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Halfling Thief by shadowysilence Halfling Thief :iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 0 Dragon Priest Elf by shadowysilence Dragon Priest Elf :iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 1 0 Fancy Raven by shadowysilence Fancy Raven :iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 1 0
Inner Conflict
Tendrils reaching up through turf
Corrupting, tainting, blackening earth;
Seek to fight the growing storm
But where to strike a foe without form?
Make your way to safety’s shore
Until homeland is free once more;
But the longer hiding with your thoughts
The more, the more, this old heart rots;
Don’t neglect it, don’t be afraid
With courage and wisdom even monsters are unmade;
But first out your own soul you must take
The darkness of that very monster’s make;
For no evil starts alone you see
It grows, it grows, in you and me;
Until it sprouts in other’s hearts
And that is where it truly starts;
So go and spread the word today
And perhaps, perhaps the tide will sway.
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 2
Waters Wondrous
Flowing freely,
Down, dancing,
Trickling, trembling,
Waters wondrous.
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 3
Yet We Were Always One
Oh universal breath, take me higher to where my soul alone cannot reach
Absolve me of my thoughts, my pains, all that is me, wash it away
Remind me where I come from, how I am all, but all is not me
How when my eyes close finally my energy is at one with all energy again
And all of my fighting and resistance was futile, young old, rich poor, strong weak, it doesn’t matter
Remind me light of lights what it is to die, so that my living is no longer drowned sin
Sin of waste, sin of a clouded mind, separating “me” from wholeness
Sin of disconnection, sin of words without meaning, and hearing without listening
Sin of fear, doubting and anxiety that prevent my true purpose;
Light of light, melt me into your majesty so that I may forget to forget
Remind me what it is to have no bounds, let “I” and “we” lose meaning
Take away my humanity so that it may be saved
When I return I will not remember, no one remembers, no one forgets
But we all felt it when
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 3 0
The Blessed Un-blessedness
Of living, a life
Bound to end
So many questions,
I cry,
Where am I going?
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
Tell me
You can't leave me...
Don't leave me
Alone! With
My questions!
Don't make me
Think it over
Nothing worse than that...
To have to ponder
A painful
Truth of existence
Cruelty set
Me free
Here today
Fire, fire
For my soul
In this tomb
A beautiful
Tomb of a world
Where a soul
May burn
But a body
May wither a
Thousandfold times
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 3 1
Plugged in on Standby
Plugged in
You're not living
Forever on
Awaiting that
Next jolt of
And fun;
You don't see
What you're doing
Its just killing
Time... just an hour
A day
A week
A year...
A lifetime
Plugged in
Part of the
I waste
Away while the
Pixels enter my
And cameras
Replace my
Eyes leaving me
In this
Digital World
There is no
Going back;
We must choose
To live as humans
Or be plugged in;
I need
Standby mode
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 2
Explain to Future Generations
All the skies of mottled, weathered grey
Will remind us how wrong was what we did say,
Not us but those who come after will pay
And no flowers will spring in the month of May;
Chasing a profit at any cost
Never quite aware of what would be lost,
Always approaching that line to be crossed
When, by the forces of nature, about we'd be tossed;
From whence life giving rain once fell
Now comes eternal pain and hell,
For now we may think we do so well,
But in time these lies will no longer be able to dwell;
Arid land under burning sun,
No where to hide, no where to run,
Where lies the blame, there is no single one?
Now tell me, what from this have we won?
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 1 0
More Than Just Sight
Tree heart
Beat, beat
Honey scents
And lushness,
Hidden away
Far from
Our eyes,
This world
Forbidden to
Us, for
We forsook
It long
Ago, the
World of
Dew leaves
And chilly
Mornings, of
Grass and
The singing
of bird
And beast
And plant,
But maybe
One day,
We may
Come back,
When we
Close our
Eyes and
See with
More than
Just sight
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 0
No One Thought Anything of it
Shadow Strewn Streets
Their hats tilted down,
Covering eyes small and fast;
They walk with a vigor
And briskness of one on
A mission, or maybe one caught in the rain;
As the cars pass by,
No one thought anything of it,
Why would they?
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 5
The Inevitability of Being Lost
Within this cavern dark and deep
I reside among the residue
Of days long past
I am compressed, held down
And within this mess, a smell
Most rancid permeates all
Within my folds are refuse
My dirty life is day in and out
Holes in my soul growing larger
When my usefulness has run out
I will be yanked free for a mere
Moment before being washed of my sins
And put back among my kin
To await my apportioned time
Until I have worn away into dust
Leaving no trace of my once glory
Whiteness of snow embracing
With the hug of a lover
For now I trudge on
Awaiting the inevitable
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 1 0
Falling in the deep
With hands weighted down, cold
Blood from glass wounds does seep
Broken forms, shadows told
Of the shattered man here
With a dead heart, not bold
Dim stars in the pools peer
Like so many blind eyes
Seeing reflected fear
Within him, how she cries
The maid beneath the skin
Hidden, yet never dies
Up, up, light growing thin
Towards birth of new death
Where the lost man has been
She rises, takes new breath
Fire born, like bird of lore
Rising from ashen wreath
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 0
Save Me
Eyes, eyes
Around every corner
Eyes follow
Watching, judging
I feel them
Stabbing me
Like knives
With blood seeping
From every wound
And I am left
A shuddering mess
Tired, so tired
But I cannot rest,
How could I rest?
Save me
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 3 2
I'm fading, I'm gone
I'm fading, I'm gone, falling back, into the, flowing dark
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 2 4
Every discovery, Chance of fate
Every discovery,
Chance of fate,
Brought closer,
To the appointed time
It looms,
Here in front of me,
This wall of mystery,
Thought, mind, space
It means,
It means...
It is coming,
I will have to face it
So intrigued,
Drawn down deeper,
Deeper, deeper,
Into this rabbit hole
I am scared,
The world,
Is changing
The human mind,
Ever closer,
To truly being,
Cracked open for all to see
And... so many,
Strange coincidences,
Lining up fate,
And time
It feels,
Like the wind has stopped,
Just stopped,
:iconshadowysilence:shadowysilence 3 3


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