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I'm A Part of the Anti Eclipse Movement

FREE to Use, Copy and Re-post as you will on your Pages, Posts, Journals, Activities... anywhere.


Make a statement by not using the website starting May 1st 12:00am CST to May 4th 12:00am CST (3 full days in total).
If you want to join, then log out and don't open/use the website for 3 full days.

Yes, hello again. So I'm sure you've all heard about the mandatory Eclipse rollout happening next month. I've been using the old site this whole time, refusing to switch over, because I hated the design so much. Now I don't know if you guys know this, but I've been on DeviantArt for 17 years. That's a long fricken' time by anyone's standards. I have seen this website go through many seasons and many changes and have remained loyal to the website because I loved its general layout, I loved its options, I loved its community, and I loved how intuitive it was and how easy it was to browse, search for, collect, and showcase art. I've always considered DA to be my first home ( even though I haven't been uploading art very frequently anywhere as of late).

But this Eclipse change, I'm afraid to say, is kind of a dealbreaker for me. Like I said before, I've seen DA through a lot of layout, color scheme, and logo changes...but this is new. The entire experience that was Deviantart is gone in Eclipse. No longer is it intuitive or fun. No longer do I feel connected to the community. Deviantart is almost completely unrecognizable in Eclipse, and because of that I will likely be moving on to better websites when it comes to uploading art in the future. I absolutely do not feel comfortable using a website that looks like Eclipse Deviantart does. It feels empty, yet also disproportionately large. Options that I used so frequently it's astounding are now just...gone? Where the hell did they go? I can't understand how Deviantart thought this aggressive design change was a good idea, especially with all the backlash they've been getting from veteran users. So to Deviantart staff I would like to say the following:

LISTEN to your members.
RETHINK what the community needs/is asking for.
ACT SMART and prove that you have listened. No more half-assed semi-solutions.

We want QUALITY.
We want properly working SUBFOLDERS.

We don't need a poor, buggy, "new" version of dA.
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Somehow I just saw this... I cannot get used to the new layout, I don't like the bulkiness of the interface... it is honestly overwhelming to look at. I don't like how I have to click MORE to view the art of the people I watch when it used to just be part of the message center.. I WANT THE MESSAGE CENTER BACK! I hate this UI and I've been here about as long as you have, over a decade of loyalty to this site and now I feel so disconnected -_-

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I have this as my new logo and I turned off auto-renewal for Core Membership.

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I hate it. It is too big, uncomfortable and not minimalistic as it could be. DA are making us suffer >:(
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I'm afraid that what usually happens when developers show a big global update will happen, regardless of how user-friendly it is.
I think they won't listen to this when thousands of users are asking to cancel it. The designers have already done their job. The programmers have already done their work. They have already received money for this work. This has already happened, and no one will want to give them their money back and say " Hey guys, you worked for nothing, people don't like it." And this is terrible.
It seems to me that deviant should be updated, but not in this way! Any site should be modern, clear and convenient, but heck, as a person who makes sites too, I can say that it's absolutely impossible to use. Deviant is very old, and even if the design that we are used to is comfortable, it does not always mean that it should remain so. It works according to the "old scheme" when each page of the site should be loaded separately, when each switching on tabs is a new loading. This is also bad. The Eclipse could be more comfortable and understandable if the changes were made in the functions first, gradually and smoothly.

But, friends, I am still almost certain that this revolt will be useless. I would like to believe that it is difficult to turn around...
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Yea it's taken me months to figure out the freaking messages.  Like instead of having everything in one place, it's so fragmented having deviations in one area (that I just now figured out) and messages in one, topics in a different, and so on.  It's been very off putting so I too had regressed to using the older, more functional site. 

It really does feel like some other stupid social site with feeds and what not.  I just liked the layout of "here are all your messages" instead of easter egg hunting them.  I feel though, much as the site's community has moved more towards the younger generation in terms of members, that eclipse is geared towards appealing to them, and who have not been a part of the site for years. So after all the work they have put into it, I'm sure they will not change it (then again Paramount changed an entire movie for a sonic design when no one thought they would, and that's far more work than a website haha)  But I'm undecided if I'll stay or not.  I don't have enough free time to keep learning new platforms in order to post art.  Deviantart is the oldest site I have been a member on, and the longest, so out of nostalgia I suppose I'd like to stay, but I can't say I've tried eclipse much more than trying to wade through and find my messages and when unsuccessful, giving up and switching back to the old site haha
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Deviantart's been in a downward trend for months now. Every update breaks something new. Eclipse is just the latest.
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If you don't like Eclipse, stop giving DA money! End your Core. Ask for a Core refund. Call you bank and stop automatic withdrawals, chargeback or anything else that can be used to stop giving DA money. That is the only way to stop this!

This is a general message to all viewers.
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What? I don't have Core...
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...It’s just one big, hot mess...but I’ll get used to it.:-p

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I keep trying to get used to it but it sucks so muchhhhh :(
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I’ve been on the Eclipse interface since late last year, figured might as well bite the bullet, although I really thought they’d wait until dA’s twentieth birthday, in August, to release it.

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I turned off autorenewal for Core membership and use this new avatar. And I will post a screenshot that I put autorenewal off.

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Do you have any other social medias that you use that we can follow? Just in case this all goes to shit and we all actually end up dipping out x_x
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Well I am on FA as well, that will be my main gallery if I leave DA for good:…
I also have Twitter, which I may use more frequently (but I hate Twitter so arGggGGg idk what to do):
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Thank you!

And oof I understand twitter is just weird to work with I think ksajdfhsdfrrdfrdr
also it kills file quality in my experience 

>uploads decent quality image
>suddenly its p o t a t o 
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Literall every web-deign UI overhaul is the exact same. Nominally prettier, way less usable, completely unnecessary.

It's never the Ribbon Interface, it's always Windows 8.
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It is extremely annoying :/
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If they wanted to change all they had to do was slightly change the look of the layout. Not burn the site down and build it up from scratch
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For real... -_-
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I am hoping it won't be that bad, but I am not gonna be happy until they add Birthday Notifications.
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I highly doubt this will do anything. I don't know where I can go to post my stuff so I may just accept the inevitable. It's bad enough their help system also went to automatic so that instead of directly looking for the answer they automatically try to guess what your problem is and it's not any of the suggested problems well you're crap out of luck.

Change for the sake if being different isn't good. This a problem lots of sites have. Youtube has done this plenty of times. I'm hoping some 3rd party makes a Browser Addon to convert it back to the old one. And what really pisses me off is that they give you option to NOT change is if to say they know not everyone was gonna do it, and then later on they decided to force everyone to change anyway. And when Eclipse came out
users FREAKIN said "It's fine, so long as I don't HAVE to change." We know this was gonna happen when they brought it out. They don't give a frick.
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I fear you are correct in that they don't care. It just makes me sad to have to leave a website I've used as my homepage for well over half of my life...
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I stopped my autorenewal for Core membership.

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I'm sick of DA ignoring their members and doing whatever they want with the website, regardless on whether or not everyone objects and says "no." Hopefully this will work
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