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Another Naka pic by Shadowsumi Another Naka pic :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 1 0 Female Deku by Shadowsumi Female Deku :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 2 0 Pretty in Pink! (2011 vs. 2019) by Shadowsumi Pretty in Pink! (2011 vs. 2019) :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 2 3 Scorbunny by Shadowsumi Scorbunny :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 6 0 Am I in your way? by Shadowsumi Am I in your way? :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 4 0
The Diaries of Sagasumi: Chapter 11
When I got outside to the dojo's backyard, Master was sitting on the tree stump, his head down and eyes closed. Daisuke was curled up next to him. Kiro and Aikro were facing him with their paws behind their backs. I was obviously confused, but for Master to be summoning meetings THIS early means something serious is going on. But wait... where's Skyecho?...
I stood next to Kiro with my paws behind my back. "The heck is going on, Kiro?" I whispered. He shushed me.
Well, alright then, geez...
Master Shudon lifted his head up. "Ohayo gozaimasu, minna-san."
We bowed. "Ohayo gozaimasu."
"As you all may already know, Skyecho-san has been reincarnated at the Lake of Serenity. This is the first occurrence of reincarnation since the Second Shudon War, after the First Shudon War took place... seven score and nine years ago."
I was confused. "Master, what does 'seven score' mean? This was the war our mother fought in, right?"
"Iie, Sagasumi-san. Seven score refers to 140 year
:iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 1 0
I must have read a thousand faces by Shadowsumi I must have read a thousand faces :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 5 2 New Year 2019 by Shadowsumi New Year 2019 :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 6 0 Shade by Shadowsumi Shade :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 3 0 Sagasumi doodle. by Shadowsumi Sagasumi doodle. :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 1 0 Metatron by Shadowsumi Metatron :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 3 0
The Diaries of Sagasumi: Chapter 10
She descended to the ground.
Aikro shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "Y... You're an..."
"Angel? Yes!" She giggled. "I'm so happy to see you again!"
Aikro teared up and sniffed. "I-I'm.. so happy to see you again.. t-too..."
She knelt down and gave him a kiss on the forehead, and looked up at the sky. "Sweetheart, this is amazing!" She flew up and around a little bit. "I can FLY!"
"Haha, yup!" He gave her a huge smile. "Let's head back to the dojo and show the others. I'll just walk and I'll meet you there."
"Actually..." She picked Aikro up, held him in her arms, and began to fly towards the dojo.
"WOAH! Skyecho, is this super-strength some new power that came with your reincarnation?"
Skyecho giggled. "Yup! I guess it is! Because you're SUPER light now."
I was still sitting on the big rock, just staring at the stars. That is, until I noticed a figure in the sky that looked like a huge hawk. I squinted to get a closer look, and I saw them.
Aikro pointed down. "Hey, there's Sa
:iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 0 0
Black Tears by Shadowsumi Black Tears :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 1 0 If you can't get the best of us now... by Shadowsumi If you can't get the best of us now... :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 2 0
The Diaries of Sagasumi: Chapter 9
"We just want to thank Master Shudon and the others for their bravery, and for all they do to protect all of us," said Skyecho's mother in her eulogy. "I will miss my little Sky so much. I hope one day Shuuchuu can be taken down for good!"
Skyecho's funeral was held at the Lake of Serenity, the lake a few miles north of Shuuchuu Gardens. Honestly, it's SUCH a beautiful place. There's sakura trees everywhere, petals on the water, koi fish swimming around... let me just say, it's called the Lake of Serenity for a reason.
After the service, Skyecho was buried next to the largest Sakura tree. Aikro knelt down and kissed the top of her tombstone.
"Goodbye... sweetie."
I couldn't help but feel absolutely horrible. I felt like her death was all my fault. I was the one that made Shuuchuu mad in the first place. I was the one that provoked him... and I was so mad at her because her and Aikro were in love... if I had just treated her nicely...
I sat on the couch, crying.
:iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 0 0
Clouded Thoughts by Shadowsumi Clouded Thoughts :iconshadowsumi:Shadowsumi 0 0

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

'Tis mah gallery! I mainly draw anime and cartoon shiz, either my OCs, other people's OCs, or fanart normally, but sometimes I do realism here and there. I also write stuff, make comics, and do photography on occasion.

