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Light source is a little too strong coming in from the upper right hand side of this picture. Otherwise, I am not seeing problems with ...

Alright, I think I know what you were trying to accomplish here and this is what I percieve as happening. I am seeing a problem with th...

Makes me think of the Rokea. The sea looks more like blood than water. The lighting suggests fire at sea.The ghost like silhouettes of ...

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Somnambulism- The Man Who Was Easily Forgotten
Hagane, the Japanese word for steel, is an apt descriptor for this restaurant's decor; there are several hand made katana mounted upon the back wall, encased in glass. The signature engraved into said blades is also engraved into the chef's cutlery. Certainly a labor of love, this place. Otherwise, it's nothing one wouldn't expect from an old school sushi shop in Japan, an elegant atmosphere small enough to provide an experience tailored to each customer. There are two small tables, but most seating is at the bar, where meals are prepared right in front of the customers upon custom wooden surfaces. Exceedingly fresh ingredients are cleverly stored in refrigerators hidden beneath the bar, and bottles of sake are displayed behind it.
The lighting is a touch on the dim side, but it's more intimate or serene than unpleasant. Whatever happens to shine in through the front door, which is a traditional curtain (until closing time), adds to it. Also traditional is the maneki neko at the right
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Mature content
Witcher Forum: OC Evumeimei :iconshadowwright:Shadowwright 0 1
RPITD: OC Dr. Elzbieta Dymna
Character's Full Name: Dr. Elżbieta Dymna
Character Type: Mage
Nature/Demeanor/Courts/Essence: Visionary/Abjudicator/Questing
Clan/Kith and House/Auspice, Breed and Tribe/Guild/Tradition: Orphan
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Physical Description: A somewhat youthful looking woman whose appearance does not measure up to Western standards for an A list beauty. Her nose is not quite large enough to be considered attractive by Middle Eastern standards either. That being said, she is not a Plane Jane. She keeps her golden brown long hair pulled back in a ponytail and has a rather minimalist approach to makeup. When she does wear makeup, she focuses more on the accentuation of her looks in natural colors. From what can be seen of her shape while wearing scrubs, she appears to be in rather good shape without losing all her feminine curves. She seems to possess the quirk of staring at people with her green eyes. Her body language suggests that she is someone who is comfortable in their own skin.
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Evumeimei OC pic copyright 2018 by Shadowwright Evumeimei OC pic copyright 2018 :iconshadowwright:Shadowwright 2 0
RPITD: OC Ajay Kaur
Character Name: Ajay Kaur
Character Type: Hashashim
Nature/Demeanor:  Defender /Adherent
Organization: Order of Assassins (Modern Day)
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Character Description:
     A somewhat tall dark haired woman with a fair olive complexion, her dark chocolate brown eyes seem to always be moving, taking in the world around her.  She keeps her hair covered with a white colored turban.  Her other attire consists of a slightly oversized white and red hoodie, stone washed denim jeans and a good pair of running shoes. Her shoes look like she has been everywhere in them and probably stepped in plenty of curious things that a Mister Clean Eraser could not remove.  Otherwise, her clothing is clean and stain free.   When she moves her left arm, there seems to be something creating a slight bulge visible on her inner arm.  
Character History:
     Anna, Ajay's mother,  met  Sikandar, Ajay's father in India during Partitia
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Mature content
RoleplayintheDark OC Ekaterina Volkov :iconshadowwright:Shadowwright 0 0
High Tea on Glee Anselm
Summary: Tywyll Heliwr responds to an invitation to join other Fetch for High tea on Glee Anselm.  During her stay, she hears secrets shared by the other Fetch and shares some of her own.  This leads to a discussion about the dangers of both the Jedi and Sith factions potentially piercing Horizon in order to access the Far Umbra beyond, the perils of which are understood by all present.  Also, Loruna Ardenal ask Tywyll Heliwr if she believed the taint of Jhor was great enough on Darth Nebula to warrant him being marked and hunted.
:iconShadowwright: :iconsaysplz: Somewhere on Glee Anselm, in the remains of an old Anselmi structure, four Fetch came together for High tea.  One among their number was Tywyll Heliwr, accepting an invitation received quite fortuitously after her meeting with Tel'sar, Darth Nebula and Tharax on Oasis Station only days ago.   Tywyll Heliwr saw that they had all gathered around a fire and were sitting on fallen rubble.  To t
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Padawan Jooniper Brown by Shadowwright Padawan Jooniper Brown :iconshadowwright:Shadowwright 10 0
The Kavosi Comes to Call (Roleplay Log)
Summary:  The Kavosi finally gets his opportunity to go interogate...interview  Tywyll Heliwr after their return to Oasis Station.  Determined to get to the bottom of who Tywyll Heliwr is, why she was released from the Shadow Testament and if she meant Mhyra any ill will.  The Kavosi offers to help Tywyll Heliwr if she would open up to him. Tywyll Heliwr is not immediately ready to trust the Kavosi.  However, she reconsiders just before the Kavosi leaves.
:iconMaxRoss: :iconsaysplz: The Kavosi lengthened his stride as he hurried down the hall towards the med unit. Although he’s frequented areas of the Outer Rim quite often, he knows very little about the Fetch. Having found this one seemingly ‘let go’ by the Black Coven only added to the pile of questions he had for her. It had been days since the Battle of Vortex, and yet still the Oasis teams were bringing in more and more wounded. Hours and hours of their time had be
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Apt Pupil (Roleplay Log)
Summary: Tywyll Heliwr contacted the Kavosi asking him to meet her on Bespin.  Once they met, the Kavosi witnessed Tywyll Heliwr pass samples of the Rhakghoul virus #5 to fellow Fetch.  After the Kavosi mentions training Tywyll Heliwr, one of the Fetch passes a warning to the Kavosi about the dangers of training her. After the meeting with the other Fetch is done, the Kavosi tells Tywyll Heliwr that she will come with him and answer his questions, whether he would like the answers or not.
:iconShadowwright: :iconsaysplz: Tywyll Heliwr had been serious about laying low after delivering a portion of what she had been able to retrieve in part from the Box to Mhyra at Oasis Station. She had hitchhiked her way to Bespin on board various vessels and once there found a place from which she could broadcast an encryted message to the Kavosi. The message was limited in its content and once the encryption was broken appeared to be a letter sent by one civilian to anoth
