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Show me where forever dies
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Song of the Hollow Knight



Playing with your heartstrings



The Silver Branch, The White Flower, The One Word



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.:Alex - ♉ - Genderfluid Pride Flag by polaromi - he/they/it - Asexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes:thumb552367670: - INFP:.

Sit back now, let me tell you a tale where justice does not prevail.
About an ill-fated life, so very full of strife, where two wrongs do not make a right.

Welp, nothing much to say about me. While I have become more active in the past year, I still don't post too regularly. So if you watch me you probably won't be seeing much other then journal memes. I'm not too social either.

Fair warning, I swear a lot. I personally don't find swear words offensive or bad (when they're not really directed at anyone), so I really don't care whether anyone else swears like a drunk sailor either.

And another thing, if you are religious you might find some of my content offensive. There's been things like that in the past and I will most likely continue saying or writing about things religious people won't like. And no, I'm not really sorry either. I've got enough religious bullshit thrown at me over the years, and I just can't stand that nonsense anymore.
In short: I don't agree with xtian religion, and I don't give a crap if it's what you believe in as long as you don't try shoving it down my throat. I'll keep being offensive towards it, so if you don't like that, this is the wrong place for you.

P.S. Scrapbook is generally used for vent art, so if you don't want to see that I suggest not having it added to the watch thing.

pretty good at bad decisions stamp by witchb0y Taxi Cab | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroes Feelings Suck Stamp by G0REH0UND Don't get attached by AdrianaFilip Stamp: You never knew me by Katsuforov-Chan
Trapdoor | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroes Implicit Demand For Proof | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroes I tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroes

Now here we stand with their blood on our hands. We fought so hard now can we understand. I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can, for freedom of every man!
It's true, we're all a little insane. But it's so clear now that I am unchained.
And if I bleed, I'll bleed, knowing you don't care. And if I sleep, just to dream of you, and wake without you there.
Side by side we fight til the end, an alliance we have to defend.
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge. The nightmare, I built my own world to escape.
I forever dream within a dream of a certain city in the sea. As I walk the valley of unrest, behind this mask of crimson death.
Turning pale, if that is growing up then how many more times must I kill myself?
Psychosis must be setting in, clouding my perception, social interaction null and void. Contact with reality something I no longer need. Now I have insanity on my side.
So we march to the drums of the damned as we come.
Here I will lie until the very day I die, until my blood begins to dry and I return to the darkness from whence I came.
If you're going to erase the pain in my heart, then go right ahead and kill me. Don't look so sad, at least at the end I want you to smile. Just for you.
Today I don't need to reach your deafened ears and I don't need to try and fill your empty heart, 'cause all I need now is the agony I see upon your face. That's good enough for me, in the end.
"Understanding", "learning" those things, the color loss, if it continues then I will any number of times be born and disappear, it seems.
The unneeded meaning from beginning to end, to the disappearance of this soul. Who remembers characters? From the window of madness, goodbye.

Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
2 Broke Girls, Scrubs, Two And A Half Men
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin park, Creature Feature, E Nomine, Vocaloid, Evanescence
Favourite Books
Wings of Fire series (Tui T. Sutherland), Legend of Drizzt series (R.A. Salvatore)
Favourite Games
Okami, Spyro, DQM-joker, Digimon world 4, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Amnesia The Dark Descent, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
DS, PS2, 3DS, Wii.... A lot :3
Other Interests
Occult things, magic, ghosts, myths and legends, fantasy, supernatural phenomenons, insanity, stories, etc. etc.

Commission signal boost

Commission signal boost

Signal boost for @Lilgrimmapple's commissions, she's currently struggling to make rent for this month so anyone interested in commissioning is very much appreciated. If you can't commission yourself then you can still help by signal boosting. You can find her commission info here: She's got some really neat art so I would definitely recommend checking her out!

Finding notes (a salty guide)

Finding notes (a salty guide)

So if you are like me and just had a moment of "DA where are my fucking notes?!" because of this dumbass chat update. This is how you currently find them and they better fucking fix this because holy shit. 1) When you hover over the new chat icon then this window will pop up, as you can see notes have been merged with the chat feature and now must be accessed like this. 2) Unfortunately if the chat window loads before you can click on the notes then you're stuck unable to scroll down, thus you need to click on the section marked below to still be able to load notes. This is, once more, incredibly bad design and I hope they fix this. How fuckin hard would it have been to just add a separate icon for chats instead of merging them with notes. There is more than enough room up there for one more icon ffs. Why is it that this is what they decided to merge instead of putting deviations and notifications in one place like it was before. Boi it just keeps getting worse, don't it?



This is my first proper look at eclipse and I actually want to die. Holy shit did they intentionally try to make the site as inconvenient as possible or do they just have a natural talent for that? There is so much extra steps to things that used to be so streamlined before, fuck me. They better add a fuckin option to resize those thumbnails lest I go feral. I'm gonna go try navigate this absolute mess and hopefully I don't get any more sick than I already feel.

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This is just reminder to you that there are only three day left to vote in Nocturnal-Starwings Short story contest.

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