:bulletblue: GALLERY RULES: :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: No critiques of any kind - unless I ask for them or if I say it's okay if you leave one. It's rare when I do ask for them though. I'm proud of my work and I'm fully aware of what to improve on, so what's the point? (It's why I'm in school for this stuff, people!) If I say it's okay to leave a critique, make it MATURE and CONSTRUCTIVE, please.

:bulletpink: No rude comments - simple, really. There's no point in it since you'll be blocked (and possibly reported) anyway. :meow:

:bulletpink: All works found in my gallery are © Shadowsumi. None of my work may be edited, manipulated, traced, reposted, referenced, etc. without my written permission. (If - for some reason - I do post something in my gallery that isn't mine, I won't do it without the original artist's permission, and I will ALWAYS give them credit.)

Any violation of these rules will result in the proper consequences, you have been warned.

Thanks for viewing! :la:

himiko toga bnha icon 9 by Lucky-De-Luca

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblack: Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: MY OCS: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Shadow Miyuki Hayatsu - American Longhair/Maine Coon mix - Main OC/Fursona
:bulletblack: Ryuki Aegis Murakami - Umbreon - Pokesona
:bulletblue: Eastie - Human/Fox - Persona/2nd Fursona
:bulletgreen: Kiyoko Rai - Wolf - Wolf OC
:bulletred: Sagasumi Shudon - Lynx - Main series character
:bulletpink: Bliss Adestria Robotnik - Hedgehog - Sonic OC (She's also my D&D OC, she's a tiefling in the game)
:bulletpurple: Ami Rika Kisaragi - Luxio - Pokemon OC
:bulletorange: Blazeclaw - Orange Tiger-Striped Tabby - Warriors OC
:bulletyellow: Sakura Thunder - Pegasus - MLP OC
:bulletblack: Irie Tsuruuieve - Wyvern - Dragon OC
:bulletpurple: Marley - Yellow Yoshi - Mario Bros OC
:bulletpink: Morganite - Gem - Steven Universe OC

I have a few more but those are the main ones I use/draw atm :'D Yeaaah a lot.

:bulletblue: PAGE DOLLS AND ICONS: :bulletblue:


Supervillain Kirby by SupremeKhi Supervillain Kirby :iconsupremekhi:SupremeKhi 51 4 Gogeta vs. Broly by SupremeKhi Gogeta vs. Broly :iconsupremekhi:SupremeKhi 50 3 fall of tears by qlowinq fall of tears :iconqlowinq:qlowinq 14 2 select your fighter by qlowinq select your fighter :iconqlowinq:qlowinq 14 5 K/DA Akali . V2 by Axsens K/DA Akali . V2 :iconaxsens:Axsens 4,445 45 Rage. by Safiru Rage. :iconsafiru:Safiru 2,625 61 OC Dragon Prince Stephen/Seth by Crystal-Rose123 OC Dragon Prince Stephen/Seth :iconcrystal-rose123:Crystal-Rose123 1 0 Undyne the Undying - The True Hero by WalkingMelonsAAA Undyne the Undying - The True Hero :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 8,019 286 Sylveon by Yusiso Sylveon :iconyusiso:Yusiso 494 14 Nintendo Anthology by Lwiis64 Nintendo Anthology :iconlwiis64:Lwiis64 4,557 1,012 Magical Mirai! by ohpeach Magical Mirai! :iconohpeach:ohpeach 193 29 Haida - Animated by cutgut Haida - Animated :iconcutgut:cutgut 4,200 0 Mina Ashido by Jourd4n Mina Ashido :iconjourd4n:Jourd4n 164 9 Mina by ZeaW90 Mina :iconzeaw90:ZeaW90 239 6 Shocking Battle - Colored by TamarinFrog Shocking Battle - Colored :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,133 38 It Always Shines After Rain by TamarinFrog It Always Shines After Rain :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,997 132

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] by Jerikuto :iconpikafavplz: :iconpikafavplz: :iconpikafavplz: Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] by Jerikuto

:bulletblack: I Give FavS... by iZgo Favs stamp by ankewehner Fav n Run by dugonline :bulletblack:

Some of my favorite artwork. I hope you like this artwork as much as I do~! :3 If so why not fav it aswell? Maybe give these epicly fresh artists a watch with that?