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First Test (Roleplay Log)
Summary:  Padawan Jooniper Brown has been assigned a new Master.  Master Sebal Clive seeks out Joon at a waterfall not far from the Temple of Tython. After introductions are made, Master Sebal Clive leads Padawan Jooniper Brown into a glade in order to begin his first assessment test with his new student.
:iconshadowwright::iconsaysplz: It was in the middle of the afternoon on Tython and Jooniper was done with classes for the remainder of the day.  Jooniper was a relatively new resident at the Temple on Tython and, aside from a mishap involving a huge mess in the archive, she was adjusting well to her new life.  Jooniper Brown had believed that it was going to take her forever to clean up the mess she made in the archive until a couple of other Padawans had shown up to help her clean things up without the Oracle's knowledge.  Now, Joon was much relieved that she could spend her free time doing something else.  After her classes, Joon had c
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Laid Low by Ill Will (Roleplay Log)
Summary:  Following right after 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?',  this log covers what happens when Tywyll Heliwr leaves the restaurant to track down Trageh Ilgyeth.  During the resulting conflict,  Jason Storm, an aspiring Padawan, shows up inebriated and watches the fight.  The end of the fight comes with an unexpected outcome, involving Trageh disappearing into a raging storm.
:iconLtHobbes: :iconsaysplz: Trageh stopped; the rain beating down upon his grey hood, which he had thrown up to protect himself from the rain upon exiting the cafe. Before he turned around, he could tell who it was. He turned around to face his stalker and spoke in a calm and collected voice, "I see you have chosen to ignore my warning Fetch. Maybe you consider yourself to be beyond the skill of the average sentient and I can tell that you are correct in your assumption. However, it also appears you have underestimated my own power but I assure you that if you knew who I was, then you
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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner! (Roleplay Log)
Summary:  While lying low, Tywyll Heliwr's efforts to enjoy a private peaceful meal in several quiet establishments continues to be thwarted. Each meal comes with the challenge of unwelcome guests behaving in various ways ranging from the tolerable to the obnoxious to the outright violent. When she decides that she has had enough, Tywyll Heliwr pursues her most recent intruder out into the rain.
:iconshadowwright: Within independent space was a world named Lahsbane.  Although it had been one of the first to join the Republic centuries ago, their allegiances seemed ill defined because the world was left on its own and had not developed much over the years.  The ambient spore released by the native flora that choked the engines of ships and created other problems for star faring vessels did not exactly make it the first pick for most space faring people.  The low amount of traffic to the world made Tywyll Heliwr decide that it made a good place to continue to lie low.
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SW- FOTJ: Patient Zero
Summary:  Cloaking herself with the Force (Vis),  Tywyll Heliwr snuck onto a New Order space station called the Box.  While there, she sought out 'Patient Zero' for the most recent strain of the Rhakghoul virus and any research that she might find there.  Tywyll Heliwr was able to retrieve samples of both the virus and the vaccine, though not without Sith Lord Raqut sensing her presence in his lab.  Continuing to use the Force (Vis) to cloak herself, She stunned Raqut from behind in order to escape his lab. Then, Tywyll Heliwr snuck back to the hangar bay and onto a supply ship which made a scheduled departure.  Tywyll Heliwr remained hidden on board the ship until it landed. Then she snuck off the ship and onto a different ship.  
:iconShadowwright:  Above a world of molten lava and ever erupting volcanoes hung in the sky a cylinder shaped space station, featuring a couple of wings, called 'The Box.'  There was nothing particular about this
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Jooniper Brown-FOTJ
Basic Information  ||
Name: Jooniper Brown
Nickname/Alias: The Magnificient Jooniper Brown, The Living Doll, Shatterglass
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Hapan
Current Age: 16 years old
Profession: Jedi Padawan, Jedi Investigator
Physical Information  ||
Height:  3 ft.
Weight:  31 lbs.
    Oftentimes mistaken for a child or doll at first glance, the second look tends to remedy the misperception. She is a radiant, slender and well proportioned woman in miniature of fair complexion with entrancing silvery blue eyes and soft pink pouting lips.  Her lavish golden honey blonde hair falls down her back almost to her knees.  Her tresses are braided in a myriad of small braids and partially piled on top of her head.  Interesting enough there are shocks of color throughout her hair; blue, purple, red and teal.   Despite the outrageous colored hair, she seems to possess a cert
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The Rhakasah Heresy (Lore)
The Rhakasah Heresy
 To Whom it May Concern,
    The Rhakasah Heresy is a belief system about the Force that has surfaced out of Wild Space over the last few years, as more inhabitants from Wild Space have begun to travel within the Rim Worlds.  This heresy has found some popularity among some of the force sensitive beings living in neutral aligned space, in particular, on the Void Station.  Seeking the origin of this heresy has only led me to the mention of the Rhakasah, who seem to be an extra-galactic race.  When I have asked what the word Rhakasah means, I am told it means 'I do not know.'  I managed to pick pocket a Fetch's journals on Void station.  I had to use the Force in order to read these journals because they are not written in any language that I recognized.  Upon reading the contents, I was even further alarmed to discover that this heresy is not just a belief system but a way of practicing the Force.  This heresy
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Hagane, the Japanese word for steel, is an apt descriptor for this restaurant's decor; there are several hand made katana mounted upon the back wall, encased in glass. The signature engraved into said blades is also engraved into the chef's cutlery. Certainly a labor of love, this place. Otherwise, it's nothing one wouldn't expect from an old school sushi shop in Japan, an elegant atmosphere small enough to provide an experience tailored to each customer. There are two small tables, but most seating is at the bar, where meals are prepared right in front of the customers upon custom wooden surfaces. Exceedingly fresh ingredients are cleverly stored in refrigerators hidden beneath the bar, and bottles of sake are displayed behind it.

