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This is an unexpected confrontation. We don't know much about Maddie's true personality. How would she have dealt with the intruders at the castle if she hadn't met Keith at all. Not much of a description, I never was much of a writer. I drew tons of sketches and backgrounds, and tried to understand the castles layout. I might base a minecraft map after it in the future.
Über thanks to Tom Fischbach, the creator of TwoKinds! :hug:

:bulletyellow: P.S. The First version without the frame is now in my scraps, full size download!

Comic: Twokinds
Character(s) Madelyn Adelaide
Affiliation: Basitin Army?
Date Started: 02.19.13
Date Finished: 03.28.13
Date Uploaded: 03.29.13
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Just noticed Natani`s reflection in her sword! Poor Maddie better run, and run fast girl!