Yes, as you saw in that trio of stamps, I do indeed fav and run... all the time. Lol. (I don't mind if you fav and run my stuff either, I honestly don't get why they want you to comment, I'm just glad you like my art c: )

himiko toga bnha icon 4 by Lucky-De-Luca

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblue: MORE STAMPS: :bulletblue:

Stamp: They're kids, isn't an excuse by Riza-Izumi Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Support :3 by TheIronbirdOfficial We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Chi stamp. by LilithiumStamps No Criticism by Mr-Stamp Eminem stamp by theOrangeSunflower Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Team Valor Stamp by XPixelPriorX Stop it dammit. Stamp. by SabreX20 Mirai Nikki Stamps by luckygirlmarina Night Stamp by Amanora Pokemon stamp by maxari4 Who I Am Stamp by SailorSolar Sonic.exe fan stamp V2 by 6t76t Lucky star OMG by maxari4 STAMP | Pastel Gore by Myuwa Stamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetah I Support Metal by Matzeline No One Likes Copycats by TipsyDigital Hufflepuff by ashesto Sports Fail with Bowser by Metadream Please Respect Copyright Laws by MarinaNeira stamp - himiko toga by choroxmatsu I :heart: crows by corda-stamps Radda Stamp by GeneveveX Fire Emblem Awakening Stamp by Masked-Gamer Love to make OCs by raila god by SwlabrGears O3 by jungkcck Stamp - Mirai Nikki: Yuno by Suxinn Keep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeiling No Weeaboos Here by endler gore artist stamp by kareginomotochan Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf teddy stamp by findyQ franz ferdinand stamp by KatataEtc Im learning animation stamp by RanStamps Excuses Stamp by DevilKue Pikachu Stamp by KyuBel My Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14 XD Stamp by MimiMarieT INSANE by Yakoku Don't Bring Your Babies by genkistamps Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 you deserve recognition by AkemiWhy MLP Stamp: BrainBrainBRAINS by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Fox Stamp by Autumnxx Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Higurashi Stamp by DemonedAway domo kun stamp by kuribohspirit B13 by Stamps-K Always Tired (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Sylveon Stamp by FlNS I support Darkness Stamp by Rikku2011 Read This in Morgan Freeman's Voice by endler Parenting by paramoreSUCKS Pandora Hearts by clio-mokona Another apocalypse... by prosaix Love furry art stamp 2 by HavickArt child of the 90s stamp by invader-zim-14 Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessence LOLcat Stamp 8 by Foxxie-Chan Inactive Stamp by Mel-Rosey Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum I listen to music while i draw by Tontora I Support Corn Cat Omnomnoming by crystal-kyogre Stamp: Stress by ArtByFlan Count Bleck Stamp by PyroStorm I draw what I want stamp by izka197 Life Stamp 3 by JetProwerTheFox An Average Artist Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja OC comparison stamp by liento Stamp - KeiRika by Endless-Rainfall OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Pokemon Center Stamp by RoseRaptor-Stamps Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Fruits Basket by stomp-stamp Stamp :: Marina by homestucktroll123 Eevee by Marlenesstamps It's No Excuse Stamp by In-The-Zone Demon Finn Balor Stamp by yandneko you can block whoever you want (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Chibi Sebby stamp by LuVCHiBiDeSu Imagination Stamp by Stealmeat Higurashi Kai Stamp by LiitTutubi Warrior Outburst Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl wolf by ManicStamps The Higurashi Stamp by ThunderFreak Mambostuck Feferi by UsagiGami Kapranos' Eyes by alefields Mario Bros. 3 Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas
  • Listening to: At the Drive-In
  • Reading: Warriors
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!
  • Eating: Snacks
  • Drinking: Smoothies
Guess nobody caught my kiriban of 32,500... oh well lol. We'll try again some other time ig


Easton / Shadow / Ryuki / Saga
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
ID by Nyatami/Atomic-Strawberry (she's no longer on DA tho, sniff)

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:heart: revamp by Jeriko-X :iconsparklesplz: Yuno Gasai free to use icon by spockemons:iconblue-splz::iconblue-hplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-dplz::iconblue-zplz: Yuno Gasai free to use icon by spockemons:iconsparklesplz: :heart: revamp by Jeriko-X

:bulletblue: Easton | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | 19 | Pisces/Aries Cusp | INFP | Single :bulletblue:

