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Gali revamp

Here's Gali for day 5 (she was meant to be for day 4) of The 9 Day Revamp To Christmas. Now yes I did meant to give her man boobs and the word male on top of her name because she became too male from the 2008 and 2015 look. The main color for her are Pearl Dark Gray and Blue, there is a lot a small Azure colors on her. The mask of the HF IFB stickers behind her Kanohi Kaukau. The weapons and gears are the Aqua Battleaxe to be her Nuva Aqua Axes, hooks that can come out of her arms to be her obvious Mata Hook and as for the gear are the Rotors on her back for underwater stuff.

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Cool build & weapon
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Nice! I think it could just as easily be a female Gali, too.
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Looks awesome but have to say for the character she seems way too bulky.
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Well remember, it's Male gali =P
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And remember you can give her blue rahkshi heads for chest. =P (Razz)
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Or use Toa Nuva shoulder pieces.

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