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Mata Nui Revamp

Note: Mata Nui was not meant to be for day 4 because the original day 4 Revamp had to be fix to do that the picture was pixelated.

So anyways, Mata Nui almost have his main color of Black and Bright Light Orange but do to me having a hard time seeing the difference between Bright Light Orange and Yellow, he have both of those color along with black. Now the hood thing I did feel like giving him one because of desert and stuff and you guy really don't want to see what he look like without the hood.
Mata Nui weapon is of three different weapon, one being click the shield (and I just a green frog because I don't have a dark blue beetle) that he is being hold differently as that the shield is being connected to his arm then the hand, He also hold a dagger that is just a dagger and last is his hammer to be like what a G2 Mata Nui new weapon would be.

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I really like the hood, he truly looks mysterious, like he should as a god in exile!
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what is with the hood
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Well one thing is that he is in the desert.
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desert? what desert
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Look at the background and remember what bara magna is
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He looks weird with the hood for me. Aside that I think you should at least try out black arms and not yellow ones on him.
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