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Deerb Recolors Batch #1

This was the first batch of deerb recolors I did for fun for all the then-members of my Telegram deer chat! The second batch is coming soon! For a full description of this image, please visit this link:…

I don't think most of these people have Deviantart accounts, so I can't link to everyone. But all characters are © their respective owners.
© AyalaDeer
Valerian © Coonkun
Shadowwolf © Shadowwolf

* This reindeer is up for adoption - $10 takes him!
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© 2018 - 2021 Shadowwolf
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they look great! i like the different mouths and tails and antlers and all. (and the antelope!)
do the background thingies mean anything in particular on them? or are they just decorative?
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Just decorative, but some of them are telling about the character. Like the impala has an African inspired background, Mabel has a slash mark because he is half bear, Valerian has some valerian drawings because...well, you get it xD
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They're all so lovely and majestic. I can't even select which one I like the best!!
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Aw, thank you! :3
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These look wonderful! :heart: 
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I love them all so much! And i feel i should tell you that i stared at each of them one at a time and adored them and then looked through them a couple more times and adored them some more! ^^

Tbh the handwriting is kinda hard to read but my faves are the double-headed one, Leyla, the pope hat one, Makea, and Shadowwolf but oh they are all so interesting and beautiful and cute!!!
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Thank you so much! And I agree, the font I used is...terrible haha. I just chose one randomly. The k's were indistinguishable and so I had to use a different font for each individual k, too. I don't know what I was thinking. In the next batch I'll definitely be using a different font xD
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It is a beautiful font, just yeah hard to read. ^^ You're welcome!
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They're all so precious!! 
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Deer chat? Is it just a chat about deer stuff? Or is it for a game? Do you need any prerequisites to join?
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It is not for a game, just for deer-folks to hang out and chill. If you have a deer/hoofer fursona, any deer/hoofer character(s), or regularly draw deer or hoofers, you are welcome!
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Deer me,
Deer you,
Deer everybody!
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I have one! Is there a way to join?
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Oh yes, the link is here if you are interested!
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