The lighting is a touch on the dim side, but it's more intimate or serene than unpleasant. Whatever happens to shine in through the front door, which is a traditional curtain (until closing time), adds to it. Also traditional is the maneki neko at the right end of the counter, the beckoning cat said to bring good fortune to businesses. Other small decorations are here and there as the small space permits, carefully trimmed bonsai and depictions in paint of swordsmen befitting the restaurant's name. It's an establishment from another time, not another feeding factory, but a place to go for something more personal. Reasonable prices for the quality, too.

<some posts have been lost to the void>

Mike smiles politely to the waitress and nods a little. "The good Doctor was kind enough to let me join her, so yes, please." Looking over to Bieta curiously, he'd watch a moment then motions a little. "Would you like some help..?"

Bieta smiles and looks at her hand, "I know how it is telling me to hold these but when I try to move them in my hand..." She demonstrates a certain lack of control with the chopsticks that came with practice and manages to drop one of the chopsticks in the process. "Maybe I should have just asked for the kids' chopsticks with the rubber band on one end or better yet, silverware."

Mike flashes a small grin at Bieta and nods. Reaching over, as long as she doesn't pull away, he takes up the chopsticks and then sets her hand to hold them the right way. Once he's done, he motions. "Go ahead. Try that. Sometimes it's worth a little work to get a good reward and new skill. Right?"

Bieta tries again and at least she could get the sticks to move in her hand the way they should, one time. "Wow! I think if I were living in Japan or China, I might starve to death without silverware." Bieta laughs. Around that time, the waitress returns with Mike's drink and meal. Bieta looks at the waitress and says, "Excuse me, Miss. Can I have some of those chopsticks for kids, just in case..." The waitress smiles at her and takes a pair out of her apron pocket, saying, "Of course. I could bring you silverware."

Bieta says, "Maybe later, I am not quite ready to give up just yet. Thank you." The waitress hands the childrens' chopsticks to Bieta.

Mike gives a small grin to Bieta and shakes his head. "You'd have it if you did."  He bows his head in thanks to the waitress at his meal being delivered. Chop sticks taken up and he'd set them right himself. There's a moment that he studies his food, before he nods and starts to eat.

After a little effort, Bieta gets a tempura cucumber in her chopsticks and she looks over to Mike, just as she is about to make it to her mouth with the cucumber. It surprises Bieta a little when she sees a green glow flicker against Mike's eyes, and the chopsticks slip in her hands. The fried cucumber lands on top of the california roll in her bento box. "Ummp!", Bieta laughs a little. Bieta glances back at Mike, while trying to retrieve the errant piece of tempura like she never dropped it. Bieta says, "Are those a pair of those tech glasses which are being made now?"

Mike is quite capable it seems with his chopsticks, able to eat some, while Bieta tries to get her own. He looks up at her curiously, then chuckles a little. "Yeah. Although this particular brand is out dated now." He set his chop sticks down to take his glasses off and turns them around to show Bieta the small display there. "It's one way, so most people don't notice... and no.. I don't snapchat my food either."

Bieta laughs, "snapchat food? Like take pictures of what you are eating and post it to...facebook...saying where you are eating for bragging rights to friends." Bieta is a little more successful picking up a slice of tempura carrot with her chopsticks. "Do you play...angry birds at the table?"

Mike grins at Bieta, or maybe slightly to the side, it's kind of hard for him to tell, either way. He puts his glasses back on and chuckles. "Yes. That's always the first question asked of me.. and no. I don't do that either. Actually, I run a business and it helps me keep up on emails."

Bieta says, "really? What kind of business?" She decides to stick the carrot slice in her mouth before she drops that too.

Mike smiles and takes another bite of his own food, then a sip of his tea, before responding. "I'm a cyber security consultant, that does freelance work. Kind of feast or famine for if I get an actual job going or not though."

"For how long have you been running your business, Mike?" Bieta took a sip of her tea before chasing after another tempura vegatable in her bento box. Finally, she elected to skewer the vegetable on the end of one of her chopsticks in order to cheat so she could get the vegetable to her mouth.

