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So yeah you know the whole Magikarp "I swear to GOD when I evolve, I'm going to KILL you all" thing?

Yeah, I made a Feebas version. And it took less than 10 minutes to make this. Thank you Feebas for being so easy to draw! I apologize for the uninteresting pose, though... I was trying to aim for a slightly downward-looking perspective but whatever.

Yeah, when it evolves... WHO'LL BE UGLY NOW, HUH?

Feebas is © Nintendo and Game Freak

E: Holy crap 100 faves already. Amazing. XD
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my milotic is named dazzle aha XDDDD

awesome art :3

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magikarp and feebas the two fish with a few tricks in the fins.
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Try to get a female Feebas. You won't be as creeped out when it's fully evolved into something so pretty.
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Feebas wants to Dazzle you
Magikarp want to Destroy you.
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So true. By the way I found Ruby's story with Feebas/Milotic at Pokemon Special very touching. It reminds me the fairy tail with ugly duck who turned into a beautiful swan. Maybe Feebas/Milotic were inspirited by this fairy tail?
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this, is fantastic. xD
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I admit, I laughed out loud for real. +1 win.
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I always wanted a Feebas so that I can evolve to Milotic ;w; I actually caught one but my GBA turned off for no reason without me saving it >:L
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You can't deny the truth XD
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are you a boy or a girl
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hellz yes feebas!! YOU TELL THEM OFF!!!!! XDDD
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i own the shirt of magikarp
id buy this as well
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one time i caught a feebas just for fun but after i battled with it, entered a couple contests with it it evolved! At first i thought it will evolve in to a relicanth, but when it turned in to a milotic i was so surprised i fell down.
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hahahahaha, Feebas rules XD
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this is so cool!
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I remeber when i first got a feebas (in the first try!~), I had no idea that it could evolve, so i just taugh it some moves for those contest stuff, I gave it all my dry berries and accidentaly a rare candy, the following thing was my reaction:

"Whoa, Feebas is evolving! I had no idea It could evolv--OH MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY. I DON'T EVEN AJDSLDLADJ"
Yep, my reaction exactly ;W;
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lulz, stumbling into an evolution method like that must've been amazing, especially with such an elegant result! Yay for Milotic.

I'm glad though, that we don't have to choke the thing with Dry Poffins now in order to make it evolve. XD; We already have Friendship levels, specific locations, and time-of-day factors to worry about among other things.
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Yup ;W; I actually was searching for a carvhanha (spelling?) and Feebas just popped out form nowhere :U

Yeah, those poor Feebas are going to get overweight with all that damned dry stuff :V (But i still don't get used to that scale thingy in B/W ¬¬)
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Lol that is actually amazing. Never thought of this, completey opposite to the Magicarp one, nice job!
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Go Everstone! NO! NOT FEEBAS!
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The only problem is that it (currently) cannot evolbve in 5th gen...
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There's Prism Scale in Gen V, a hold item that you give to Feebas and then trade it to evolve it into Milotic.
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