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Gundam EZ-8 Camouflage

Master Grade Gundam EZ-8 from the 08th M.S. Team, by Bandai.

I've always thought that it was a ridiculous how Gundams are always painted in the brightest, most gaudy paint schemes conceivable. I decided to try my hand at what a Gundam might look like if painted for real combat. here is my take on a desert camo scheme for this EZ-8 from the Gundam 08th M.S. Team. I chose this Gundam because, it seems to be one of the more realistic models when compared to something like Gundam Wing or Gundam Zeta.

I also added some paint chipping and general wear to the entire mech to give it the appearance of having been in the field for a while.
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This looks nice!
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that looks really nice
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thats epic as hell man, I was actualy saveing up to buy the master grade and do a simaler design but my ps3 died so it'll be a while before I get around to t.
still that paint job is fuckin awsome.
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Thanks for the positive response. I'm glad I could make somebody's day!
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:w00t: I like it.
I agree with the 'naturalistic' camoflage colors too.
(Beacause nothing say "stealth" like bright orange, yellow, and white paint schemes. )
Besides it's more fun to dirty them up.
(Isn't amazing that none of them ever get so much as a scratch on them as well?) :no:


Great work there!
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Yeah, but when you've got a walking robot that's 18 metres tall, you're going to stick out like a sore thumb no matter what colour you are. So for mobile suits I think camo is pretty much useless.
Mindslave24-7's avatar
At close range, yes.
But in tree cover, or in rough terrain, the rules still apply: camouflage make it difficult  to be seen.
...then again, if you can build an 18 meter tall walking, super advanced robot, camouflage probably won't help. Because your technology, and his, to detect each other probably renders the point moot.
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Yeah, like infrared would pick you up easy. Better to invest in tougher armour. Besides, that much camo paint would probably add a tonne or two of extra weight. Also, very few places where trees are taller than 18 metres. You'ld be able to track them by the trail of knocked-over trees. I've always found it weird how, whenever mobile suits are in a forest, that the trees are always far enough apart for them to walk without knocking them over.
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yep! Amazing isn't it that they conveniently planted the trees that far apart , knowing that years hence  a gundam battle would take place in the now mature forest... :iconthinkplz:
dude if you like the military thing on Gundams im a Marine, and you should see my RX-79(G) Gundam, and my RX-79(G)GM Sniper ill try to get them up on this site tonight check me out
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Nice, excellent paint job. I've always found those sensible camo jobs a nice change of pace from the usual gaudy colors that mobile suits in the Gundam universe are cursed with! :)
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Thanks for the compliments. Yeah, I like Gundam, but I never cared for the lack of realistic camouflage or non-eye catching paint schemes.
I'm not exactly an expert, but this is excellent craftmanship. How many wounds did you receive making it? :)
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I only drew blood twice on this one. I think that's a new personal best!
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Nicely done. :) Desert versions of the EZ-8 and Groundtype Gundam are pretty popular, actually. I helped a friend of mine with one about 4 years ago, and we found loads of other ones people had done at the time.
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