Mike eyes Bieta and shakes his head slowly. "That's actually a little disrespectful, Doctor.. They won't say anything.. but.. it can be frowned on." He smiles a little and shrugs, taking another bite of his own food. "Hmm.. I'd have to say.. uh.. 10 years? Ish? Yeah. Something like that."

"I'm sorry, you started your own business when you were twelve?" Bieta takes another drink and says, "There has to be a story there." Bieta tries to pick up a piece of california roll, glancing now and then at Mike and waiting for him to speak.

Mike chuckles quietly. "Everyone has a story, Bieta. Mine started on computers. That's all. I got into a lot of.. things.. and didn't take me long to turn my ability into a job. Just like most anyone else, right?"

"Alright, if you do not want to talk about it..." says Bieta. Once she gets a piece of roll in her chopsticks, Bieta looks at it before sticking the whole of it in her mouth.

Mike studies Bieta a moment, raising a brow. "Hmmm..." He chuckles a little as she got the roll on her chopsticks and ate it. He takes some more of his own food to eat. "Well, Doctor.. what if I said it's not exactly always on the side of the law that I work.. in theory, of course?"

This time Bieta drops her sushi in her bento box for a different reason. "Uh...I'm sorry?" Bieta says, "You mean like the mafia or something?"

Mike stares at Bieta in surprise, then laughs, shaking his head. "No.. no, not at all. I avoid them actually. Too much overhead, honestly." He grins and shrugs then. "No, much simpler than that. Already told you really." He picks up his tea and takes another drink of it.

"So, businesses hire you to hack into their systems to find weaknesses in their security systems...?" Bieta picks the piece of sushi dropped in her box back up and puts it into her mouth.

Mike grins wryly. "Some of them." He chuckles a little and eats some more on his own. "I do a lot of types of jobs, actually. I try to help people. So some are pro bono, you know? It's.. complicated and if you're not into computers? Boring."

Once Bieta swallows her food, she says, "Well, my mother was a programmer and I had a few courses in college. I don't really use them though. I don't play computer games either."

Mike chuckles quietly. "Pity." He muses, then nods a little. "I've generated my own quadrary based OS and derived a GUI overlay on it.." There's a smile then with a shrug. "That took me.. a few years too. But it's pretty fast now."

Bieta says, "alright, I...quadrary?" Her brow knits and she shakes her head, chuckling, "sorry, I think you are going to have to explain what that is or refresh my memory because college was several years ago and I don't remember that being covered."

Mike laughs, shaking his head. "Well.. pretty easy. Binary is base 2, right? Trinary base 3? Quadrary is base 4. It's partly based on quantum physics. Which.. is it's own headache." He smiles a little with a small shrug.

Bieta looks down at her bento box at a piece of sushi, which consists of a strip of tuna on a small rectangle of rice. She tries picking it up and it slips out of her chopsticks. Bieta has to put the piece of tuna back on top of the rice and says, "Can I get away with picking this up in my fingers and taking a bite or would that be offensive?"

Mike smiles warmly to Bieta and shakes his head a little. "Actually, sushi is ok to eat with just fingers too." He'd chuckle and eats some more of his food, finishing that meal he had ordered.

Fenix was out for an afternoon hike in the forest, when he stumbled upon, of all things, a sushi shop. Out in the middle of nowhere. In the woods. The deep woods. Thus, his curiosity was piqued, and so in he went!

At one of the small tables, Bieta is sitting with Mike enjoying some conversation and sushi. Bieta picks up the piece of sushi in her fingers and takes a bite. The piece of sushi starts to fall apart in her hand and in trying to avoid making a mess, Bieta pushes the remainder into her mouth and tries to chew. She breathes in through her nose while carefully working her jaw to chew, realizing she has too much food in her mouth too late. Bieta tries to swallow but her eyes grow wide and she slaps the surface of the table. Opening her mouth, something does not sound right and the vein in the side of her throat starts to throb as Bieta begins to struggle to cough.

Mike smiles at Bieta as she'd start to be ok, then frowns as she'd suddenly have some issues. At that sound, he immediately stands, moving over to her side of the table. "Doctor..? Are you ok?" He watchs her for any signs of being able to breath or something, before he gets her to stand up so he can try to help her with that heimlich manuver. This of course, has him completely miss Fenix coming in.

Fenix came ... well, he came because he didn't expect to find suhsi in the middle of nowhere. But if he had? He would have come for this fish, not to people gawk. The coughing hasn't quite caught the easily distractable man's attention just yet.

A waitress rushes over to Bieta's table and says, "Miss...miss, are you okay?" Bieta looks up at the woman and nods, "Yes, I..." Bieta smiles, "had someone help me." Bieta looks a little lost for a moment looking around the room. "Did he leave?" the waitress asks. Bieta sounds a little far away when she says, "Yes, he...had to go...somewhere."

The waitress asks her, "can I get you something else to drink?"
Bieta nods and says, "Yes please." She sits down and looks confused as though she did not remember how she came to be standing.

The commotion draws Fenix's attention. An eyebrow arches as he saunters over in that direction. "Someone stand you up?" The man's English carries, interestingly enough, a Spanish accent, not an Asian one.

Bieta knits her brow and says, "I suppose they did." She looks down at the piece of sushi she coughed up lying on the floor. "I'm sorry. Be careful you don't slip on that." Bieta looks down at her bento box and slides down in seat until she can slide no further down. "That floor isn't going to open up and swallow me anytime soon, is it?," she mutters to herself. Then Bieta covers her face with her palms.

