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So, I have a patreon. It's not much right now, but I'd like to rework it so it's got more value for people that support me through it. Its also got to be stuff I can deliver. Also right now it mostly is just around Shifters, but it could possibly support Brymstone too if there was enough interest. 

However, I'd like to get an idea of what sort of patreon rewards you, the supporters, feel have value. I don't have core membership anymore, or I'd probably do a poll, so this will have to do.

So, here are my personal observations so far with Patreon:
  •  I've offered things like exclusive livestreams and skype Q&As, and no one attends, so I feel like this has little value on a "patrons only" level currently. 
  • I've got a strong feeling that people are mostly there just for the early updates of the comic/lineart previews. this makes some sense though, people are there for the /comics/ first and foremost.
  •  I don't really get much feedback on the wallpapers or any other art, though up till recently I wasn't posting random art.

So I'm talking to different groups of people here.

One is people who already support artists on patreon (mine or others), and that is what sorts of rewards do you personally value? What things do you want to participate in? How do you want and expect to interact with an artist you support on patreon.

The other group of people who aren't supporting people on patreon, but If you were going to support an artist, (and that doesn't have to be much, $1 minimum here guys, Less than a cup of coffee), what would entice you to do so? What would an artist need to be providing for you to say "Yes, this is worth my dollar a month." (or hopefully more).

Rewards I commonly see offered by artists include:
  • Access to a patron only 'art stream' of sketches, sneak peaks, and random unpublished stuff
  • Discounts on commissions/products 
  • Priority on Commission slots
  • Tutorials (art, or otherwise)
  • Private Streams - Process, lessons
  • Free Commission, icons, sketches rewards at a certain tier
  • Hangouts, Q&As
  • High rez downloads, PSD files
  • wallpapers
  • Credits/shoutouts on art or in a comic
  • Cameos in comics
  • Process videos
  • Physical rewards (stickers, charms, pins, prints)
  • Access to an exclusive upload area with PDF and other goodies
  • 1 on 1 art lessons, redlines, how-to videos
  • Preview artwork, lineart, in progress sketches
Which of these do you find valuable? Are there other rewards not listed that you would want to see? Obviously the rewards vary by tier, but I'm trying to get a sense of which of these things do people actually like and find valuable.

I posed this to my current patrons, but they are rather silent on the matter. So I'm having to look elsewhere for feedback. So I'm very interested in any feedback I get.
corlynn Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
First, I'd like to take a moment to answer a question you haven't asked. Namely "Why did I stop reading your comic?" I used to read it regularly, and love it. And then life got busy. My comic reading dropped from several dozen daily, to almost exclusively 'those that tweet when a new issue is up.' Even better if you link it.

Now, to the Patreon question. I support  several artists on Patreon. It used to be dozens, but personal finance has necessitated a cut back lately. So I offer you two perspectives. 1. What gets me to pledge to a patreon, and 2. what will make the cut, over many other artists, when limited funding availability occurs.

First and foremost is, of course, the art. That part is obvious, so I'll skip over it. But, there are a TON of good artists. No matter your taste, or style, there's always another artist.

So what REALLY grabs my attention, more than skill, or subject matter, or anything else? A person. In this age of anonymous internet, the people I spend money on every month, are the ones who are people to me. Post. Little things. Big things. Talk to me. Tell me about how things are going. Tell me when you're happy. Tell me when you're sad. Tweet it, even. 140 characters takes just a minute or two, both to write and to read, but will make me feel so much more apart of your life. The more I see a person, with thoughts and feelings, and worries of their own, the more inclined I am to want to help. I'm no longer buying a product I enjoy, I'm making another person smile, even just a little.

Which leads to the next thing. Involve me. Ask me questions, or write polls. Maybe 9/10 I won't answer. But just being asked, makes me feel more involved. And when I have an opinion, or something to say, I'll say it. And I'll appreciate all the more the chance to interact. I don't comment on 90% of the art posted, but when something comes up, and it's extraordinary in some way to me, and I DO comment, a response, even if not needed, makes me feel good. Wanted, and involved.

Regarding rewards:

* Access to a patron only 'art stream' of sketches, sneak peaks, and random unpublished stuff
* Preview artwork, lineart, in progress sketches

This can be one of the best rewards, for me. First of all, there's the art. If I enjoy it, seeing more of it is always a good thing. Secondly sneak peaks, sketches, and other unpublished random stuff gives something I don't often get. A bit of insight into the workings of your mind. If you post comments with your stuff, even better.

* Discounts on commissions/products
* Priority on Commission slots
* Free Commission, icons, sketches rewards at a certain tier
* Credits/shoutouts on art or in a comic
* Cameos in comics
* Physical rewards (stickers, charms, pins, prints)

These things are nice, but usually go unused by me. Some people might care about these sorts of things, I don't really.

* Tutorials (art, or otherwise)
* 1 on 1 art lessons, redlines, how-to videos

I love tutorials. Especially voiced ones. Can't get enough of them. I'll never have the time, or drive to be an artist myself, but as an engineer I love to learn how things are built. Plus its fascinating to see how different people do things, and what goes through their minds.

* Private Streams - Process, lessons
* Hangouts, Q&As
* Process videos

I love watching people talk through their thoughts as they work. Streams never work well. Scheduling, streaming problems, etc. Record them for me to watch later, and I will love you for this. Nothing interests me more than listening to creators talk about their work, as they're doing it. Nothing. If you recorded yourself talking through every piece of art you made, I would watch every one.

* High rez downloads, PSD files
* wallpapers
* Access to an exclusive upload area with PDF and other goodies

90% of the time, the preview images on Patreon are good enough. The other 10%, I wouldn't trade this for anything.

That's about it, I think. I hope that helped give you a little insight. I'm only one data point, and probably not typical, but it's something anyway. Now I'm off to find your patreon :)
shadowsmyst Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. That was a very insightful and thoughtful reply!

It gives me a lot to think about which is really good. 
NecrosisBob Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
+I like the 'art streams' of just sketches, sneak peaks, and general conceptualizing things.
+Commission related rewards seem interesting, but then I don't use them often enough to really encourage. 
+I've enjoyed the wallpapers you've put out thus far.
+Physical rewards are interesting.
+Previews/progress art fits in that same art stream vein to me.
+Credits/shoutouts are simple and nice to see

I liked the streams and hangouts from back in the day, but sadly real life made it difficult to attend when you started them up again.
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August 21, 2016