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The Tears Hidden In My Handkerchief
It is pouring outside. The rain falling from the heavens and beating down upon the delicate petals of the newly sprouted flowers. The spring showers haven't missed a day since the first of the month. Unenthusiastically I give a little grin as I watch from the clear glass of the window. My reflection muddled by the streaks of rain drops.
The first of April. I close my eyes, squeeze them shut and shake my head. That was a sad, sad day to remember. My eyes sting but I refuse to give way to the sorrow. At least for now I will keep them away.
April the first. That was the day I found out my husband was having an affair. No, not an affair, but many affairs. Simon was the only thing that I had left in my life that was still pure. Or at least I had thought. Oh, my heart had been shattered that day. I still have yet to finish the patching, and gluing. So much thread needs to be woven and so many stitches have yet to staple my heart back together.
How could Simon have done that to me? That quest
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A Scream In The Silence
The night was dark. The air was crisp. Rain slid down black windows and onto the soaked ground. The occasional flash of lightening was the only source of light. And the low rumble of thunder was the only sound other than the running of feet.
Lightening flashed, lighting up a young woman running as fast as she could on a sidewalk. Her features were pale and frightened. Her ocean like eyes puffy and red. Tears glistened in streaks on her chalk, powdered like cheeks. She was clutching her dirty shawl so hard her knuckles were deadly white. Rain pounded down upon her body making it even more difficult to keep going. The wind swept locks of her raven black hair out from under the shadows of her shawl and into her face.
"I must get home. I must get home," the woman whispered to herself. The words were so quiet even she could barely hear them.
Suddenly a crack appeared upon the sidewalk. Her bare, muddy feet skipped over it. But her long skirt snagged on a jagged chunk. She tripped over the f
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A Wolf's Spirit
Magenta woke up to see her last sunrise. It was six o'clock and the sky was a deep mango color. Magenta stretched her limbs out across the lush grass that tickled her bare skin. With great effort she sat up and arched her back like a cat while yawning. Her chestnut curls swaying against her cheeks in the light breeze. She stood up and fixed her oak green tank top over her daisy dukes.
"Another day, another deer," she whispered to herself as she began to jog off towards a patch of trees. As she reached the forest she began to crouch, lower and lower. Her body was changing.
Furry, pointed ears sprouted from her skull. Her nose and mouth stretched out into a snout. Her feet and hands turned into paws. A long, bushy tail developed from her shorts as they disappeared into fur. The only thing that didn't change was her eyes. Her beautiful, golden eyes.
Once she was through shifting she was a gorgeous almond colored wolf. Happily, she scampered into the thick foliage of the trees and bushes.
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Rose Petal, After Rose Petal
Thin sobs escaped Mia's throat as she curled up in her bed sheets. Her tear stained face buried in the plump fabric of her pillow. The aching in her heart as it slowly broke. She was easily being engulfed by a blanket of sorrow.
With her bottom lip continuously quivering as she wept. Heart wrenching from the loss of its other half.
Her childhood crush, Mason, was leaving today. Her lanky, dirty blonde best friend was accepted in a partial lead role after a strenuous audition for a new television series. He was bringing his talent, amazing chiseled looks, and soft brown eyes that reflected his humorous                                              personality, to the threshold of stardom.
But Mason was leaving Mia behind. The very fragment of the thought of Maso
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Such A Tease
.:Kiba Inuzuka Oneshot:.
I sat down in the forest of the leaf village thinking about the mission that the Hokaga just launched a few weeks ago. Many of the village ninjas were sent after Sasuke leaving the rest of us to protect the village under a 24/7 watch. For now, someone was taking my place watching the east side. I was using my break as a time to relax and think; twisting my dark hair nervously.
I was worried. All the ninjas that went to find him, they were all ok, right? Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee…… Kiba. Kiba…. I missed that mutt.
Ever since I first laid eyes on him I was love struck. Now, I'm just love sick. I missed his teasing so much. Of course we occasionally bickered, like, all the time, but it's only natural instinct; we being cat and dog. But in truth, I have serious feelings for that dog. We truly did get along otherwise though.
I was thinking back to some of my cherished memories of Kiba, smiling to myself at times, when I suddenly heard the pounding of fee
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About Time We Just Split Up
