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The Mane Cervine



Yes, it is the mane six as deer. I've seen a few versions of peoples' interpretations of the mane six (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, to the 2 of you in the world who don't know what I'm talking about) as deer, and thought I'd try my hand at it since deer are kind of my thing. A'duhhh.

So yeah, here is Rainbuck Dash, Pronkie Pie, Doelight Sparkle, Roe-ity, Fallowshy, And Applemuntjack (yes I realize muntjacs are tiny, but IT WAS TOO PUNNY TO RESIST DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND GAAAH). I think my favorite design to make was Rainbow's. Them rainber spots... Applejack's was the hardest because she, unlike all the other ponies, has a mane color that is lighter than her body color, and so I had to make her headfur the color of what would be her cowboy hat instead.

I imagine that Rainbow Dash is so danged full of testosterone that if she were a deer she'd have little spike antlers. This does, on occasion, occur in wild deer populations. Too much testosterone, ladies... It does crazy things SO STAY AWAY. So yeah. She isn't a male in this picture, she is just more boyish than the others. Calm down, people. It's okay. RELAX.

Just relax.

Other Mane Six Deer Versions:
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Update 3/3/20:
Now available on Etsy as a sticker sheet if any of you are interested:
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i love this so much