Fenix offers a supportive smile and a gentle pat on the arm, "Hey, it'll be ok. His loss, right?" As much a he might want to pick up the piece of sushi and eat it (for reasons!), he'll refrain and make room for the waitstaff when they come to clean it up. Sliding down into the seat opposite Bieta, he offers another smile. "I can keep you company while you finish? I'm Fenix. This place is pretty interesting. Who woulda thought, a sushi place in the woods!" He's good natured, and somewhat irrepressible.

Bieta sits back up in her seat and says, "My name is Dr. Elżbieta Dymna. The owner of a patient of mine recommended this restaurant, so I thought would try having lunch here. Today was a slow day..." Bieta drinks matcha that had grown cold.

Fenix nods. "Well, then, I guess maybe you were overdue for a little bit of excitement." He takes a sip of water, then asks the waitstaff for more tea. "Please," he appends by way of politeness.

"Do you enjoy sake? Should we try some? I'm on the hunt for the best sake this side of the border," Fenix offers, leaning over conspiratorially as he lowers his voice a little.

Bieta says, "I have never had sake. I have had wine and I like wine." Bieta finds her chopsticks and picks up a rather long tempura shrimp out of her bento.

Fenix nods and orders some sake for the table. "You can try mine, then. Maybe you might like it." He leans back in his chair. "What sort of doctor are you?" He's very curious, this one.

"I am a veterinary surgeon. I am sorry, what was your name?" Bieta says, looking at the inquisitive man. Bieta looks at the waitress when she puts a fresh cup of hot tea on the table for Bieta and takes her guest's drink order.

"Oh. Veterinary." A hand comes up to rub at his lantern jaw. "I'm Fenix." A pause. "Do you like cats? Some people like cats, some don't."

Bieta seems to give the answer to that question some thought. "Well, I do not dislike cats. I like many kinds of animals though and that was one of the reasons I became a vet. I wanted to help animals when they were sick or hurting." Bieta tries to drink some of her tea, pauses to blow a little on the drink before taking a sip.

And then warm sake is brought and set on the table. "Yes, but. People are either cat people, or not-cat people. You haven't figured out which one you are yet?" He pours sake out for himself. And seems vexed at the conundrum that is Bieta.

"Well, I do not think I would adopt a cat right now. Cats have a tendency to change owners at some point in their lives and my daughter is too young to understand yet why  the cat she loved would just disappear and not come back one day."

Fenix blinks, and for a moment? It looks like as if he might burst out into tears! Eyes well up with big ass tears that threaten to fall. But he manages to recover. Barely. "What if - what if, we could maybe provide her a cat that would always come back, even if it left?"

Bieta shifts in her seat, when Fenix fights back tears. Bieta says, "Fenix, cats leave and find new owners, that is just part of being a cat. As...this is rather was not that long ago that Katarzyna's father left the both of us and never came back. She still does not understand..." Now it was Bieta's turn to fight back tears and she glanced away for a moment, "she still asks me if her father is ever coming back home. That being said, I think she can wait until she is a little older and can better understand. I want my daughter to know that she can care about someone or something else without them just leaving her."

The youth nods. "But that's what I'm saying. What if there was a cat that would come back? Even when it left?" Fenix leans forward on the table now, a sober-serious look on his face even as he sips on the sake.

"Fenix, I cannot think of any cat that would do would be acting against its nature," Beita says and she looks confused.

Fenix shrugs, "I know of one. It might help. With your daughter. To know that at least one cat in the world was unique and hers and would come back, no matter what." Then he knocks back the last of the sake in his cup.

"This is a cruel joke...if that is what this is, Fenix...and very unkind." Bieta realized that she had tears running down her cheeks and wiped them away. She slid out of her seat and grabbed her purse.

Fenix blinks and shakes his head. "Not a joke at all. An answer to a small prayer," he offers thoughtfully. "The problem is that no one believes in prayers being answered any more. But that doesn't mean that sometimes, once in a while, when the timing is right, or the stars align, they /do/ get answered." A sigh. "Think about it. Maybe you'll end up a cat person after all."

Bieta heads for the counter at the front of the restaurant and the waitress looks at her and says, "Are you alright?" Bieta nods and says, "I would like to pay for my meal and go now please." Money changes hands and Bieta heads to the ladies restroom. Once she is inside, the waitress looks back at Fenix for a moment before heading back into the kitchen.

Fenix sighs, then kills the last of the sake. The last thing he expected to find in a strange sushi shop in the deepest darkest part of the forest? Was a downer. He was constitutionally incapable of dealing with downers for any extended period of time, But he was also hardwired to provide a reply to certain types of prayers. Contradictions, contradictions!

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Name: Evumeimei

Aliases: Evie

Race: Antherion (Vulpess)

Age: 500 years old

Gender: female

Allegiance: Mother Nature and Self

Occupation: Jack of all trades: Present encore occupation- Flautist

Weapons and Equipment:

Iron and Jade smoking pipe (yes, this is also a weapon)

Flute (used as blowgun when the finger holes are covered)

Blowdarts and toxins created as needed from available materials.

Natural weaponary: retractable claws, teeth

goard for carrying water.

Signs: N/A

Spells: Illusions, manipulation and shapechanging fox to elf and hybrid form.

