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Yellow 13 from Ace Combat 04

I love the Ace Combat series, and I bet that most would agree that Yellow 13 was probably the most notable antagonist in the entire series. His SU-37 and the members of Yellow Squadron played a major role in the development of Ace Combat 04's story.

It took me forever to find a kit of a SU-37 (technically this model is it's cousin, the SU-35), but I finally was able to make a recreation of this iconic aircraft. I had custom decals made for the Erusia logo, and for the "Yellow 13" nose number, as well as the squadron logo on the tail.
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Can you give me a link to the decal sheet please I’m making a 148 version and I can’t find the decals nowhere , thanks

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I had them custom made from a company called Fighting Piranha Graphics. I have no idea if they're still around or not. Here is the file I used to have the decals made from:

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*Heavy breathing.*
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Ace combat rocks. Period.
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This is also a paint sceme available in Ace Combat Zero, my favorite of the Ace Combat series!!
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Even if he was an enemy Ace, I have to salute Yellow 13. Few pilots come close.
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I would sell my kidney for that.
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How you made the original erusian decals?
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I contacted Fighting Pirannha Graphics and asked them to make a decal sheet that I had digitally created in Photoshop: [link]

Would you mind to share your digital decals. I’m planning to make the yellow 13 with my Minibase kit on 1/48.

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That's awesome.
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Ah yes, the SU-37, the best plane I have flown. (even though this one technically is the SU-35, but hey, who cares XD))
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So what's the difference between a Su-37 Super Flanker and a Su-37 Terminator?
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Too long to post in a reply, check here for the details:
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wher do you found it :D
You know, I kinda noticed something... Yellow 13's paintjob colors is almost similar to the Belkan flag colors...
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YOU MADE THAT! WOW! I want it. just kidding you went through hard work to make this iconic aircraft you deserve it. And you do make my favorite ace combat bad guy justice. amazing work.
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Thanks for the praise. I was pretty happy with it, too. I bounce from one hobby to another all year long, but hopefully soon I can sit down again and make another custom aircraft model.
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I wish you luck.
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Awsome! Do you think you can make a Leasath MiG-21?
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