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My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
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Hi :3
Call me Zamai, I have lots of interests, such as anime or games, you see most of them above this^^
I'm kinda shy and don't really believe I'm a great artist but I wanna get better :3
You may note me about anything you want. Even though I'm shy, writing to people is nice, no matter if I help you with a problem or just talk so feel free to just note me ^^

I like to draw for others and also have my commissions open but I love my own characters above all else. You can find them all here… but I'm currently only looking for pics of these:
I always love pictures of my Ocs so if you find one you'd like to draw, please do so, I'd love to see it and I even feature people who draw my Ocs in my journals :)
Please know that I upload the pictures I get to my toyhouse (of course I credit the artists). If you don't want me to upload them there, please say so.

Well, this page and like 90% of my drawings are about my original characters and their stories so if you're interested to be dragged into a rather dark fantasy world
with more than 500 characters (don't worry, I won't introduce every single onexD), then you're at the right address :)
I started drawing to be able to draw my characters pictures so I basically learned to draw for them and them only. I didn't enjoy drawing at first but now I really do and I love how I am able to visualize my characters now, one by one :)
I'm still practicing though, I don't really get the hang of the colours and especially arms and legs cause me a lot of problems, so if you find any anatomy mistakes, I'd really appreciate redline instead of words if possible because they help a lot :)

Commission // Shadowzamai by IchigoFuri

Art Status by HerMajestiesCoding
Requests are closed by WizzDono Art trades are open by WizzDono Point commissions are open by WizzDono Commissions are open by WizzDono Collaborations are for friends only by WizzDono
You can find my commissions here: [CLOSED] Cheap Paypal and Point CommissionsNews
[12.09.2018] Currently temporarily closed cause I will soon have lots of contest prizes to do^^ 
Current Offer
-1 slot (closed)
Notify list
-get notified when I open again and when I change things here or add new offers^^

180Points  /2.04$

-320Points /3.59$
[Artfight] Maple by ShadowZamai
350Points /3.99$
[Artfight] Syx by ShadowZamai<
[C] Sammy by YumiChan003
Sleepy Sammy (RAFFLE PRIZE) by strauberrio nemui~ by MorningstarSolar
Icon by Hinaichu, Profile Pic by misterCat04
[12.09.2018] Currently temporarily closed cause I will soon have lots of contest prizes to do^^ 

Current Offer
-1 slot (closed)

Notify list
-get notified when I open again and when I change things here or add new offers^^

[Comm] Seti Rayes for BurntDaisy by ShadowZamai[Commission] Tatiana for AkikazeKun by ShadowZamai[Art Trade] Ayaka by ShadowZamai
180Points  /2.04$

A good heart by ShadowZamaiScora Cat Style by ShadowZamaiSparks of Hope by ShadowZamai[Comm] Lucinda for PuddingValkyrie by ShadowZamai
-320Points /3.59$

[Raffle prize] Cinnabun by ShadowZamai[Finished YCH] Meena by ShadowZamai[Finished YCH] Sleeping by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Maple by ShadowZamai
350Points /3.99$

[Artfight] Syx by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Nereus by ShadowZamai[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Artfight] The Urchin by ShadowZamai
560Points /5.93$

very simple:[Comm] Naomi for Blinkingpink by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Noel by ShadowZamaiHana by ShadowZamai
 20Points  /0.41$ (only includes sketchy, simple patterns I can finish within ~10 minutes)
simple:[Raffle Prize] Rosabella by ShadowZamai[Raffle Prize] Snowy by ShadowZamai[Artfight] Shinya by ShadowZamai
  50Points /0.81$ (only includes anything I can do within ~30 minutes)
detailed:Linus Sleep by ShadowZamai[Contest Entry] Magical Sunset by ShadowZamai[Collab] Early morning by ShadowZamai
  270Points /2.95$ (Anything else that is not extremely detailed)

extremely detailed [Temporarily closed]: [Comm] A Day at the amusement park by ShadowZamai
Like a whole picture full of flowers or other really detailed things, as well a background people and crowds.

Special Offers
Special Occasions like open YCHs, surprise commissions and alike go here:
[OPEN] Angel YCH (270 points) by ShadowZamai[OPEN] Chibis Hug YCH (300 points) by ShadowZamai[OPEN] Pearl Gift YCH (400points / 4,50$) by ShadowZamai[OPEN][YCH] Sleeping and Sitting (150points/1.84$) by ShadowZamai

Pricing Extras+Rules
-I usually draw no more than three chars on a pic but please ask me about more
-10th, 20th etc. Commission are for free (YCHs do not count as comms but can be chosen as free comms and this free comm, if not a YCH should not be an extremely huge comm with extremely detailed background and three characters, don't demand too much out of it^^)
-Make sure the character you'd like to give me goes along with my I do and don't draw

By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service so please be sure to read and accept them.

-Complex designs can cost extra 10-50Points /0.10$-0.50$
-Additional characters on the same picture cost 50Points/0.50$ less than the usual price (not available for headshots)

-I accept both Paypal and Points
-Mixed payment is fine
-Please pay after you saw my sketch (you can also pay before that though). I will not go on drawing until you payed after seeing the sketch to prevent scammers :3


You'd like to order?
Sure, just fill the following form and either comment it or send it to me in a note. I'd prefer comments but it's up to you :)

Order: (ex.: "I'd like to order a chibi for two characters with detailed background)
Payment: (PayPal/points/mixed)
Character(s): (your ref sheets, also include the characters personality!) 
Pose (optional):
Background (optional): (if you ordered one, describe what kind of background you'd like here)
Other: (design credits/details I should remember, deadlines and such)
WIPs: (Would you like to see any other status of the pic other than the sketch?)

The details of the commissioning progress can be viewed here. You do not need to read those but you can if you'd like to, it just clarifies my stand on wait times, changes, how the progress itself goes with approving sketches and such.

Finished Commissions
So you can see I'm not a scammer :3 For more examples, go check my gallery :) This folder contains all commissions I ever uploaded, however I do not upload most of the finished YCHs I do so feel free to check those out in the description of the respective YCH^^
[Finished YCH] Starry Night by ShadowZamai[Comm] Maple for Kaylee-Senpai by ShadowZamaiAngel YCH Koori by ShadowZamai[Commission] Tatiana for AkikazeKun by ShadowZamai[Comm] Tsuki and Luka for xHimemikoYukix by ShadowZamai[Comm] Ximara and Maria for dawn-refia by ShadowZamai[Comm] Seti Rayes for BurntDaisy by ShadowZamai


ShadowZamai has started a donation pool!
3,304 / 10,000
For commissioning others, raffles, contests :3
Hope to get some points together for something good :)

So if you'd like to get rid of some points, you can always give them to me :D

Also, If you donate, I'll look at your profile and see if I like your art and watch you if I do, otherwise you'll still get a llama.

You can also use this to pay for commissions <3

You must be logged in to donate.


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Anon-The-Dreamer Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019
Hello. do you still remember me? I think it's been a year. you won a raffle from me but I wasn't able to do it because of my workload sorry. Don't worry. I thought of doing it but can we settle for one character? 
and it's not a sketch page anymore. I'm doing it as a work piece. I can't do the sketch page because I'm too busy but if it's a character with a background I might do it.
ShadowZamai Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes actually, I do :)
And yep, a single character should be fine, how about ? I don't have anything too specific in mind, just something that has to do with his time ability would be cool as a background like clocks or clockwork grown over by plants or something? You can be creative with the background, just make sure it fits the character :D
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