to get rid of some points, you can always give them to me :D

Also, If you donate, I'll look at your profile and see if I like your art and watch you if I do, otherwise you'll still get a llama.

You can also use this to pay for commissions <3

You must be logged in to donate.


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Shariko-Chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I had a question for you Shadow, What do you use to draw? Do you use a computer and a specific software? I want to know how you make your amazing art!!
ShadowZamai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I use the software Medibang Paint Pro, it's a really good free program and I think it has all the functions the costing programs have as far as I know :) It's free to download here
Also if you like my art, please consider watching me to say updated on my drawings :)
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