Notable skills: free climbing/free running, melee weapons, ranged weapons, medicine, unarmed combat.

Appearance: Evumeimei's appearance varies depending upon what she wants others to see. Most often, Evumeimei appears as a slender young elven woman with the fairest of ivory skin and long white voluminous hair pulled back into a thick tail which covers the nape of her neck and her ears. Her eyes present the epicanthal fold as part of their almond shape, a facial feature more common among the people of Hakaam, and her eye color is seemingly heterochromatic; where one eye or the other tends to be a silvery blue color, while the other is a molten amber color with a fiery corona along the inside border of her iris. Depending on how emotional she becomes, the eye colors may swap positions or portions of the silvery blue eye may turn molten amber. When enraged, both eyes blaze molten yellow with that fiery corona and a cat-like pupil, teeth become like a predator's, claws come out and it can appear as though she has several white foxtails behind her. A complete loss of control leads to her facial features becoming more vulpine until she has the head of a white fox. At this point, she will usually revert to full white fox form and then seem to disappear.

Evumeimei dresses in a long light grey raw silk wrap front coat worn over a light grey high neck tunic and wide legged pants with a wide white silk sash worn about the waist. Sometimes the appearance of her clothing can also change, like the color of certain clothing items, whether or not she is wearing footwear or what appears to be stashed away in her sash or the folds of her coat like a pipe, flute or fan. In humanoid form, Evumeimei usually smells of white peaches, cherry blossoms and a warm feminine scent all her own.

Personalilty: Evie really enjoys the ale festival in Mahakam and playing Gwent. Evumeimei is a bit of a people watcher and she will listen more than she speaks. Evie is slow to form friendships or choose allies, prefering to first learn something about them. Evumeimei will kill to eat and defend herself. Generally, Evie is directly aggressive only when she encounters someone who is clearly doing dire injury to the world or mother nature as long as they remain alive and she has no other option to rid the world of their presence. Evumeimei does have a slight mishievious streak. Sometimes, she will try to find ways to get food from humans because they can cook and she cannot. However, Evie will not do this to the starving. Sometimes she shares food with someone who has been kind to her. Evumeimei is also a habitual smoker of the finest pipe tobacco she can find. Being a Vulpess, Evie does not acknowledge borders made by other races and will not make use of 'proper' border crossings. However, she does understand territories. Evie does not have hangups about nudity. For example, if she walked in on someone to deliver a message, she would remain long enough to relay the message versus immediately getting out or at the very least turning around.

Evie believes that fear and pain do not need to make someone cruel or cowardly and that people can choose to be kind. She believes that kindness doesn't always look like what other people might think it does. Evie is someone who believes that lessons are sometimes best taught through stories, enigmas, tricks or pranks. No matter what her present occupation might be, Evumeimei is always a teacher for those who are ready to learn. Albeit, the lessons tend to include tricks on friends and pranks on foes, which may be the last lesson her adversaries ever learn.

Biography: Evumeimei was very young when she was taken and changed into something else. She remembers only bits and pieces about her life before becoming Vulpess. As humanity grew in numbers, Evie was forced to change habitat just as often as the local wildlife. After becoming trapped within quickly developing cities multiple times during her lifetime, Evie elected to wear her elven form more often, as an act of camoflage, and just blend into the local population. Long ago, Evumeimei had acquired a taste for 'cooked and seasoned' food. Whether it was part of the catch of the day on a spit at the local marketplace or a mincemeat pie left on a window sill to cool, Evumeimei was quick to make it disappear. To avoid trouble from the more hateful humans, Evumeimei would use her skill with illusions to appear as human long enough to avoid the troublemakers.

After spending time in human cities, Evie took note of the conditions in which many of the Elven families in those cities were forced to live. It was 1263, When she took her first elven girl. Evumeimei chose to take one from an elven family on the verge of starvation in Vergen. She took the child to the forest southwest of Vergen and transformed her. The child's name had been Erianedd. Only months after completing her transformation, Erianedd was caught, while in fox form, in a hunter's snare. Before Evie could save her, the human hunter had shot Erianedd, skinned her and eaten her flesh. Evumeimei was both heartbroken and enraged. She was sapient enough to understand that the hunter did not know the difference between her child and any other fox in the woods. Her rational side could tell her that she herself hunted to eat and if everyone took vengeance on everyone else for making a kill to live, then there would be no end to the bloodshed. However, she struggled against the urge to reek vengeance on the hunter who had devoured Erianedd and sold her fur at market. Therefore, Evumeimei left the woods and took to traveling the roads once again until she reached Lyria.

Evumeimei would spend the next two and a half years in Lyria. However, Evie saw early the way the wind was blowing in terms of humanity's attitude towards non-humans and chose to leave for Rivia in the early months of 1268. Before she left Lyria, Evie decided to snatch a pair of elven girls. They were twins and their names were Goewyn and Aeibheam. She took them both with her into the foothills of the Mahakam mountains for their transformations and intial teaching. This time, she intended to be far more careful with her children and their safety. A week before the Pogrom inspired riot, Evie, Goewyn and Aeibheam came to the city of Rivia. Evie found that things for nonhumans were not much better in Rivia. Therefore, they made plans to move across country until they reached Dol Blathanna. They never made it.

