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During an episode of the Lean Into Artcast hosted by Jerzy Drozd (partner Rob Stenzinger was not there for this episode), the topic was "Riffing Out A Story", where he and guests Chris Giarrusso (G-Man) and Gregg Schigiel (Pix, as well as host of the Stuff Said podcast) took an idea from the live audience and ran with it. In the chat were artist Ashley Knapp and myself. Together we came up with two different comic ideas.

Fire Arms was based on my suggestion: "Girl tries to help her sister learn her new superpowers despite not having any. Is she jealous? Overprotective? Fangirling out? Coming up with her own way to become a superhero?" From there Jerzy, Chris, and Gregg on the show and Ashley and myself in the chat, came up with a girl named Paula living in the 1950s who, thanks to an undetermined accident caused by her older sister Norma (credit Ashley for the clever names--think about it), is blessed and cursed with arms that are on fire. I don't know if we confirmed she fights 1950s movie-style monsters also created by the incident but that did come up in the chat between Ashley and myself, so that's what I ran with.

Somewhere in that discussion between host and official guests, when the potentially mutated animals were brought up, the accidental rhyme "iguana and piranha" came up as well. This lead to a whole new story idea, Iguana And Piranha Wanna, as two friends try to do things. I felt it was only right to acknowledge that as well.

The podcast:…
The Google + page where Ashley and I chatted in:…

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