About Time We Just Split Up
You've caused me hurt
You've caused me pain
You've caused me stress
You've caused me strain
You even almost caused my heart to break
You've gave me winks
You've gave me love
You've gave me kisses
And you've gave me hugs
You've given me everything my heart can take
We always have to fuss
But then we kiss and make up
The pain's starting to be too much
I think it's about time we just split up
I've caused you hurt
I've caused you pain
I've caused you stress
I've caused you strain
I even almost caused your heart to break
I've gave you winks
I've gave you love
I've gave you kisses
And I've gave you hugs
I've given you everything your heart can take
I fear it's just from lust
That I shiver under your touch
The hurt's beggining to be too much
I believe it's about time we just split up
We've caused the hurt
We've caused the pain
We've caused the stress
We've caused the strain
We even almost caused our hearts to break
We've gave the winks
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My Heart, My Pain, My Tears
My Heart, My Pain, My Tears
It hurts to feel pain. It hurts to feel alone. I feel like I'm dieing. Drowning in my sorrow.
tears, sadness, and anger engulf me. Pointing fingers and snooty faces surround me. Whispers and rumers deafen me. Smirks and grimaces blind me. The natural scents of desperation and jealousy stuffs up my senses. The taste of my salty tears makes my tongue go numb. My heart is heavy eith the burden of emotional pain.
It could have been avoided. But all the stupid people in the world push others down jjsut out of jealousy. Just so they can pretend that their above and better. But they aren't. Their far below. Yet I still feel this way.
They cause fear, sorrow, depression, ...even death. I feel like I could break down at any moment. Just one sad thought will get me teary eyed. If I expand my sorrow I'm afraid my tears would fall.
But I don't want to cry. Not in front of the pointing fingers, adn snooty faces. Not in front of the whispers and rumers. Not in front of th
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What does beauty mean?
Who is completely flawless?
What does beauty mean?
If your body is flawless...
Can your heart be beautiful?
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Unleash Me
Unleash Me
Why have you captured me?
Imprisoned my spirit in this cage
Captivated my soul in rusted metal
Chained my heart to steel bars
What have you done to me?
Robbed my pride as a powerful specimen
Stolen my freedom as a roaming organism
Tooken my life as a living creature
Where have you taken me?
Transported my body to a dreadful place of shame
Escorted my mind to the roots of insanity
Mislead my thoughts to frightened fragments
When are you going to release me?
Unlatch my limbs so they may run and wonder
Untie my muzzle so that it may say what needs to be said
Unleash me from this prison you have contributed myself to
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A Best Friend
A Best Friend
A best friend is someone who hangs out with you so you don't feel alone. Who shares jokes and laughs with you. They listen to your problems, understand your thoughts, and stick up for you.
A best friend is someone who calls you at random times just to see what you're doing. Who realizes when you're upset and puts a real smile on your face. They forgive and forget, connect with your feelings, and care about you.
A best friend is someone who doesn't judge you by what you do or wear. Who figures out the hints that you drop and pulls you away. They help and hug, sew back your heart, and would take pieces from theirs for you.
That is a best friend.
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Don't Know If I Can Handle It
I Don't Know If I Can Handle It
How many times does my heart have to break
Before I realize you're not mine to take
Butterflies in my stomach and beating in my chest
I don't know if I can handle it
My heart beats wildly everytime
That your eyes lock on mine
How this could happen I have no idea
I just don't know if I can handle it
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United States
*First off I did NOT make this pic. Give all credit to Snow-Body.

Though I do draw and sketch alot I'm not even half as good as anyone here so I'll be putting more writing up than anything.
I will be putting up alot of poetry and some short stories. (When I feel like typing all the info, lol)
If anyone has any suggestions or commisions, just send me a note.
~Kit Kat

Favourite genre of music: Country or Pop
Favourite style of art: Anime, Fanart, Animal
Favourite cartoon character: Gir, Courage, Akamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Kouga, Inuyasha
Personal Quote: Children don't need fairytales to know that dragons exist; they tell them they can be killed.
OMG I was looking on =TVD-Photography's page and I found this one pic and I just HAD to let you guys see it. Artic wolves are just so pretty with their snow like fur. It was also cute and playful looking cause it was all dirty from the mud and dirt and all lol. ;P It's just too cute. :giggle: Link for all you animal=wolf lovers:

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