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Woman Of Peace

I was attempting to draw Siofra as her banshee form, before she was trapped in her current doll body. I'm not sure how spectral she looks but I definitely like it.

I have read many many articles on banshees, whatever I could find. There's the Irish folklore and the Scottish folklore; both differ in many aspects. I tried to focus more on the Irish aspects. From what I've gathered, this is what I have decided for Siofra and her sisters:

~The Banshee is a solitary Fairy creature who loves the mortal family she is connected to with a fierce, unearthly care and will pace the hills in sorrow when she knows a death is looming.
~Their songs are either heard as sad songs or crying wails. It seems to differ on the person and how they hear it. There seems to be no explanation as to why one person will hear a beautiful, sad song and why another will hear the loud wailing as if she's crying.
~The Banshee does not ‘bring’ death but warns that death is near but only for the best families in Ireland, those with most ancient Celtic lineages. She is there as an escort to ensure that the loved one passes safely to the other side.
~Unseen, banshees attend the funerals of the beloved dead. Although, sometimes she can be heard wailing, her voice blending in with the mournful cries of others.
~There is mention that banshees can be seen combing their hair.
~Sometimes she is known as the Lady of Death or the Woman of Peace, for despite her wails she is graced with serenity.
~Descriptions of the Banshee vary but she appears in one of three guises: stunningly beautiful young woman, stately matron or raddled old hag. Typically dressed in silver or white, other stories portray banshees as dressed in green, red, or black with a grey cloak.
~ The Banshee can also appear in other forms, such as a hooded crow, stoat, hare and weasel - animals associated in Ireland with witchcraft.

Perhaps this will help to give some insight to Siofra.

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I like it I just feel her hair should be closer to her skins coloration with subtle hints of the brown/blonde. I feel maybe she'll look a little more ghostly. Perhaps something to try. <3 Either way I love how the overall drawing came out. Good coloration choices.
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I agree. lol Thank you. :3
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Banshees are certainly one of my favorite Fae, the first being the Nuckelavee.
The lineart you did with this is good, I especially like the left hand. Hands are truly my nemeses when it comes to drawing.
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I haven't heard of the Nuckelavee. I'm going to look that up. ^u^

Yeah those hands took the longest time. I kept referring back to a drawing tutorial book that greatly explains the basics of hands.
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That's cool I really like it.
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