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Manga Speedline 2.0 Photoshop Brushes

By shadowsmyst
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A very long time ago, in 2007, I made some Manga Speedline brushes. They have been very popular and I'm really happy so many people have found them useful! However, technology has moved on since then and I've had people complain about their resolution, and admittedly they were pretty limited. So I've created a brand spanking NEW set of manga focus and speedline brushes with 20 brushes this time! I've also included the high resolution JPG source if you want to make your own brushes for things like Clip Studio, or GIMP. 

These brushes were made with Photoshop CC 2017, so I do NOT make any promises about how they will work on older versions of photoshop, but hey, thats why I included the high rez this time around. Photoshop also has a limit of 5000 pixels to the brushes which may be too small for some folk. Which is why you've got 600DPI JPGs kicking around in there.

As usual, these are my rules about my stock:

1) Don't redistribute them. If your friend wants em, point em to my Deviantart site to get them.

2) I luv to see what other people do with my brushes. Drop by and link me to your awesome artworks!

3) You don't have to, but credits would be cool on art you make with them. Share the love and link people back to these brushes. :) A fave and comment is also heartwarming.

That's about it. Just click the 'downloads' button to get the .zip file with the brush file and the stock.
© 2017 - 2021 shadowsmyst
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Thanks, these are great!

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Thank you so much for these ! it is really helpful, it is so kind of you to share your work !

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Thank you for sharing :) I use autodesk sketchbook pro and I want to try this on my artwork. And can I use this for commersial use? Thank you :)

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Yes, you can use this for commercial work.

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Thank you so much for these!

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thank you so much for your hard work! i've installed your brushes on my photoshop cs6 and it worked perfectly fine, looks like i can have fun making comics without having to create speedlines myself.

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I'm so glad you've found my work useful and it helps make your process more fun!

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I have your old brushs and just find out about this new pack, I will try to use them and I will let you know after I use it, but it already looks great!

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You are AWESOME!

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Thank you for sharingheart balloons

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I LOVE THESE SO MUCH, THANK YOU. I honestly upgraded to a new version of Photoshop JUST to use these brushes. <3

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Merci pour ce partage .

Ça va vraiment mettre utile.

Je pourrais continuer mon fan manga avec plus de facilité. Encore merci

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Thank you for this :D it's works really well for both manga and webcomics, i'll be sure to link my fellow art friends to your DA if they ever needed these

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I am so confused. How do you use the brush so it revolves around perfectly??? Do you really just rotate the canvas, click once, rotate a bit and click once again? Am I missing something because it looks like shit.....
Please help me...THANKS ;-;
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I'm confused. This is a series of brushes, not one single brush. If you are trying to get the circular patterns, you need to select the right brush and just click. Its like a rubber stamp.

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I see it now. Thanks for your reply!
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It's initial D photoshopping time.
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Thanks for sharing. ^^
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Hello, thanks for the works, I use it here :
Run Away by LookingForSpice
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Really useful. :D
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