The riot started in the marketplace before Evie and her daughters could get out. Despite their efforts to stick together they became seperated. Evie had told Goewyn and Erianedd that if they became seperated, then they were to meet outside the city gates at a certain location and then make their way to Dol Blathanna together. Evie made it outside the gates and waited. She waited until the sun had climbed low in the sky and Evie could still hear the screams and clashing noise of the riot that continued within the city. Once things had grown quiet, Evie snuck back inside the city to try to find her daughters. She found Goewyn trampled to death and the remains of Erianedd drawn and quartered. Evie let out a shrill inhuman sounding scream in the night and left the city, running in what she thought was the right direction to reach Dol Blathanna. However, she round up somewhere in the Blue mountains instead. By then, Evie did not care that she was lost. Evie wandered along a mountain pass and eastward as though seeking the place from which the sun rose in the morning.

Eventually, she arrived in Haakland. Evie sought to escape the pain she felt over the deaths of her children by immersing herself in one activity after another until one day she just collapsed from exhaustion. It was a local healer who found her and the healer was patient with her and kind. With him, Evie found healing and instruction in how to heal both physical and non-physical injuries. Her mentor also taught her how to play the flute. Evie learned how to fight with and without weapons from the people who lived on the steppes. Evie participated in hunts and learned how to dress her kills in the field. She also learned how to smoke a pipe. However, Evie still showed little talent for cooking food. Eventually, the day came when the mentor who taught her medicine told her that she must return to the west because that was where her destiny waited for her.

It was 1272 when Evumeimei made her way back over the blue mountains and returned to the Northern kingdoms. Passing through the forests of Angren into Temeria, Evumeimei traveled through towns and cities, playing her flute at local inns for money. At present, Evie has a strong interest in learning the music and lore of other races before they can completely wipe each other out with their wars. Masquerading as a flautist grants her plenty of opportunities to learn something different.
Character's Full Name: Dr. Elżbieta Dymna

Character Type: Mage

Nature/Demeanor/Courts/Essence: Visionary/Abjudicator/Questing

Clan/Kith and House/Auspice, Breed and Tribe/Guild/Tradition: Orphan

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Physical Description: A somewhat youthful looking woman whose appearance does not measure up to Western standards for an A list beauty. Her nose is not quite large enough to be considered attractive by Middle Eastern standards either. That being said, she is not a Plane Jane. She keeps her golden brown long hair pulled back in a ponytail and has a rather minimalist approach to makeup. When she does wear makeup, she focuses more on the accentuation of her looks in natural colors. From what can be seen of her shape while wearing scrubs, she appears to be in rather good shape without losing all her feminine curves. She seems to possess the quirk of staring at people with her green eyes. Her body language suggests that she is someone who is comfortable in their own skin. One of her more attractive features are her long fingered hands. She appears to stand around five foot eight inches tall when she is not wearing heels.

Character History: When Bieta was thirteen years old, her Mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and commited. When Bieta was fifteen years old, her mother escaped the asylum. During college, Bieta's father died in a car accident. Unknown to Bieta, her mother was a Virtual Adept and her father was murdered when he tried to find her mother. After her father's death, Bieta received an email from someone claiming to be her mother. When Bieta opened an attached file, her mind was bombarded with numerous images containing an enormous amount of information. Unknown to Bieta, this was her mother's library downloading into her head. Bieta did not understand what happened and the event was so fast she recalled next to nothing. Also, it was around this time that Bieta was assigned a handler who would observe her only. If she showed any signs of being awake or being able to access the library in her head, then said handler had orders to assassinate Bieta.

After the 'download', Bieta's dreams became more vivid, featuring virtual like environments and other things, like bits of formulae or syntax, that just confused her. She began to see a ghostly 3D rendering of a woman who looked like her mother, who tried to speak to her in the dreams but remembered little if any of the conversations upon waking. After graduation, Bieta got married and enrolled in Veterinary school. Bieta and her husband had a baby girl, which they named Katarzyna Dymna. Between time spent on raising an infant and studying for exams, Bieta all to often dismissed some of the weirdness she had begun to experience as just a lack of sleep. Until one morning, her husband saw her zoned out at the stove top, letting the scrambled eggs burn. He walked over to her when she did not respond to him calling her name and saw that her eye lids were fluttering. Bieta seemed to regain lucidity to find herself lying on the livingroom couch with a rather concerned husband and daughter hanging around her.

Soon was the appointment at the neurologist's office and the diagnosis of petit mal epileptic seizures. Bieta was prescribed anti-seizure medicine and told that she would have to take the medication for the rest of her life. Unknown to Bieta, the 'anti-seizure' medicine prevented her from accessing the library stuck in her head. It was not long after the diagnosis that Bieta's husband decided to walk out on Bieta and Katarzyna. Bieta struggled with paying for school and being a single mother. After graduation, things did get easier though and she started a practice in the same building where her father had practiced veterinary medicine for years. Now Katarzyna (nickname: Kasia) is in the second grade and Bieta picks her up after school everyday. Life for Bieta could be defined as adjusted to the 'new normal' which involves more than an absent husband and school loans to finish paying off. Bieta is a little terrified under the surface of her mask of calm because she has begun to see things. Bieta is afraid that someone will think she is crazy if she says anything, that they will have her commited and that she will lose Kasia in the process. Bieta is afraid that she has the beginnings of schizophrenia and she tries to pretend that she is not seeing things, putting on a masquerade of everything being normal.
Character Traits:


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2


Charisma: 2
Manipulation 1
Appearance: 3


Perception: 3
Intelligence: 4
Wits: 3



Alertness 3
Awareness 1
Brawl 1


Animal Ken: 3
Crafts 1
Drive 1
Etiquette 3
Stealth 1


Computer: 2
Linguistics 2
Medicine 4

Secondary Abilities:



Dancing: 2
Herbalism: 2
Meditation: 3
Ride 1
Singing 1


Botany: 1
Cryptography 2
Mathematics 1

Backgrounds: (Common examples: Allies, Contacts, or Status...)
Arcane: 1
Avatar: 5
Library: 5
Resources: 4

Iron Will (3 pt.)
Spark of Life (5 pt.)