The name's Easton, but please call me Shadow, Shadz, Shadeh, Eastie, Ryuki, Saga(sumi), Yuno... I go by many, cuz I'm fresh like that. :meow:

:bulletblue: SHIZ ABOUT MEH: :bulletblue:

:bulletblack: Even though I have a name mostly given to guys, I am, indeed, a girl.
:bulletblue: I'm a sophomore in college currently, studying graphic design and illustration. I also wanna get into animation.
:bulletblack: Single pringle.
:bulletblue: I'm weird and random as frick, live with it.
:bulletblack: I enjoy cute and creepy things
:bulletblue: I've been drawing and creating stuff ever since I was just a tiny East, but I didn't start drawing cartoons and anime till I was about 10 or so.
:bulletblack: I'm a HUGE nerd, pretty much obsessed with video games, specifically Nintendo ones (Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc). I also really enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog, Undertale, Skyrim, and Overwatch...
:bulletblue: I love anime. Some of my favorite ones are Sailor Moon, Lucky Star, Madoka Magica, DBZ, Shakugan no Shana, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Mirai Nikki (YUNO GASAI IS BABE) and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. I also really enjoy cartoons, right now my favorite is Steven Universe. <3
:bulletblack: I enjoy memes tbh
:bulletblue: Typically, if you watch me, I will watch you back. Because I'm fresh like that. :meow:
:bulletblack: I'm biracial.
:bulletblue: I'm obsessed with dogs
:bulletblack: I add sht to this all the time
:bulletblue: I love my fans and friends, they're my world. >w< I'm so lucky to have them~ Tbh, if it weren't for anyone supporting me, I wouldn't be where I am today. The same goes for the people that I get inspired by. Like 5real. Thank you all. <3
:bulletblack: I hate it when people bash on things I like, so please don't do it. I mean.. you're entitled to an opinion, I totally understand and respect that. But if you don't like something I do, you REALLY don't need to be an immature brat about it. I like what I like, you like what you like. Move on and deal with it.
:bulletblue: I'm a music junkie. I love heavy metal, New Wave, Dark Wave, prog rock, and indie rock. Rap is alright too, but I prefer 90's rap, cuz most of the rap they churn out nowadays is trash. SOME pop is ok, but a lot of it sucks. I HATE country though. Some of my favorite bands/artists include but are not limited to: Mastodon, Tears For Fears, Imagine Dragons, Hayley Kiyoko, Depeche Mode, Deftones, BABYMETAL, Franz Ferdinand, At the Drive In, and The Mars Volta.
:bulletblack: I have a vast collection of plushies
:bulletblue: I'm always tired and/or hungry lol
:bulletblack: I love creepypasta <3
:bulletblue: The series I'm currently working on is The Diaries of Sagasumi. See my gallery for more about that.
:bulletblack: My fursona is Shadow Hayatsu, a grey Maine Coon/American Longhair mix with long blue hair, and my Pokesona is Ryuki Murakami, a uniquely-colored Umbreon with black wings. Love them so muchhh~
:bulletblue: My favorite colors are blue, pink, and black. I also like purple, red, yellow, orange, and aqua green.
:bulletblack: I'll put whatever the frick I want to in my gallery. Accept it or leave my page. c:
:bulletblue: In real life I'm pretty shy and quiet, but once I get to know people, oh boy. Sometimes it's hard to shut me up.
:bulletblack: If someone messes with any of my friends or any of my family, they're gonna wish they hadn't. Let's just leave it at that.
:bulletblue: I'm straight... I think.
:bulletblack: I love to play music backwards.
:bulletblue: Art, music, food, Netflix, Youtube, and video games are my life.
:bulletblack: I'm pretty awkward
:bulletblue: I laugh at trolls and haters. They're absolutely hilarious because it's legit so funny how they're greatly jealous of your art but they just won't admit it so they bash on it.
:bulletblack: I don't really give two craps about what anyone thinks about me, because I'm fresh af the way I already am and I'm not changing for anyone... sorry not sorry. :icondivaplz:
:bulletblack: I use the word "Fresh" a LOT.

And yeah, uh, I think that's it.
Feel free to send me a note/comment on my page and chat it up, I don't bite!
Well... much. :iconikilleditplz:
Lol as long as you're cool, I'm cool. That's basically what it boils down to.

Thanks for visiting my page, stay fresh! uwu

:bulletblue: LINKS: :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: CLICK HERE to send me a note.
:bulletpink: CLICK HERE to see my journal.
:bulletpink: CLICK HERE for my FAQ.

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblue: PEOPLE: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Brother :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Blood Siblings :bulletblue:

:iconshadowsumi: :iconqlowinq:

:bulletblue: Curt and Roland :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: The Nerd Force (Seaweasel, Catstick, Walruswolf) :bulletblue:

:iconshadowsumi: :iconstormfire1441: :iconpenley-roth:

:bulletblue: Touko, Junko and Kyouko :bulletblue:

:iconshadowsumi: :iconqlowinq: :iconfairybeetle:

:bulletblue: Super epicly fresh bros :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Super epicly fresh bros I know offline :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Idols and Inspirations :bulletblue:


Luff yu guys <3

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblue: FIND ME HERE AS WELL: :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: - Always active. I get on this pretty much every day.
:bulletyellow: - Active, but not all the time. I check up on it once in a while.
:bulletred: - I'm inactive on this, or currently on hiatus/taking a break.

Main Youtube: Shadowpikachu543 :bulletgreen:
Backup Youtube/Second channel: eastiew99 (Eastie The Fresh) :bulletred:
Tumblr: neko-apocalypse :bulletgreen:
Instagram: shadeh_chan :bulletyellow:
Snapchat: I do not give out publicly. Please note me if you want it.
Facebook: I do not give out publicly. Please note me if you want it.
Twitter: @eastieisepic :bulletred:
Skype: shadowtheclasseh :bulletred:
Discord: eastiew99#8575 :bulletyellow:
TikTok: shadeh_chan :bulletyellow:
FurAffinity: Shadow-Feline :bulletyellow:
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 4527 - 7423 - 8612 :bulletgreen:
(I will need your FC too, so i can add you back!)
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-6256-1730-1136 :bulletgreen:
Nintendo Network ID: seaweasel543 :bulletred:
Xbox Live: SeaweaselDash :bulletred:
Steam: usagishadow320 :bulletred:
Pokemon Ultra Moon Stamp by CosmicStardustTea Trainer name: Eastie :bulletgreen:
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Eastie - 5935 7109 038 :bulletyellow:




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Shadowsumi has started a donation pool!
69 / 8,000

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblue: ART STATUS: :bulletblue:

No Requests by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Kiribans - Closed by SweetDuke

:bulletpink: CLICK HERE for commission info! :bulletpink:

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara
:bulletblue: TO-DO LIST: :bulletblue:

WARNING: Please note that I have a life outside of the internet, such as school and work. So DO NOT rush me on anything. Unless you have told me BEFOREHAND that you need something by a certain date, give me as much time as I need. If you do rush me or pester me in any kind of way, I'll cancel your item, refund your points or money if any, and you will most likely be blocked. Sorry, but... I'm a big stickler on that and I won't tolerate it. If your curious as to how far along I am on your piece, look at the to-do list and the progress bars. That's what it's there for. And don't worry, I update it frequently.


PB Turquoise - Starting by Oceannist Has not started
PB Turquoise - Sketching by Oceannist Started
PB Turquoise - Inking by Oceannist It's gettin there
PB Turquoise - Coloring by Oceannist Closer...
PB Turquoise - Shading by Oceannist CLOSER...
PB Turquoise - Finished by Oceannist And it's done! c:

For Commissions:
Button - Paid by happy-gurl Paid
Button - Half Paid by happy-gurl Halfway/partly paid
Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl Not Paid

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

I won't begin to work on commissions until I have received full payment! If you are paying with points, just click "Donate" below and send the points that way, it'll be easier to keep track. Thanks much! <3

:bulletblue: Art trade with rivalsecret - Artemisa… PB Turquoise - Starting by Oceannist

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

:bulletblue: GETTING ART FROM: :bulletblue:

This is just for me to keep track of art that I'll be getting. Just because you are on this list, does NOT mean you have to rush. Take as much time as you need!

:bulletblue: rivalsecret's part of the art trade (Oni-Shadow)

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara

Actual Point Balance: 61 :points:

And of course, if you just want to donate for the heck of it, that is always appreciated~! <3
:iconcatchpoints: :iconcatchpoints: :iconcatchpoints:

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