Dark Secret (1 pt.)
Enemy (3 pt.)
Ward (3 pt.)

Willpower: 5

Character type's aura:Light blue, pink, rose, silver with myriad sparkles.

Resonance: Balanced.

Character type's Special Abilities: Spheres
Correspondence 1 Entropy 1 Forces 1 Life 1 Matter 1 Prime 1
Just recently, I performed something that is generally viewed as a no-no. I wrote an OC for Star Wars, who is a prodigy, to actually play in a game!  Now, why is this a no-no? 

First, most people I have met think Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation when they hear the word prodigy and many of those same people have told me that they can not stand Wesley Crusher.  When I have asked them why they did not like the character, either they could not give me a reason or they said it was because he was so smart.

To me, 'the character wasn't dumb enough' is not a good enough reason to me not to write a Prodigy. No, I did not write this character with Wesley Crusher in mind and Tywyll Heliwr bares little resemblence to him.

Second, It is really hard to write a prodigy character who is not a Mary Sue.

So how would I avoid that second obstacle? I looked at prodigy characters and real life prodigies that people actually like.

Remember Quantum Leap?

Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett could do advanced calculus in his head at age 5 and by around age 24 had 6 to 7 Doctorate Degrees.  Anyone who watched the program knows that Sam was not a perfect character, that he had flaws.  The program was so well liked that you could not argue that people hated the main protagonist for being a prodigy.  For all his brilliance, could he solve every problem on his own? No!

Remember Dougie Howser, M.D.?

Alright, this one was a comedy and there is going to be some exaggeration of things involved so everyone gets their laugh. Kind of the same thing with Big Bang Theory, which really exaggerates stereotypes.  Anyways, Dougie is 14 years old when he completes Medical School. In the beginning, the other Doctors do not know what to make of Dougie or what to do with him, they think a joke has been played on them.  At the same time, Dougie Howser is just trying to do his best to interact with his colleagues. This makes a good story.

Familiar with Numb3rs?

Dr. Charlie Eppes attended University at age 13 and graduated at 16 years old. Like Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett, he also has several Doctorates.  Yes, the character is flawed and relating with others is sometimes difficult for the character but not impossible.  In fact, part of the running storyline is Dr. Charlie Eppes's attempts to better relate socially with others.

I am curious to know, how many here hate the series 'Davinci's Demons'?

I've known some DMs to look like they wanted to run and hide at the thought of a player having a Polymath for a PC. I saw less of this reaction after White Wolf publishing put out there Storytelling game series, which changed the way table top and online gaming on and M.O.O.s were played.

Games like AD&D and Star Wars changed over to the D20 system in an effort to compete with a character building system that did not encourage min maxing on character sheets using some system designed for strictly villian of the weak dungeon crawls, with the repetitive cycle of gaining more treasure, equipment and powers as the constant main goal.

White Wolf's D10 system still beats the pants off of the D20 system because you get rewarded for actually role playing your character and telling a story through play with others.

I actually blame West End Games and TSR for the whole 'No, no. Anything but a polymath in the hands of a player character!' attitude that DMs have had in the past.

But these Prodigy characters are all fictional people...

Dr. Charlie Eppes's character is based off of the real life Richard Feynmon.

Well, these are all male characters and your character is female...

Look up Hedy Lamarr.  She is the reason why you can even be reading this journal entry today.  Her work laid down the foundation for the whole internet.

Now, in my personal experience... 

While attending University, I met Ilyana Mansfield. At the time, she was something like nine years old.  She was only auditing classes because either the University would not allow her to take the credited classes or her family could not afford to do so.  My experience with Ilyana Mansfield was not just one chance meeting in a University class. Ilyana Mansfield is a good friend of mine that I have known for years.

Also, I am above average intelligence. I believe that there should be great stories told about all kinds of people. That includes the really smart ones. This is not me arguing for Mary Sue characters.  Mary Sue does not make for a great story.  R.A. Salvatore's fans became annoyed when Drizzt d'urden always won his fights and never really got injured or died after more than six books.  Finally, R.A. Salvatore had Artemis Entreri kill Drizzt in a fight for that very reason. R.A. Salvatore's fans were happier once Drizzt actually had to be taken to a temple to be resurrected!

But really smart people never make mistakes and never need any body else's help!

Have you seen Doctor Who?

'It is amazing how someone so brilliant can be so thick!'
                                                                    ----Doctor Who
"Oh! I am so thick! Why didn't I see it?!
                                                                   ----The Doctor, Doctor Who

Anyways, where was I?  Oh, yes! My cardinal sin of creating a prodigy character.  I looked at qualities and flaws of prodigies both fictional and real to help me come up with Tywyll Heliwr and I hope that she is a character that others will come to love. If not love, then at least love to hate.



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